The Overthrow Of
The American Republic
- Part 54
US - Russian Great Secrets

By Sherman H. Skolnick
Throughout history, some nations have been vulnerable to being overthrown. Why? Because of profound secrets as to financial, military, hereditary, and religious matters.
Some contend, several of those reasons apply to the American Republic.
To understand this subject, there has to be a short course in history, updated and revised, to include censored and forbidden subjects. A point to begin would be the War Between the States, called in the North, the American Civil War.
Toward the conclusion of the conflict, two of the top officials of the U.S. Government were opposed by the Aristocracy, the Establishment, "the powers that be", the Ruling Class---in plain terms, THEM.
The powers of the old world, the old country, persisted in their efforts to break up the American states. In simple terms, residing in the United States of America were those who fled the wars and religious commotions of Europe. Itching to seize this land was Britain, plotting against the U.S. across the border, from Canada. On the South border, were the French Catholics in Mexico, under the Paris/Pope domination through the installed dictator, Maximillian. And the Vatican repeatedly sought to overcome the Protestants in the U.S. through the Pope's center, Baltimore, right next to the nation's Capitol.
This cabal had as their principle enemies U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, an advocate of breaking away from the foreign banks and their currency controls; a further enemy was perceived as William H. Seward, the Lincoln Administration Secretary of State. Lincoln and Seward had to be removed, so vowed the foreign powers, to keep the U.S. from their own financial and industrial development.
As interpreted in those years, to control the U.S. Government, both Lincoln and Seward had to be done away with. Vice President Andrew Johnson somehow was seen as no problem to this effort. So, as a satanic if not religious symbol, on Good Friday, April, 1865, a few days after the war ended, Lincoln was assassinated and at the same time, Seward survived an attempt at assassination.
Some forget that during the American Civil War, the Tsar of Russia sent his naval fleet to America, to support Lincoln and the North and possibly to assist the North in blockading weapons shipments from Britain to the Confederacy.
In 1866, at midnight, in a bank in the District of Columbia, was quietly consummated a deal. Arranged by Secretary of State Seward, and agreed to by the Tsar's agents, the U.S. paid to lease for 99 years the vast territory what is now Alaska. Somehow to avoid controversy, the deal was falsely described as a "sale" when, in fact, it was actually a lease. The deal was publicly announced in 1867 as a "sale". at least that is what fraudulent history books contend. Under its terms, it is set to expire in 1966 although because of the secrecy, some contend it was set to expire in 1965. Because of the nature of the agreement, getting a huge ice-bound piece of land, it was called "Seward's Folly", and routine history books so describe it as "Seward's icebox".
Contrary to western perceptions, early in the 20th Century, Tsar Nicholas II, was not backward. Russia was catching up to the rest of the industrial world. The prominent Jacob Schiff family of the U.S. arranged the building of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Some claim, however, that to remind the Tsar to restrain anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia, the Schiffs secretly financed and arranged the Japanese naval fleet that destroyed the Russian fleet, humiliating the Tsar, in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905.
Even with the coming of the Soviets in 1917, the Russians had profound secrets to use against the West. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was perceived by many as an agent of the Tsar's cousin, Kaiser Wilhelm II, the German dictator and monarch. Upon the abdication from the throne of Tsar Nicholas II, Lenin, the new dictator, arranged a peace arrangement with the Germans, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. March 1917. For such purpose, Lenin, in a sealed train arranged by the Germans, was whisked across war-torn Europe from Switzerland, to Finland. This was arranged by dictator Kaiser Wilhelm II. Lenin entered Russia and with the Soviets seized control of the St. Petersburg government already in a shambles. The Treaty had a secret codicil, enabling the Soviets, without time limits, to work blackmail, shake-down, and extortion, in huge liability amounts, to be used forever after March, 1917, against the West. Lenin agreed to permit Tsar Nicholas II, his German wife, and their five children to escape. It was to be disguised, however, as if the Tsar and his family were assassinated.
Falsely later proclaimed to the world was the supposed assassination, at the hands of a Soviet firing squad, in July, 1918, in Ekaterinburg, Siberia, of the Tsar, the Tsarina, the five children, and various others who were part of their entourage.
