The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 53
The Hang-man Cometh!

By Sherman H. Skolnick
The monopoly press dare not ever tell you how important he really is.
At the time of the Second World War, his father was a top official of both Army Intelligence and Naval Intelligence. Savvy folks recognize that as being actually a top officer of OSS, precursor to the America Central Intelligence Agency.
This elder family member later became Chief Judge in the Chicago-area. By suppressing court records, he quietly ruled on one of the most important cases in American history.
Following in this path, his son posed as a start-up journalist with a small publication near the nation's Capitol. Without an actual apparent journalism background, this was simply a cover for his role as top agent of a faction in the U.S. Military Establishment. Admirals and Generals had a serious grievance against the highest official in the Executive Department of the U.S. Government.
Their target, they contended, was committing treason to aid and give comfort to sworn enemies of the United States of America. Offenses of treachery plainly subject to provisions of the U.S. Constitution, Article Three, Section 3.
In the view of some at a decade earlier date, a prior secret group deemed themselves warranted and justified to conduct
a public execution of the highest official of the nation. That is, in full view of the anguished naive public, to blow out his brains in an open car, using military-style triangulation firing. But that infamous event was far too well studied by assassination researchers. Replicating the same ten years later would be unraveled, and not subject to blame simply on a lone, deranged assassin.
How to carry out the sentence of a secret tribunal having ordered the removal short of a firing squad, a beheading, a crew of assistants knocking out the pins on the gallows to hang the found-guilty grand vizier?
The headquarters of the doomed leader was a spy's dream. The basement had admirals and generals. Supposedly simply carrying messages, from that site up and back to the Pentagon, was somebody seemingly as harmless as a messenger. This supposed courier later started quietly as an alleged reporter on the major circulation newspaper in the District of Columbia.
Sitting right at the door of the Oval Office was a highly-skilled officer of the America CIA. Step by step, the Chief Magistrate, the President, was ensnared in a scandal. A group of CIA operatives, some current, some former, one actually in charge of the physical security of the CIA headquarters, was ordered to supposedly break into a hotel complex, at the time, owned by the Pope. One of the burglary crew for years and years, under various pen-names, had written supposed fiction books enveloping the espionage business in swirls of romance and intrigue.
As later understood, one or more of this group of wire-tappers and records snatchers, actually wanted the operation exposed to be blamed as having been under the supervision of the President and the U.S. Atttorney General, and others in their circle.
So as the primary agent of the Military Junta, as ordered by a faction in the Aristocracy, the alleged "Pentagon messenger" had been installed as an ambitious supposed "reporter" of the Washington Post. This pretended scrivener was assisted by a left-wing leaning journalist, Carl Bernstein, apparently not on to what was really happening.
The events were dubbed the Watergate Affair, named after the hotel where the CIA break-in crew was exposed and grabbed by the authorities. Just prior to one of the break-ins, the long-time dictator of the secret political police, J. Edgar Hoover of the F.B.I., was apparently assassinated, May, 1972, by being poisoned within his private residence. Just one University publication, the Crimson, apparently of Harvard, carried the reputed murder details.
Richard Milhous Nixon, bolstered by his top official, the infamous Henry Kissinger, a Rockefeller puppet, were engaging in treasonous arrangements with the North Vietnamese. At the same time, they promised to bring the Southeast Asia conflict to a conclusion. On that basis, part secret, part public, Nixon in re-election in 1972, swept the nation. His Democrat opponent carried just one state of the fifty.
None of the real scandalous details came out prior to November, 1972. This was for various reseaons. In October, 1972, a young fellow named William Jefferson Clinton, drove Congressman Hale Boggs (D., La.) to an airport. Boggs together with an Alaska official named Begich, took off for a flight to Alaska. Their airplane disappeared somewhere in Alaska. The media version was that the airplane could not be found. However, our later interviews with investigators convinced us the plane was found by a secret team of U.S. Military Intelligence who would not publicly reveal what happened to Boggs and his associate.
Boggs had been a member of the Warren Commission whose fraudulent 1964 report asserted that a lone assassin slaughtered President John F. Kennedy. In years thereafter, however, Boggs expressed misgivings. He said there was a cover-up. Moreover, he dared reveal that J.Edgar Hoover, through wire-tapping, was spying on Congress. Boggs knew further of the role of Nixon with the planning group just prior to the Dallas assassination.
