Protecting Our Real Enemy
INSERT RELEASE: The government today invoked the State Secrets privilege, in order to "shut down a $100 trillion action filed in 2002 by 600 9/11 victim families against officials of the Saudi government and prominent Saudi citizens."
This was not about stopping a lawsuit; this was about not revealing a basic truth of 911. At issue was the testimony of an FBI whistleblower and former translator Sibel Edmonds. Her testimony was blocked, by this government ploy that goes directly to the core of truth behind the attacks on 911. From there this moves directly to the identity of the real enemies of the people of the United States-the government of George W. Bush and all his co-evil partners in crime.
What is at issue here is the veracity of the law itself, in this country, at this stage of the investigations into those events that led to 911 and beyond. The culprit is again the US Department of Justice, under the twisted hands of John "J. Edgar" Ashcroft. This imitation of an Attorney General is only carrying the burden for the criminal cabal that appointed him, but this time he and they have gone too far.
The public has the right to know what happened inside this government before, during and after 911, and blocking testimony that could shed light on the government's role in all of this, only serves those who knowingly had a hand in the events of that pivotal day. So, if this government had nothing to do with 911, then why are they trying so hard to prevent any and all investigations of the potential facts?
Whenever any tragedy occurs upon our shores, one of the first places anyone should look for answers is to the government, to see what areas of responsibility were involved, and what actions if any were required of the government in that particular case. 911 is such a case. This involved the loss of nearly 3,000 people, and as a first-ever situation in the US, the government's involvement or absence in these events, becomes of primary importance.
This isn't about politics in any normal sense ­ this is about murder, mass murder.
If the government has nothing to hide, then they should have promptly done an investigation, on the record, and issued a report within weeks. Had they taken several months, even that might have been warranted, given the complexities: but it is now approaching three years and still no report. That's called obstruction of Justice. Couple this fact with not only their outright refusals to cooperate, but also now this aggressive stance to prevent this investigation from ever going forward. The only conclusion possible is that the US government is covering up something very ugly!
It should be remembered that this government is not some ancient kingdom composed of royalty that remains immune from accusations. Indeed these are flawed people that we are paying to manage our affairs, in their various governmental capacities, and they enjoy no such immunity from either questions or public inquiry. They are certainly not immune to prosecution for the crimes, if it turns out that they are to blame for any or all of the actions that took place on that day.
Moreover: An innocent person or persons would want the whole world to know whatever they knew on that day. They would also be proud of the actions they would have taken to avert or to stop the attacks. None of this has come from any of those in positions of responsibility for our safety on 911. What does that tell you about these people and about their degree of involvement in this attack?
If you want to know, should you have to grab a torch, pick up a metaphorical paving stone and march on Washington just to get an answer? Or would it be more credible to expect these over-paid imbeciles to simply come before a properly convened committee of the Congress, and to answer on the record and under oath, for their personal actions during the times in question?
We have since learned that the leadership of the country was responding to something called The Armageddon Plan, even before the attacks had been completed. This "plan" was an off the books hijacking of the constitutionally called for order of the civilian chain of command: in the event of an attack upon the nation or its leadership. This "Plan" had some problems in that underground facilities had to be built to house three separate federal governments, in three separate locations spread out across the nation (add more off the record billions and billions) for this aspect of an unapproved plan that was of course top secret.
INSERT: TOAD 1This nightmare came from the paranoid delusions of Cheney & Rumsfeld when they were attached to "the Gipper." They saw nothing wrong with putting this unapproved plan together under a cloak of 'national security' and then without oversight by the congress just putting it into effect. That was what they did during and after the attacks on 911. This is why the hero of Afghanistan and our Christian messianic leader in Iraq, George W. Bush (the man who talks to god) actually had to run away and hide on September 11, 2001.
This also explains all those excursions by Cheney to those secure locations where he apparently now lives with his fantasies, full time. What this does NOT explain is what the hell happened to our defenses on 911, where were our fighters and why was no US military resistance ever mounted against this nearly two hour attack upon American soil?
With leaders like this-Osama bin laden was hardly needed, because it appears that the USA was attacked from within, perhaps with a lot of help from some in government, or from some being directed by agencies of this government. Outrageous? Bet on it, that's why there has to be a real investigation NOW!
How much do we pay these turkeys to dominate our lives and remove all our freedoms, based upon their promises and lies? There were many promises made before the election that was halted by the court. Yet once the dictator had established himself in the now Tarnished House, all bets and promises were off. And from then on it was all Lies, Deceptions, and Distortions, all the way to the banks where the friends of Cheney-Bush began to see all their dreams come true, at our expense.
One could say there was more than motive here, if money is what does it for you. If it's power, well how does "leader of the world" strike you, as maybe something to be had and held, again at our expense? Then there's opportunity. Who was in charge of security, who should have stopped this well before it all began?
If you should think about these basic components of any prosecution, for very long, you might begin to reconsider how you see your leaders in this light. If you're still in doubt ask some questions of those who are supposed to listen to your words, and direct you to the answers that you seek. Now that's truly an exercise in pure futility.
Why not just begin to tell these people what you really think? They're not saints, not royalty, they're not even decent human beings. And as with any other group of criminals, be careful how you phrase your questions, and be sure to follow up. This was a nation once upon a time, what it has become is no longer fit to print. . .



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