Mexico - 'I Forbade Any
Talk of UFOs Or
Flying Saucers'

From Scott Corrales
Institute Of Hispanic Ufology
Source: Foundacion Cosmos AC
May 12, 2004
In a phone interview, Gerardo Clemente Vega Garcia, Mexican Secretary of Defense, discussed the UFO sighting; "We track furtive aircraft that could be the source of drug trafficiking. This area is well-known in this regard. Only two days ago we captured a small plane with over a thousand kilos of cocaine. Our aircraft is the same one that locates such illegal traffic and guides other air elements to enable their capture."
"I receive daily information on whta happens with these flights throughout the Republic. This [the photo evidence] was sent in for analysis, has no explanation, and I would like to caution that we never spoke of UFOs or saucers or anything, only the sighting of some very strange contacts that were incomprehensible in this situation, given that there was nothing at all flying in the air at the time, according to the Ciudad del Carmen Airport. The devices record accurately a series of luminous contacts."
"This was brought to the Secretariat of Defense. We analyzed it with pilots, technical people on our staff, and we reached the conclusion that there were two possibilities: we could file it as a routine matter pending further analysis, or we could give it to a person who knew about these things, whom we know is Jaime Maussan. He came over, he was shown the video, he saw this (sic) and it was given to him for use in his projects and to be broadcast as he saw fit, without alarming anyone, since as you can see it is already being said that its a distraction from current affairs. That is not my purpose, nor do I as a military man engage in such activities. I forbade any talk of UFOs or flying saucers, since that gives rise to doubts and gossip. I will not engage in such matters."
(Interview conducted by Carlos Loret de Mola/Hoy por Hoy News/Grupo Radiopol)
Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Ing. Marco Reynoso, Fundacion Cosmos.



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