11 UFOs Visible On
Mexican Military Video

From Scott Corrales
EFE News Agency
MEXICO (EFE) -- In an unprecedented move for this country--and perhaps the whole world-- military authorities have made public a video showing 11 unidentified flying objects (UFOs) captured by an aircraft belonging to the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA). This video shall be presented today by journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan.
In an exclusive interview with the La Prensa newspaper, Maussan stated that the Secretary of National Defense himself, Ricardo Clemente Vega Garcia, authorized the broadcast of this material to both domestic and foreign news media.
According to the researcher, the encounter occurred on March 5, when an aircraft belonging to the Mexican Air Force, a Merlin C26/A, was engaeed in drug interdiction patrols. At around 17:00 hours it detected the presence of 11 objects following it.
The routine flight took place between Copalar, Chiapas and the State of Campeche. The encounter took place near Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche. It was there that the aircraft, belonging to the 501st Air Squadron was performing its routine patrol when it suddenly detected the presence of an object on its radar at an elevation of 3500 meters, as well as through its infrared equipment (FLIR)..
The airplane immedately pursued the object, which according to the video footage, lost itself in the clouds. Minutes later, the presence of other objects -- for a total of 11 -- was detected. They followed the aircraft and surrounded it.
These UFOs were captured on radar and by the FLIR gear. However, they were never seen by the aircrew despite having been two miles distant from the aircraft at one point. The crew consisted of eight monitoring specialists, among them the pilot, Maj. Magdaleno Castañón Muñoz, radar operator Lt. Germán Martin Ramirez and FLIR operator Mario Adrian Vázquez Tellez. These military men were interviewed and claimed having never seen a similar phenomenon, since the speed and movements detected by radar confirmed the fact that the [objects] were not aircraft.
Translation (C) 2004.Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).



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