Pssst - Hey!
By Kirwan
Okay, so we live in a world that values youth and speed and image over content, over reason, and over what remains beyond our dusty past, not-to-mention the ever-present ugly, that has become our common way of life. So what?

Wars have always been about perverted dreams of twisted power that fester in the aging thoughts of those who've made a mess of what they've called their lives. Lately, their numbers seem to be increasing. As the population of this planet has exploded, instead of seeking balance and survival for a hungry desperate world-those who have the power have sought to crush dissent, and create a paradise for piracy, in a new world order in which there's no longer room for human beings. Does it matter?

The young, of whom there are so many, seem not to care: preferring in their youth, to dream those dreams wherein they too may one day hold those bloodstained reins of power and control. Yet often they forget that youth is only used to keep the power where it is, and never will they share in any of the loot their masters are creating only for themselves. Who cares?

Every old man's war has always been a poor man's fight. Those who pay for all of this have always been the vast majorities, just as those who profit in the short run, have always been corrupt beyond belief. There's nothing new in this, except that now it seems to be the only order of the new world's ever-hungry seekers of forbidden fruit. Is this known? If so, will this be challenged?

Around the world for decades now the Pirates have been hard at work to remake the world, as they'd prefer it. They always speak of freedom and democracy, but the only tools they choose to use are bullets, bombs and blackmail.

This began in earnest with the end of World War Two, when the major powers decided to deconstruct all those little self-sufficient nation-states; to herd them all into what they euphemistically called the global economy. In this effort they were greatly aided by institutional changes that had already been put in place many years before in the Act of 1871.

Instead of nations where people could feed and clothe themselves, the dependent countries were guided into growing mega-crops for export, and encouraged to become consumers of everything else that they would need to live. This was to become the new wave of the future that eventually became the New World Order. This left only the developed nations in complete control, and forced all others into total dependency upon foreign policies and military dictates that had nothing to do with the health and welfare of that vast majority of now subject and dependent nations. It was a cute little scheme intended to quietly reshape the entire power balance of the world.

This created dependency was further enhanced by global monetary policies and global trade organizations, The World Bank and the WTO among them, whose sole purpose was to create compliant and dependant nations that could never escape the poverty, and whose resources could be directly seized, while their people became virtual slaves to sub-standard living conditions.

This was proceeding throughout the cold war, under cover of democracy versus communism. But when the Cold War ended, a new enemy had to be found to protect the ongoing rape, pillage and plunder of four-fifths of the world, by the ruling fifth-who of course would remain in complete control of all resources and all political as well as military power.

To aid in this new movement, to colonize the planet, some new and secret resources were created. Roughly these depend upon the Iron Triangle and they get their power from illegal collusions between the US Congress, the transnational corporate powers, and the military industrial complex. A primary player in this scheme was and is the Carlyle Group, and their followers worldwide.
The success of the Carlyle Group depends upon an unrelenting need for military arms, weapons of all types, and the global will to use it all. "Terror," is being used to replace the old Communist menace, especially since without the permanent threat of oblivion, no nation could be expected to continue to remain subservient for long.

During the lull that came after the end of the cold war and during the Regan-Bush years, this new enemy was finally found, along with the means to profit directly from this never-ending threat. Who better than all the poor and disillusioned from third world nations, people that were beginning to rebel at what they rightfully saw as the theft and subjugation of themselves, and of their natural ways of life. Finally the righteous New Crusaders found their mythic monsters of hate and fear that could justify the complete subjugation of the people of this nation, while at the same time creating enemies of all who dared criticize any aspect of the "War on Terror."

Those who would fight to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their way of life would become the new world's ultra-enemies. The Bandits dubbed them "evil." Yet what these rebels saw, in the desecration of their religions, their beliefs, and their heritage as people - convinced them that the global elite are determined to steal the world, and kill whatever they cannot use or conquer. Which brings us to the current state of the War Upon the World.

Of course none of this was cheap for Bush & the Bandits. And being very conscious of the need to share the burdens they've created, the Bushites decided to pass on all the costs to future generations, by running the budget on red ink. They sited the failed polices of the Regan administration as their justification, (Cheney's little brainchild) but now they've gone $14 trillion into debt, plus the accumulating interest. That translates into roughly $48,000.00 owed by every living being in the USA. This small fact is due to be revealed just about the time of the power transfer in Iraq, as that will coincide with the beginning of the new fiscal year.

There appears to be however, some doubt about how well the 'victory' may be going in the newly conquered nations of the Middle East. It appears that the vanquished are refusing to remain defeated. It also appears that the new Pax Americana moguls are not in charge of anything and can't protect themselves, much less the newly liberated populations that we say we've granted freedom to.

With elections here still scheduled for November: some have begun to worry about what may happen now. Within the Bandit's residence, confusion reigns supreme. Yet we've been promised by no less a figure than Dr. Contradicta Rice, that there will be another "terror attack" upon the HOMELAND (by that she means this country), sometime very soon.

How does she know this? Did this come from the same source that allowed her to call a selected list of "friends" in the days just prior to 911? Or does this knowledge originate from some new and more specific source?

Probably doesn't really matter-as this is all just politics as usual-or is it?



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