Inbound Meteor
Story Plagiarized

From Don Best
Hello Jeff,
Thank you for having me on your radio show May 6, and giving me the best opportunity to disassociate myself from the article:
"Is Earth In Imminent Danger From Inbound Meteors?" found at
Unfortunately, the writer has obviously been reading what I have been posting at under the "forum user" name of dragonslayer2001.
I had already posted almost every bit of information listed in the article, and tied the various bits and pieces together. Then the plagiarist not only takes my work, effort, thoughts and data collation, he also steals my Red Flag thread word for word and claims it as his own.
I found all the information that I have spent months digging up curious, and alarming, and certainly worth keeping an eye on. However, in all of my threads, the two referenced here, and the others he/she has taken information from, I have been careful to state that nothing is proven, only that there are a lot of "signs" that something MIGHT be up.
Being ripped off like this is flattering, but it is creating problems.
Even at, the forum where I usually post, I have been accused of writing this article, and making unfounded claims that the "world will end" in a number of weeks.
Nonsense. I have no information that can define a date or time of anything happening. I do feel that we are in a time of great danger due to the instability of the sun and a number of changes taking place on our planet and a number of other planets in our solar system.
The passage of recent meteors and comets of course holds a certain amount of danger and always will.
Now, the writer of the article clearly separates himself from the anonymous information posted on by "noted and warned", who makes all the dire forecasts and leaves tantalizing clues and timelines.
But then the writer links to to a thread that I started in February called "Comets of Spring 2004". This has the effect of directing people to where I post, and links my user name to meteor information.
Then, a little further on in the article, the plagiarist lifts whole cloth, a thread that I started entitled "Red Flags". He/she then uses the stolen information "first person" so that people will naturally assume that "dragonslayer2001" and the anonymous writer are one and the same, and by implication, that "noted and warned" may even be the same person.
I have contacted for over a week. They have not responded. Their article popped up on numerous sites almost immediately, which makes me suspect it was seeded on purpose.
I am asking here, on your site, that they remove the article immediately and post a disclaimer that a plagiarist stole information, purposely set links to implicate someone else, and that the writer "dragonslayer2001" has never stated that we are going to get bombarded with commentary debris any time soon.
Thank you,
Don Best
Here are my two main threads that this information has been taken from:
Red Flags thread: 8660 reads: Started, 04/22/04
Comets of spring: 15,000 reads: Started 02/15/04
There are others but I won't list them here.
The following sites are posting my plagiarized words, so I am sending this to them and will appreciate it if they are good enough to straighten things out: immediate, very helpful response friendly, rapid response friendly, rapid response no response no response disclaimer posted on relevant threads no response no response



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