Keep 'Israel' Out Of
American Politics

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As the election draws nearer, political debates and rhetoric increase. True Torah Jews are disturbed by the frequent references by politicians to the need for involvement in Israeli politics. The politics and policies of the so-called "state of Israel should play no part in governing the United States or in our upcoming elections. Rather, the focus should be on the needs of the American people. Jews in the United States are USA Citizens and are as concerned with improving the lives of the people of the USA as any other American citizen.
Our politicians should be addressing the many problems we are facing in the United States and giving us answers to resolving our problems here, not in the "state of Israel.
The politicians who continue expound on supporting the "state of Israel are trying to bolster their campaigns and popularity, thinking that this will sway the Jewish vote. On the contrary, the continual involvement of the problems in Israel and the mention of Jews in American politics is counter productive. It fuels anti-Semitism, further conflict, and potential danger to Jews worldwide.
We implore our government representatives to refrain from discussing issues involving Jews, whether in the USA or other countries, but rather to direct their comments to homeland issues involving all Americans.
Russell Waxman
Assistant Editor
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Jews Against Zionism
183 Wilson St.
PMB 162
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