Carrboro, NC
From Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
From Brian Vike
Hi Jeff
Here is another report on a possible "scoop mark" report with photo. I would also like to say that this is the 47 report I have received over the weekend. I am working on a report between replying to the kind folks who are sharing their stories with us all.
Carrboro, NC
Hi Brian,
I am just writing to let you know that you can add my name to the list of persons who have experienced the unusual concave scoop mark upon waking up. The details appear to be the same. I woke up one morning in early March, 2003 with what until today I assumed was a spider bite on the inside of my left arm, half way between the wrist and elbow. It exactly matched the "scoop mark" you posted on Jeff Rense's site. In the two reports listed on that site, I have seen no reports of swelling, which in my case occurred to a significant degree. In fact, after two days, my entire inner arm was inflamed from wrist to elbow. The "hole" itself never bled, but it eventually turned a sickly black.
I was out of town and it didn't seem to be an emergency room case (if I had experienced ever I would have gone), so I never had it checked out. Now that I have seen these reports, I sorely regret that decision. It would have been interesting if a doctor had diagnosed it as a punch biopsy. I do have a permanent scar from the event, but I'm not sure much can be gleaned so many months later. If you are aware of any tests or whatnot to differentiate between a bite and a biopsy, my curiosity is certainly piqued.
Hope this helps, for what it's worth.
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Hi Brian,
You are more than welcome to post my story wherever you see fit. I attached a picture of the scar, and like I said in my previous email, it is less than dramatic as it's been about four months since the event. But at least you get an idea of its size and location. It measures about 7mm x 3mm, but the actual hole was slightly smaller than that.
I just remembered one last detail about the event after reading the stories posted on As I mentioned, my arm swelled considerably from wrist to elbow. But what I found pretty interesting is that I also had a faint red streak under the skin running from my armpit down the inside of my arm toward the site. Presumably my lymphatic system in overdrive, but it goes to show how strong the immune response was.
Let me know if you come up with any interesting details.
I would very much like to thank this person for taking the time to write and share the story with us all.
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Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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