Separate from their role as a monarchy, Nicholas II, as the head of the Romanov Family, had a huge, private fortune, not part of the Russian government or monarchy.
Just a short list of the private assets of the Romanovs:
(1) Four hundred million dollars in gold, at the then price of twenty dollars per ounce, deposited in the Rockefeller owned Chase Bank of New York (later becoming Chase Manhattan Bank, and more currently J.P.Morgan Chase).
When an account holder is declared or announced as dead, or claims upon the account are not made within a certain number of years (in most States, seven years), the assets revert to the State Government. It is called Escheat. In slang and cynical terms, however, some refer to it as "I cheat, you cheat, we all cheat". The Rockefellers have falsely by book-cooking, fraudulently defeating the escheat laws, kept the 400 hundred million dollars in gold which by way of compounded interest, and at the more current price of 400 dollars per ounce for gold, makes up a huge portion of the Rockefeller Family swindle fortune.
(2) Sixty five million dollars in gold, at the then price of twenty dollars per ounce, deposited in Barings Bank, London. Upon the downfall, in the 1990s, of the bank, Barings for the first time admitted they had the Romanov's deposits. The bank is linked to the Princess Diana of Wales, the Spencers, banking fortunes, which she was in the process of merging with an Egyptian bank fortune, by her planned marriage to an Arab, Dodi Fayed. Plainly evident is why Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Phillip, apparently arranged for the assassination of Diana and Dodi, using British Counter-Intelligence, MI-6. The murder of Diana and Dodi was to stop a forbidden merger of East and West, a peace arrangement not suited to the war-mongers of the West. (More details elsewhere on our websites.)
(3) The Romanovs were business partners in various places in Russia, with the factories there of the Marshall Field Family, of Chicago. Including textile and other manufacturing. Through apparent book-cooking, the Marshall Field Family has further enriched themselves by secretly retaining the huge Romanov assets, thus reportedly defeating the escheat laws upon the announcement that the Romanovs, Tsar Nicholas II and his Family, were supposedly "assassinated".
(4) The Romanovs had hundred of millions of dollars deposited in the Mendelsohn Banks, Paris. Upon the apparent "assassination" of the Romanovs, the funds were swallowed up and not disgorged.
(5) The Romanovs, that is Tsar Nicholas II and his Family, were the owners of the Hudson Tunnel, New York, a traffic tub going under the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey.
Little-known or remembered, a Chief Federal Appeals Judge, after leaving the bench, was put in jail for bribery regarding a bunch of cases, including the Hudson Tunnel litigation. That was U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit Chief Judge Martin Manton of New York. He was considered a "brilliant" judge, and churned out decisions one after the other. In the Hudson Tunnel case, he did a strange thing, as the Chief Judge of the 2nd Circuit; he assigned HIMSELF to sit in the lower court, the U.S. District Court, to rule on the Tunnel case(one of several cases where he "sold his court"). Of course, to favor the Rockefellers, nothing about the Romanovs and their ownership has so far been published. Other details, however, are in "The Corrupt Judge", by Joseph Borkin, published in 1962.
[Very similar to Judge Manton is U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit Judge, Richard A. Posner, Chicago. Like Judge Manton, Posner turns out many decisions, some of them arbitrary and corrupt, containing his judicial perjuries. See our website story "Chief Crook Enters Microsoft Case" also, "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police", Part 3, <http://www.skolnicksreport.com/>www.skolnicksreport.com Also see the website series "Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts" as to the corruption of Posner. When will the Aristocracy throw away Judge Posner like they did an earlier crook, Judge Manton?]
In the 1960s, was published an alternative media magazine, Called "Ramparts". In one issue they had as an advertisement on the whole back cover, a picture and details of Alexei Romanov. He set forth that he is alive and that there is a giant fraud about the supposed "assassination" in July, 1918 of Tsar Nicholas II and the Tsarina, and their children, including Alexei.