To blackmail her way into the top level of the monopoly press, on ABC Television network, the Congressman's daughter, Cokie Roberts (nee Boggs), made public statements she was in a position to know were false. Namely, that her late father was satisfied with the Warren Commission Report. And further, that her father's airplane flight was never found. As a further pay-off, her mother, widow of the Congressman, briefly held his seat. The widow Boggs became the first actual U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican. Previously, no such Ambassador was sent to the theocracy, only a "delegate" to the Pontiff.
Cokie Roberts' brother, Thomas Boggs, became one of the most plugged-in lobbyists in Washington. At one time, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, in 1982, Tommy Boggs was the lobbyist for Central American death squads. Tommy's lobbyist/partner, was U.S. Commerce Department chieftain, Ron Brown, murdered in 1996, by a sabotaged plane crash in Yugoslavia. He survived the crash and was on the crash scene, shot through the top of his head, according to forensic details dared to be discussed by government officials. Brown was part of a Red Chinese Secret Police scandal, if he lived, which would have without question, put his business partners, Bill and Hillary Clinton , in prison for treason, bribery, and other federal crimes.
At the same time as the murder of Ron Brown, his business partner, Tommy Boggs, traveling also overseas, survived an assassination attempt.
A driving force in the Watergate burglars, was long-time CIA officer, E. Howard Hunt. His wife, Dorothy Hunt, courier of hush money to various spies, assassins, and operatives on behalf of the Nixon White House, was part of twelve Watergate related operatives murdered by way of a sabotaged plane crash in Chicago. That was in December, 1972, one month aftter the re-election of Tricky Dick.
Right after the Nixon re-election , Pentagon operative, Bob Woodward, under cover as a "reporter" for the Washington Post, wrote story after story about the Watergate Affair. Woodward contended he was getting details planted, for example, in a purported "flower pot" at his apartment. Or, that certain "sources" were meeting him in underground auto parking garages.
The real role of Woodward did not become plain until the 1991 publication of "Silent Coup: The Removal of a President", by Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin, St. Martin's Press, New York, 1991. The entire book can be read ON-LINE,
Various of the Military Junta are named and identified in the book; those who wanted Nixon removed for treason and other high crimes using Bob Woodward as their driving force. The history of Naval Lt. Robert U. Woodward and his top Pentagon security clearance on super-secret projects, and his role with General Alexander Haig, are mentioned such as at pages 69-70 of the book. The monopoly press either ignored the book or it was for a while tied up by various proceedings.
[Bob Woodward's father was Du Page County Chief Judge Alfred Woodward. The Judge had the infamous "Equity Funding" case, litigation of a giant insurance firm with vast investments. Who were those who quietly made multi-million dollar claims against the firm's assets? Why Watergate officials such as Leon Jaworski and the family of top Nixon staff member Erlichman. Others, like a Teacher's Pension Fund were denied payment. The case became a giant money laundering device. When I asked the Chief Court Clerk for the file, he informed me that I could not have it because it was locked up and suppressed in the Office of Chief Judge Woodward. When I insisted to the Chief Judge that court files are to be public records in the custody of the Chief Clerk's office, the Judge set about to have me arrested for contempt. When I told the Chief Judge I would sue him for false arrest, he relented and turned over a copy to me of the entire file. So, we are the only ones that still have the secret file.]
[In other litigation, Chief Judge Woodward was identified, as documented, in a court case, as being also a director of a hospital that engaged in satanic rituals on children.]
[In another Woodward detail, Bob Woodward's first cousin was murdered, to remind Bob Woodward he better stay shut about certain details regarding certain Admirals and Generals.]
The public execution of JFK is detailed in our website, Overthrow, part 42. The murder of twelve of the Watergate group by the sabotaged plane crash is documented in the four part website series, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage". Butterfield was the CIA officer sitting at the door of the Oval Office, who just happened to mention, during Congressional hearings, 1973, that Nixon had a secret taping system in the Oval Office. That led to the Impeachment Resolutions being prepared against Nixon, culminating in his resignation as President in August, 1974.
