Bush Owes The World
Some Answers

By Kirwan
Open Letter to George W. Bush
Sole Owner of the WAR in Iraq
The person who caved-in to Ariel Sharon,
The leader of a gang that has hijacked both
The United States of America & Israel
Mr. Bush,
In the middle of last week you met with Ariel Sharon in the White House where you conceded to Sharon's demands for everything he told you he wanted to happen in Palestine, and in the Middle East, including his desire to murder Mr. Arafat.

That was not your call to make, and it was not in the best interests of the United States or for peace in that region of the world, nor was it in the interests of anyone seeking real resolutions for the continuing wars and suffering created by you and by Sharon.

IRAQ: This horror story was started unilaterally by you and your playmates to appease the ambitions of an outlaw bunch of ruthless thugs that have had their vision set on accomplishing only one thing"the ultimate supremacy of Israel in all things within the Middle East. This was detailed in "Operation Shekhinah" that was originally, Israel's intended Blitzkrieg, designed to steal Middle Eastern oil.

On April 21, you said "The World Owes Ariel Sharon a Thank You."
As usual, you have that backwards, Sharon owes the world an apology, and you owe us some very clear answers, for selling out the men and women that are fighting and dying under false pretenses, in Iraq and Afghanistan on your orders.

For the last few days you and your Department of Defense have tried to squelch any and all photographs or information about the wounded and the dead that are being returned from Iraq. Your lackluster performance has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq, by failing miserably to plan for any of the foreseeable problems that have occurred since you proclaimed the end of major combat there, just over a year ago.

You are responsible for every problem that has surfaced in that country and for all the failures that have been laid at the feet of this administration for having repeatedly denied combat realities, along with the actuality of our military 'missions' which have created the backlash that is now becoming a route. This colossal failure is your personal responsibility just as a 'victory' if there had been one, would have been yours to claim. Now you must 'own' this crime.

In every respect you have failed. Beginning with your failure to comprehend the culture of the people, to the destruction you brought on the infrastructure of that country while combat raged, as well as for allowing the desecration of the fundamental organs of the former state to burn while US forces looked on, in the early days of your unilateral invasion.

Your 'management' of the war itself was by any measure a train wreck of ignorance, arrogance and folly. You have failed to provide for the needed troops required, but most of all you failed to form any plans at all for any kind of civil future in that ancient land. For these disastrous consequences you owe the world an explanation. As the nominal leader of this country you owe the people of this land a full accounting of the hundreds of billions of dollars that you have wasted in an unnecessary and illegal war. This war has violated every aspect of the Geneva Conventions and the rules of engagement that govern warfare, not to mention the rules drawn up for the Nuremberg Tribunal, against the Nazis.

You have lied to the world, lied to the congress, and lied to the public, in whose name you supposedly serve, about your motivations for this war. You lied about your stated justifications for our attack in the first place, and about every aspect of our continued occupation of that once sovereign nation. And in so doing you have drained the treasury of this country, which is now $14 trillion in the red.

You conspired with members of your cabinet to deny to the citizens of the United States our rights and freedoms as guaranteed under the constitution"by falsely claiming that this nation was under a "threat from Saddam" that did not exist in fact or even in your wildest fantasies.

To that end, you have instituted false standards for a threat to this nation that was never real. Consequently what your officials have sought from congress by way of Patriot Acts, and Homeland security constitute only more lies and deceptions to the people, about the true state of the security of this nation. These are very serious misrepresentations of fact and law and are definitely impeachable offenses. In the past decade millions upon millions were spent on special prosecutors to impeach Clinton. Yet since you and your bandits now control congress, the courts and the Tarnished House, there has never been even a whisper of any real investigations of anything that you or Cheney or Rummy or Powell have undertaken, in your headlong plan to steal the country from the people of the United States.