By1970, more and stories appeared, not much in the major media, that the story of the 1918 murder of the Tsar and his family is a fake and the murders never happened.. A United Press International story, date line New York, appeared in
one edition of the Chicago
Tribune, December 14, 1970. Headlined "U.S. Aided Rescue of Czar Nicholas, British Hint", the opening paragraph stated, "British government documents which recently were placed in the public record office in London indicate that President Woodrow Wilson backed a secret mission to Russia which may have resulted in the rescue of Czar Nicholas and his family in 1918."
Another paragraph stated "Recent research indicates that the Bolsheviks 'faked' the execution of the Romanov family in Ekaterinburg, on July 29, 1918."
The story did not run in later editions. After all, the Rockefellers and the British Royals are major owners of the Tribune Company, parent of the Chicago Tribune.
To combat the growing stories about the faked execution of the Romanovs, the Rockefellers, to protect their fraudulent fortunes, financed a well-advertised propaganda movie, "Nicholas and Alexandra". Toward the end of the film is the supposed firing squad scene.
In 1974, we received a call from one describing himself as Alexei Romanov, whose picture was on the back cover of Ramparts Magazine. I agreed to come to New York with my associates to talk to him.
He met us at a New York hotel. And we spent two days, four hours each day, grilling him, to see if I could shake his claim he was Alexei Romanov. After all, I was skeptical, fearing a possible Soviet trick or such.
My two associates were skilled artists as well. They told me his face could not be faked or duplicated. It was clearly the Romanov family face. He told me that because he got the "royal disease", hemophilia, and bleeds too easily, for many years he wore leg braces in case he fell down. Being myself a paraplegic with leg braces since childhood polio, I understood this better than most others. He rolled up his pants legs to show me the scars and such left on his leg. Clearly, his story was correct.
After interrogating him, on every subject I could think of, having studied a lot about the Romanovs, I was unable to shake loose any of his contentions. His description of his sister Anastasia, and his other sisters, rang true.
I asked, "Why have not some of your other known relatives, over the years, come to these banks and such, to claim portions of the Romanov fortune?" He responded, "Others that tried have either mysteriously disappeared or were murdered." The Rockefeller fortune has as a major pillar, the Romanov gold, fraudulently kept from being escheated to the New York and other State authorities by Rockefeller book-cooking.
A well-documented recent book has been published. "The Secret Plot To Save The Tsar" by Shay McNeal, HarperCollins Publishers, 2001. As every other book on the subject, however, this book says nothing about the Rockefellers and the assets in the U.S. of the Romanovs.
In recent times I interviewed an immediate relative of one of the Tsar Nicholas II's daughters. The relative explained how the Romanov daughter from time to time over the years went to San Francisco, to a specific bank official and received a mysterious check of a large amount. According to the relative, the Romanov daughter lived to about 101 years of age. The daughter, according to the relative interviewed, was forever fearful something would happen to her if she publicly told about who she really is. I said the public would be benefited if that Romanov daughter, at the least, had her true name, on her tombstone.
Some point to Heglian principles as explaining why the West financed and created the Soviets. Described in technical terms as Antithesis to end up as Synthesis. That is, setting up your fake enemy to control know-nothings. To some this explains why a tremendous amount of U.S. technology since the 1920s has been turned over to the Soviets by the United States. A lot of this is well-documented in books by a tremendous scholar, Antony Sutton. [A list of his books, showing this treason, are listed at Amazon.com ]
Another explanation is that the Russians have us in a blackmailable position. They have proof that the Romanov Family was NOT executed in 1918. Were the Soviets, and later the Moscow government and some of the provinces, to make public disclosures about the 1918 events, it would finger and undermine the Rockefeller swindle fortunes.
A secret topic dealt with in the Nixon White House, was what to do about the 1965 expiration of the Russian lease of Alaska. A major crook, Nixon White House Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, a Rockefeller puppet, took up the matter. He suggested that we appease the Russians by considering a pipeline from their possible huge Siberia oil reserves, across the Bering Straits, to Alaska and then points South.
[Similar ideas are currently apparently being considered: "Alaska: Gas pipeline or Bering Strait Crossing?", Executive Intelligence Review, January 30, 2004.]
