Death Of Nick Berg:
Bush-Cheney-Pentagon PsyOp?

Who's responsible for dumping Nick Berg, an unarmed American Jew, wearing an orange jumpsuit (with a Star of David scrawled on his back)in the middle of hostile Arab territory?
The Soviets used to call it disinformatsiya. The Pentagon calls it PsyOps, or "psychological operations." It has been effectively used to divert attention from the Abu Ghraib prison scandal of Americans torturing Iraqi civilians, 90% of whom were "arrested by mistake," according to a recent Red Cross report.
This Psychological Operation is aimed at the American Public as Faux News and other channels of disinformation propagate the images of the beheading of Nick Berg to their own advantage.
Bush-Cheney has gotten its sacrificial victim -- an expendable Jew. His father,Michael Berg, even dared complain about the unconstitutional USA Patriot Act. Worse yet, he even dared to sue the US Government for the release of his son, arrested and held in Iraq for 13 days. No charges were filed against the late Nick Berg.
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