Since you began, your plan was always to do Sharon's bidding for him, in this unwarranted and illegal war upon Iraq. You have made much of United Nations Resolutions and the need for those resolutions to be observed, by all nations. Yet the single most egregious outlaw state on this planet, in that regard, has been Israel. Under its current leadership Israel has broken or ignored over 60 UN resolutions, and they are armed with atomic weapons, weapons of mass destruction, and the will to use them all. In addition the USA has, over time, given or loaned that country nearly $3 trillion, and for that amount of money we have received only insults and obstinate lip from Sharon and his primitive enforcers, especially when the subject of peace or Palestine is raised. In this regard Mr. Bush you have proven to be completely without backbone or personal integrity: and you have failed this nation and the world again and again, just as you have failed to rein in the outlaw behavior of those who hijacked not only Israel, but the entire idea of peace, anywhere in the Middle East. You say that your wars were stepping-stones to greater peace in the region, when all they really mark is the beginning of the end of civilization, as the world has known it.,%20February%2025,%202004.htm

Now you are running for election, so your spinmeisters want to keep your disastrous failures from the public at large by trying to cloak our losses, and the damage done to those you sent to war, beneath a heavy blanket of secrecy.

The sheer arrogance you have shown in attempting to conduct a sterilized war, without admitting to a single personal mistake while simultaneously denying even the existence of the dead, in a slaughter that has killed nearly 18,000 of those we were supposed to be 'liberating' is obscene.

The outrage is further exaggerated by the precedent you cited that only goes back to your father's false-flag war in 1991, based as that was, on yet another lie (that we appeared to sanction Saddam's attack upon Kuwait - when we used a "fake permission" to bait him into attacking so that your daddy could destroy Saddam,s power).

You have repeatedly said that "We are at WAR" whenever the loss of American Civil rights and freedoms are questioned - yet when the simple issue of the death of one of ours is raised, then suddenly you order an iron curtain of secrecy to be dropped over anything to do with either injury or death, especially regarding the actual numbers of those involved. This has nothing to do with privacy, or respect for the wishes of anyone - it has to do with not wanting to have to "own" the deaths and destruction that you and your Bandits have caused, and continue to generate.

You have further stated that you "own" this war. GREAT - then you should "own" every last bloody fragment of it, in all its gorey detail. Show the American public those American troops being blown to pieces, being incinerated alive in their armored personnel carriers, in their tanks, and in their supply convoys. Show the people on the ground being ripped apart by US gun ships as they run for their lives. Show the devastation of the farms and neighborhoods where our free fire zones have ravaged and destroyed even the semblance of the most remote possibility of life. And by all means show us the targets being liquefied on the ground by our fighters and bombers, with all the flash and fury of a re-enlistment video.

Bring the cameras in for close-ups of the dead and the dying and let us hear the whimpering and let everyone see the agony of the wounded, on all sides - in the best high definition that television can provide. Dare to show the world Mr. Bush what you have ordered, and how your orders are being carried out, up close and personal. Until this is done - no one should sacrifice any more for this dirty WAR that you do indeed "OWN."

War is the last option in relations between states for a reason. That,s because wars involve unthinkable horror, and intractable losses that cannot ever simply be "re-built". And your only contribution to history has been these crimes that you have reined down upon the planet. If people had to see these wars as they really are then maybe there might be fewer of them.

Until you can explain these losses, along with the deaths of those who are still resisting us, as well as the innocent civilians that we randomly murder daily because they're caught in the crossfires of this power struggle: Until that day comes, we should demand that all your "actions" cease. When our troops are removed and after Iraqis have re-formed their country, and chosen contractors for their reconstruction projects, then they should send the bill for all of that - to the criminals that ordered this wholesale slaughter of a nation. Then Mr. Bush, maybe you can talk about the dignity you say you seek for the dead Americans that you sent into hell itself.

That would be right after you testify under oath - alone - and in public before the congress and on the record about everything you did before, on, and after 911. If you continue to stonewall such an investigation, before the coming election, then the world will know that you definitely have much to hide: Too much to be the leader of anything ever again.




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