A Kissinger alternative idea was the building of the Alaska pipeline, with ownership, contrary to law, ending up with British Petroleum. The law required that the oil be supplied for the U.S. only. Despite that, California based oil firms opposed the idea. So, in violation of law, the oil from Alaska is shipped to Japan. To further quieten Russian grumbling about the Alaska lease expiration, various U.S. oil interests agreed to financially merge, if not support, Russian plans for a pipeline across Siberia, across North Korea, bringing the crude closer to oil-hungry Japan.
Vice President Richard Cheney has his oil interests with the Russian oil plans, which are in opposition to the Bush Family interests; the Bushies being through Chevron, Pennzoil-Texaco. Two consultants for the Bush oil interests were installed as the two top leaders in Afghanistan after the U.S. in 2001 became the foreign invaders. Some White House reporters circulate stories, not on the air or in print, that there was, on these subjects, an altercation between George W. Bush and Cheney. And that Bush explained away being knocked down and having marks on his face, by stating he choked on a pretzel.
The Russians have specific details of the sinking, off Newfoundland, in April, 1912, of the British ship, "Titanic".
The producers of the movie supposedly about the tragedy leased a specially-designed Russian submarine, that took them to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. There they photographed, as best they could, the sunken hulk of the ship. They noticed that the plates of the ship were punctured OUTWARD, contrary to the accepted tale in history books that the ship sank because of having scraped alongside an iceberg.
Either the ship set sail on its maiden voyage with its coal bunkers already somehow known to be smouldering. Or, explosive devices inside the ship blew out the sides of the ship. Over the years, European experts on censored details have quietly discussed among themselves, but not published, how the Germans and others had an interest to damage if not humiliate the British in advance of the expected Great War in Europe, that started August, 1914. And the sinking of the Titanic was part of that scheme.
The producers of the movie did not want to endanger what was already incurred of their expected two hundred million dollars to produce the movie. They were not about to create a movie with a different view of the sinking of the supposedly "unsinkable" Titanic.
The Russians became aware of what the movie makers had discovered. Furthermore, the Russians, over the years had compiled other highly explosive information. Key members of the American aristocracy greatly opposed the creation of a secretive, PRIVATE central bank in the United States. Somehow, each of these opponents of such a conspiratorial type financial arrangement, were steered into getting tickets for the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Others of the aristocracy, favoring such a bank, decided not to go on that voyage.
So the opponents of what became late in 1912, the Federal Reserve, died in the sinking of the ship. Those who at a secret meeting arranged the Fed, used it to put the expenses of the Great War, in Europe, 1914 to 1918, on the backs of the half-awake Americans who had no real political or financial interest in paying for and dying for Europe's war.
Another potential financial bombshell revolves around a secretive unit within the U.S. Treasury acting in conjunction with the American CIA.
The team created a superior quality counterfeit U.S. paper money (actually, backed by hot air alone, Federal Reserve Notes masquerading as the supposed "U.S. Dollar"). The huge quantity of this hard to detect bogus money was dumped on Saddam Hussein. The purpose was the classical, historical system of toppling an opposing regime with funny money.
Saddam, in turn, through purchases and other means, dumped the counterfeit currency on France, Germany, and Russia. All three, arranged to dump it back on the U.S. And so, this fake money, which passes through Federal Reserve counting machines as if it were genuine paper money, is piled up in banks, bank accounts, bank vaults, and private vaults in the U.S. The Russians, with specific details known to them, can at any moment wreck the U.S. Central Government with the great secret of the phoney baloney money.
The bottom line: So who is really terribly vulnerable to being overthrown anyway, huh? Is it the disunited States of America, possibly soon the Breakaway States of America, or is it the Moscow Government? And how did Americans slide into this pickle barrel anyway?
More coming. Stay tuned.
Mr. Skolnick's research reports, on behalf of his research group, are on his website www.skolnicksreport.com and also on www.cloakanddagger.ca His stories are archived at www.rense.com/Datapages/skolnickdatapage.html IF you have any difficulty pulling up this last website, re-type the website address and try again.
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