[From about 1996 to recent dates, we have posted on our website how a group of disgruntled Admirals and Generals tried, in vain, to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Clinton for treason, which they are authorized to do under the Uniform Military Code. Further, that a now larger such group are determined to remove, by arrest, or whatever other means available, Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush for treason and other federal criminal offenses. ]
George W. Bush would not dare to deny Bob Woodward to interview him. Bush, though considered a misfit and incompetent, still in all, knows enough that when the Aristocracy sends their front man, Bob Woodward, to question Bush, that Bush better permit the interview. Like the faction in the Aristocracy, and their operatives, the Military Junta, they are jointly attempting to rescue themselves by, in some manner, throwing away Bush and his circle of iron-fisted Fascist types. Of course, the cynical joke is, there is a wrong assumption that the Establishment, "the powers that be", the Ruling Class---that is THEM---are not at the same time war-mongers and creators of financial Depressions, and vowing to cause destruction of Nation-States, such as the now developing disunited Breakaway States of America.
With inside details and powers, on behalf of a faction in the Aristocracy, Bob Woodward, as a supposed book author, often using ghost writers did the following:
===The U.S. Supreme Court was sitting on an important spy case. Bob Woodward, through inside data from a faction in the aristocracy, was able to penetrate the secrets of the high court's judges, law clerks, and offices. This, by way of pressuring and blackmailing the judges as to the spy case. "The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court", by Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong, 1979.
===On behalf of insurance companies that carried the liability insurance, and movie completion liability insurance, as to numerous movie stars, Bob Woodward, with a ghost writer, came up with secret inside details of movie stars who were a liability to the insurance firms, in that such celebrities were users of dope, in many instances making the completion of certain movies doubtful. The insurance firms apparently violated the privacy of certain movie stars by divulging to Woodward and his ghost writer, details of what movie stars are addicted to dope. "Wired: The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi" by Bob Woodward, 1984.
===With numerous reputed fake details of the Watergate Affair was Bob Woodward's 1974 book "All The President's Men". To promote himself, Woodward came numerous times to the Chicago area, at press conferences. I was present at most every such event. The moment Woodward showed up, he announced to the gathered mostly mass media reporters, "That man there in the wheelchair(pointing to me), the police and the security patrol have to remove him or the press conference cannot proceed." I was sitting there without having uttered a single word. I informed the police and the security patrol, that if they arrest me, without me having said or done anything but sit there, and I being a fairly well-known free lance journalist, that I would sue Woodward and the police and security patrol for false arrest. So, they backed off, although throughout the press conference, Woodward persisted in threatening not to proceed unless I was removed and jailed.
Evidently Bob Woodward was worried I would say something about his father, the Chief Judge, having permitted the suppressing of the records of the massive insurance company, Equity Funding, and the unlawful payments, supposedly authorized by the Judge, to various Watergate officials.
By the way, the Washington Post as a business is based on the embezzling of huge federal government sums by a member of the Federal Reserve Board, namely, the father of long-time Washington Post boss Katherine Graham. Also, as to the swindling/spy-riddled background of the newspaper, see my website story "The Late Grand Dragon of the Washington Post".
Some may consider it not pertinent, but I feel it is very revealing of his character, that Bob Woodward, according to reliable other news reporters, has been a vicious wife-beater.
In April, 2004 was published the book supposedly by Bob Woodward, with a ghost writer, with Woodward having interviewed the occupant and resident of the Oval Office, namely George W. Bush, and numerous others. "Plan of Attack" by Bob Woodward.
In time, answers may emerge, to the following questions:
===Bush had to allow Woodward and his ghost writer to scandalize Bush, or the faction that wants to blame the Iraq U.S. Military eventual disaster on Bush, might have to do something more severe or even violent to Bush, by way of throwing him away. What is THEIR plan and time-table?
===A country like the U.S. is like a giant ship. Is Woodward's attack, also through CBS' "Sixty Minutes" interview of Woodward, the beginning of turning this big ship around? Remember, CBS, like the other mass media networks, are skilled blackmailers. CBS has long had a Military Games Division, planning, scheming, and otherwise testing, various ideas for and on behalf of the Aristocracy, the Bilderbergers, the Bohemian Grove gang, and other high-level satanists and malefactors, of counter-insurgency, the overthrow of governments, and similar dirty business.
So, is Bob Woodward the front man, on behalf of the Aristocracy, out to lynch George W. Bush for acts of treason and other high crimes against the U.S. Constitution and the people of the U.S.?
Is Woodward actually the black-hooded executioner, having arrived, on behalf of the Aristocracy, to chop off the head of George W. Bush, and maybe, the head of his father as well? As part of a cover up of the home-grown, not Arab involved, violence of 9-11 and the false-basis attack on Iraq simply to seize their oil treasure?
More coming. Stay tuned.
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