A Funny Thing Is Happening
On National Television

By Jon Rappoport
Readers of this site know that I never miss a chance to pound on the head of mainstream journalism.
I have also mentioned, in countless articles, that one of the cardinal sins committed by major papers and TV networks is their failure to dig into the guts of THE SAME BASIC STORY, day after day, when such repeated attention is warranted.
There is a corollary to this latter point: if you do keep up the hammering, over and over, strange things begin to happen; new material comes to light; you find a passion within yourself, as a reporter, that you didn't know you had; you throw emotional caution to the wind; you begin to see the grotesque and cartoonesque aspect of the defenders of the realm; your bullshit detector extends its sensors and becomes more refined; you watch facades of lunacy and lies collapse under the weight of your sustained attacks; you realize how sold out the liars really are; you develop closing skills and an instinct for the jugular; you find yourself laughing in people's faces; you attain precognition vis-a-vis the lies the liars haven't even told yet; you can predict strategies the PR operators are going to employ; fools try not to talk to you.
There is now a very unlikely candidate for a few of these qualities shaping up at, of all places, CNN. I have been watching him. I've seen the changes in his formerly porcine face. I've seen him smirk and glare and twitch and start to grind his teeth as he interviews the loyal foot soldiers in the battle to advance so-called free trade.
The man is Lou Dobbs, and on his daily program he is running an ongoing segment called OUTSOURCING AMERICA.
Today, for a few moments, he almost lost it as he was interviewing a real gem from the US Chamber of Commerce, who was defending the exportation of jobs out of the US to places like India.
Believe me, I'm not under the delusion that Lou is going to develop into a populist hero. After all, he works for CNN. But when a reporter seems ready to strangle a free-trade advocate, he can't be all bad. When he almost gags at the distortion of data offered by such an advocate, he can't be all bad.
I hope he keeps it up and gets fired. He's on the way.
I hope he reaches across the desk and wraps his meaty hand around the skinny neck of one of these slimeballs and squeezes.
I think the juice that comes out will be a chemical green color.
I know what's happening to Lou. He's muscled into a real fact or two and a real scandal, and something inside him doesn't want to let go.
Sure, CNN might see him as a potential ratings guy, a sort of reverse Bill O'Reilly, but I can tell that Lou himself is working up a real head of steam.
I hope he isn't taking tranqs to dampen his own responses.
I hope he keeps the OUTSOURCING segment going and finds even deeper reservoirs of righteous anger within himself. He's really just starting to see through the mountainous curtains of crap.
He already knows that it isn't just the Republicans or the Democrats who are shoving free trade down our throats.
He might even be glimpsing that free trade is an OP designed to bring America to its knees. I didn't say WASHINGTON to its knees. I said AMERICA.
Years and years ago a friend of mine, watching Lou on CN, called him a pig in a suit. But now the Lou's looking a bit different. He needs a haircut. The corn-syrup glaze in his eyes is fading. His stare is a little harder. He's still grinning, but instead of the we're-all-on-the-same-ridiculous-team-and-we're-fleecing-the-suckers smile, the smirk is about how he knows, up front, that his guest is going to try to shovel cow dung up to the ceiling.
He's feeling a little astounded at how many lies his guests are willing to tell.
The gates are opening for him.
I'm not taking bets on how far he'll walk through them. Tomorrow he could do a 180. But right now, he's tasting the kind of thing that could restore his health.
He's landed a few blows on the heavy bag, and he likes it.
He's learning what it means to do the same basic story every day.
I bet a few of the CNN brass are watching with minor trepidation. To them I offer a piece of unsolicited advice: you can't sink any lower than you already are; let the man have his way; stand back and see what happens; face it, FOX outscores you because they're willing to skewer people in live interviews; let Lou do it, too; put free trade under the spotlight; step on it; show the greenish ooze leaking out; forget worrying that you'll lose some valued Washington sources; you're problem is you have no balls; get some.
And oh yes. If Ted Turner is still your boss (I can't keep up with all the musical chairs), give him something he'll really have to medicate. Last time I looked, he was a manic free trader. Drive him through the roof. Put him back on his yacht where belongs, dreaming his blathering dreams. Give him a reality show, a la Trump: ten candidates will compete to see who'll head up a 501c3 that'll save the world by eradicating all national boundaries.



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