How Much Is Enough?
If we want to know what's really happening now we have to go deeper into how we behave, and how that behavior has affected the nightmares we're living in.
Too many have forgotten how to have a conversation, we no longer think for ourselves, and we have accepted the fact that everyone, every one, now lies about everything. To "expect" the lies is to have lost all personal responsibility in or for, anything that matters. For the most part, most no longer actually read the news for themselves, instead they just accept the headlines - and this is easy when "news stories" are just a sentence long ­ three if it's major.
San Francisco Chronicle 5/9/04: "With troop commitments growing, the cost of the war in Iraq could top $150 billion through the next fiscal year - as much as three times what the White House had originally estimated. And, according to congressional researchers and outside budget experts, the war and continuing occupation could total $300 billion over the next decade, making this one of the costliest military campaigns in modern times." And that's only a dollar figure subject to change, and does not count the loss in human lives.
This began when we entered Regan's 'Morning in America.' You remember that, when Ronnie began his presidency on the backs of the 444 American hostages in Iran. That was a cozy little deal that erased Jimmy Carter, and handed Ronnie his office.
'The Gipper' went on to introduce America to lies unending and to deceptions on a global scale. Look it up! You'll find the current criminals from Iran-contra are now all back in government, and now at the highest levels. For his parting shot Ronnie left us with 'Greed is Good.' But all politicians often do dastardly things ­ the crime is that we obviously bought all of it!
What did we become? For one thing we've become putty in the hands of a thoroughly corrupt government that LIES about everything they do. They still have not finished the 911 investigation, and now it's been discovered that they destroyed the air traffic control tapes of that day: "The destruction occurred even though the FAA sent a directive three days after the hijackings: ``Retain and secure until further notice ALL Administrative/Operational data and records. ..."
Will anyone really care? Will anyone go to jail? Why not? Because too many believe that this behavior is now normal, and therefore excusable.
Or this: Rumsfeld admits the tortures happened, and are horrific, but calls any attempt to remove him 'partisan' and that he is capable of handling this ­ what's up with these people who think they get second, third, or fourth chance? Hey they got away with stealing the White House, and 911, with zero consequences ­ so why not this as well? "The groundwork for the current policy of pre-emptive war and for the U.S. to conduct its affairs as the sole superpower that permits no challengers, was established in the 1991-92 Defence Policy Guidance, drafted in Cheney's office, while he was Secretary of Defence." Has anyone bothered to nail Cheney for his design for the criminally insane Bush Doctrine so long ago? Of course not, because that's ancient history and could never have any bearing on anything today!
They KNOW we're frozen in time, and that we will not act against them. Are we going to prove them right by continuing to look the other way?
We have the attention span of a gnat, and all the determination of a butterfly in a typhoon. Many look to others for any kind of direction, physical, mental, moral or spiritual - and would never dream of actually formulating their own point of view and especially NOT outside the norms. In all of this the "polls" are used to justify the summation of the average temperature of the herd, while signifying absolutely nothing relevant at all.
Americans want to see themselves as powerful, dominant figures in the world. But Americans tend to run from everything, stand for nothing, and fight for even less. Most are personal cowards, self-indulgent to a degree last seen during the collapse of the Roman Empire. Given our "new status" under the Bush Doctrine, we largely exist upon the land as a plague of consumption, a continued blight upon any necessary introspection. Our behavior is deeply disturbing in our dark tendencies toward violence and hate that show themselves in everything we do and say. An instance that proves this is that many in Iraq used images of torture as screen savers. We believe that we can lead the world, when nothing could be further from the truth!
There's more than just what we've allowed our government to do. There's how we see ourselves, and what we fail to notice there.
Whatever people may be thinking is usually, not relevant to much of anything at all. That sounds harsh, but there is no other explanation for the shallowness of our world-view, the obsessions that tend to dominate personal ambitions, not to mention the fact that we've killed and buried most of our real emotions decades ago.
Having overdone this escape from reality, we've come to see "the polls" as some kind of magic lantern that can point the way to what we need to do.
Not only do polls NOT matter - neither does that vast and recently created herd mentality have any bearing on what we call "our precious little lives." It seems we've become a nation of machine parts, flesh and blood as cogs in the mechanical plans of others for our lives. Or as Lawrence Durrell said: We're only footnotes in the pages of other peoples lives.'
Americans are fond of saying "maybe we've sold out" - but that's a lie as well. No one can sell what was never possessed in the first place. We for the most part, were never really anything but an ambulatory collection of appetites and reactions. 'We' could not "sell out" because we never were anything at all to begin with.
Take all of the above, and let those who believe in that, become involved in "electing anyone to anything" and the outcome is as obscene as Bush on drugs. To watch any "election cycle" play out - is to subject oneself to tedium and rage. To "become involved" when involvement is only part of a party directed organization, is to compound existing problems; by adding mechanical texts to conflicted thought that can never equal anything but deeper failure. This society is broken and to seek answers from those with the sledgehammers still in hand is idiocy! In fact, actions such as these 'organized involvements' tend to shatter far more of what's left of this place, than they have ever contributed to it.
What context does all this happen in? What's missing still is the realization that politics is a contact activity, not a spectator driven sport. When we stop talking about our troubles on the net, and take our complaints directly to the streets, then things will change, and not before!
Many say they want to "just get out." That's no solution. That just moves the failures to a new address. And this presupposes that there are other places in the world that would have us; that those places would tolerate the fetishes and preferences that we might bring. Those who want to flee are also indirectly part of that hive-mind that have devoted their lives to becoming active and "influential" members of what used to be called the establishment. This then is self-delusional, as well as incorrect.
Reading back over the above, the situation looks very grim - but that's because it is. "We" didn't get here overnight; indeed we've spent well over the last half-century becoming the blob within the bubble that we are today. About the only thing on most horizons now are lots of very sharply pointed objects, that all seem to be aimed directly at the bubbles that we're living in. Not all of those objects will stop at penetration of the outer membrane. Many of the sharp things are actually quite deadly and some will destroy not only a few bubbles, but also maybe even the mechanism that is churning out the bubbles in the first place? This event will not be televised, nor will a poll be taken on the outcome. The group mind and the hive mentality will be destroyed when those bubbles finally fail to protect us from the truth.
There will be survivors of course. Most of them won't be among the ones who lived without reality; but when those bubbles become just so much shattered glass the survivors will have to live in what reality is really like!
The only thing certain then will be change, and changes will continue, the question is will you?



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