US Troops In Iraq Forced
To Buy Own Gear
Or Go Without

Soldiers For The Truth
My chain of command may not want this put out, but here it goes.
I am today preparing to deploy to the main show. We are a Reserve unit that has stepped up to being able to support a mission which physically "yes" we can do but "materially" we cannot support.
In a few weeks we will report to our mobilization site and begin the admin process, which is followed by the training prior to actually going over. We currently have a platoon-reinforced size group. Our mission is limited scale raids and mobile reconnaissance.
The current issues that I am concerned with include: 0 ñ Reinforced Humvees 0 - Body Armor 0 - Goggles 5 - pistols. Supposed to be one each
The list continues and all the way down to a simple shemagh/balaclava.
Now for the kicker. I have personally spoken with my counterpart at our gaining command and this is a person who sits on the meetings. They not only have nothing for us, they are also short. The word now is "What you come with is what you fight with."
So what are we doing to remedy this? Talk.
I currently have the men under my direct command out pricing their own personal "bouncers," goggles, chest rigs, boots, etc. Approximately $5,000 per person is being doled out for gear at the individual level. This is not what an E-4 needs to go home to tell his wife.
They are though ñ and the wives do not argue because in essence "You only have one ass to save." How can our spouses argue that one?
Our higher ups seem to try and reassure us that the gear is out there and they are doing what they can. But from my past experience (14 years), if you don't have it in hand before you leave then you will not get it. The higher, higher ups want to silence this notion because they say that it makes the service look like it is not supporting its troops. Well, let's call a spade a spade.
This needs to be blown out of the water. The sooner the better. Reason: As much as I love my wife and kids I do not want to needlessly give them $250,000 in life insurance for this Christmas.
-Special Operator



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