U.S. Department Of Offense
In his hearings before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Rumsfeld said that he accepted full responsibility for his actions in the matter at hand, namely the torture and mistreatment of people inside US prisons in Iraq.
But "accepting responsibility" for anything is more than just a phrase, more than a simple admission: with that goes the critical and often overlooked responsibilities that must flow from the admission, which is the last full measure of the truth or lack thereof, contained within those self-damning words.
This administration has gone out of its way to avoid ever apologizing for any of their actions in any arena where they have loosed their raging engines of destruction-this has been especially true inside Iraq. Given that the scandal began in August of 03, was reported on in January 04, and the files were only reviewed by Rummy the day before his hearing, May 04: Rumsfeld cannot now claim that anything like an active aggressive search for perpetrators or those responsible for these acts was ever undertaken. In fact some of those involved who have been reprimanded for their actions, have already returned to duty.
One of the things Rummy cited, to justify the reasons for all the delays was that the personnel involved were scattered to a variety of locations, thus complicating possible interrogations, and any possible actions against them. If they were serious they would just arrest everyone involved ­ all the way up the chain of command, including general officers and confine them. They should all be in the same prison, preferably Guantanimo, and then we could get to the bottom of the whole affair within a week. They have thousands of photographs and at least two videos, hello ­ how much more evidence is needed? Still Rummy sat there and told the members of the committee that this was the case-and apparently they bought it-because he left that room with his head and his job intact. Is congress in on this farce, where was their testosterone level and why weren't the truly hard questions ever asked?
Where was the real outrage over this affair, this was not about the Senator's turf, but about the substance of what is being alleged? What exactly was Rummy "sorry" for? Was it because these events were finally publicized; because they happened at all; or was it because he and his superiors might have to take the fall for them? No one asked this question! This episode is a farce from beginning to end, because it is well known that one of the founding principles for The Bush Doctrine of 2002, is exactly this kind of treatment for anyone who opposes them.
It has seemingly never occurred to Bush & the Bandits that the reason no one will join in our campaign of annihilation is because other nations as well as the UN tend to look at what we do, and not at what we say we're doing, inside Iraq and elsewhere.
In his further attempts to divert the inquiry, Rummy tried to lay blame, for the snails-pace of the investigations, on the administrations concerns for "the rights of the accused." This is directly contrary to what happens to all those they have bludgeoned, and then rounded up without charges, to hold them for months, sometimes years without even recording their names. But let any of the captors be accused of a crime, and we immediately revert to all the rulebooks (pre-911) that we have now burned when it comes to the treatment of Americans, or those identified only as "others." If we're allowed protections under the Geneva conventions then all people should have those protections.
Bush and Rummy have both casually mentioned that the Geneva Conventions do not apply to what we choose to do with those we capture in our falsely flagged War on Terror. The truth is that wherever the Geneva Conventions are concerned, this resident of the Tarnished House is acting beyond his pay grade. Whenever he unilaterally overrules these internationally recognized conventions, to which the USA is a signatory, he is exceeding his authority.
Yet the Bandits demand these same Geneva conventions be observed for all of ours who might be captured, and we demand every avenue of the law be available to criminal defendants, when it's one of their sadistic thugs that we've employed to do this garbage in our names.
How is it possible to sit silently in a committee hearing and not have anyone scream about this obscenity--this outrageous double standard? That's easy; because the committee and their benefactors were part of the sponsoring authority that created the Bush Doctrine in the first place and they probably all voted for it!
Where does this leave the state of the Republic now, and how much of this is our responsibility as well? We turned a blind eye when The Bandits stole their way into office. We remained silent when the criminals from Iran-Contra were installed throughout key positions in this government. Not a whimper, no investigation, just a rubber stamp from that spineless bunch of traitors in both the congress, and the media.
Now we begin to see what this was all about. Over the course of events since 1991, we've lost thousands of our people we've killed perhaps a million more ­ and for what? For Halliburton, for Brown & Root, for Bechtel ­ for blood-drenched money at a premium in the lives of our citizens, and our treasure, plus the deaths of so many faceless people that we considered less-than-human!
This not only happened on Rumsfeld's watch, this happened on the watch of Cheney-Bush as well. Impeachment proceedings need to begin immediately for all those conspirators who planned his nightmare, and they each need to be impeached (charged), and tried in public for what they tried to do using our military and an army of mercenary thugs to re-write the laws and practices of war for their own personal power plays.
When responsibility is finally looked at, then this needs to go all the way to where the buck actually stops. Not to where Bush says that it stops, but to that actual last bastion of responsibility, and that lies inside the now Tarnished House.
This is happening because it's all just a spin off of 911. And because there has not been a competent investigation of the triggering events of that day, we are finally seeing the real point behind those attacks, which was to terrify the American public. What remains hidden is that these proceedings concern events that are only a rehearsal, for what is planned for us. This will be our fate, just as soon as that can be arranged through yet another "attack upon this nation." Once that happens, the Bandits can finally get to Martial Law, and then we'll all have the chance to regret that we did not act to end this nightmare here and now!



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