A Formal 'Indictment' Of Bush
From Leslie Bell
May God damn you Bush(es)...
...for bringing back the daily horrors of Viet Nam, only worse.
...for trying to create decades of illicit profit-making war when peace was at hand.
...for creating Osama in the first place and then using him as a patsy to attack your own people.
...for creating Saddam in the first place and then using him as a pawn to grab more filthy oil, all the while forcing our boys to slip on the blood of innocent children.
...for igniting the entire Arab world against the US when peace was at last, at hand.
...for creating an unbeatable nuclear alliance of the Russo, Sino, and Arab worlds against the US and Britain.
...for fully perverting evangelical Christianity, deceiving millions of feeble-faithed into a counterfeit cult of due genocidal supremacy and war-worshiping death.
...for inspiring real terrorism throughout the world against the US, when it was clearly winding down after the first real WTC attack, with every further step toward real peace between Israel and Palestine.
...for creating, using, and supporting the Fascist government of Israel and their Nazi genocidal expansionist regime.
...for conceiving, funding, creating, and deploying AIDS upon the third world and your own people in a decoy program.
...for destroying the earth in your endless support of oil profits over hydrogen.
...for subverting America, Democracy, yes, and even Capitalism and replacing it with Religious Nazism in all its essence.
...for putting your own personal and familial survival over that of everyone else on the planet.
...for your unsurpassed human selfishness, surpassed only by your master Lucifer and his fallen.
...for your insanity, insanity borne of conscious choice of evil over good, and denial of the real God.
...for everything heinous and evil you've done we don't even know about yet.
And finally, God damn you for not turning around when you were given every opportunity to do so.
And now, in utter futility, I still say unto you, it's not too late. Yet.



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