Mexico UFO Tapes First
Given To Maussan -
Not Scientists

From Scott Corrales
Institute Of Hispanic Ufology
Source: Foundacion Cosmos AC
May 12, 2004
The videos showing strange objects picked up by military aircraft were turned over to Jaime Maussan because he is a person "who has been interested all of his life" in the study of said phenomena, and was not given to scientists from institutions of higher learning "perhaps because we do not know them or know who they might be," according to General Gerardo Clemente Vega Garcia, Secretary of Defense.
"I have no objections to scientists analyzing this and seeing it, nor do I have any reason to wonder why we didn't turn it over to them--perhaps because we do not know them or know who they migh be. Under no circumstances can I suspect any bad faith in the matter," said Vega with regard to the statements collected by MILENIO regarding the delivery of evidence to the UFO researcher, rather than requesting validation from scientifica organizations.
The Defense Secretary likewise rejected that this could be a distraction on the part of the federal government, as some policy watchers have suggested, especially as the Ahumada case reached its zenith and affected diplomatic relations with Cuba. "I don't engage in such things, "said the military man.
In an interview with the "Hoy por Hoy" radio show hosted by Carlos Loret de Mola, Vega Gacia remarked that upon seeing the recording "I thought that with the amount of drug traffic in the southeast, these could be drug-carrying aircraft. That was my first impression, because we are constantly working on this. Two days ago we captured a private plane with drugs, but when I discerned it along with (other experts), seeing the lights behind the airplane, its nose and its sides, I told myself there couldn' t be so many aircraft."
He added that "of course, the phenomenon is unexplained" and made it clear that Mexican military personnel "never speak of UFOs or saucers or anything like that--only the sighting of very strange contacts, incomprehensible in that situation, since there was absolutely nothing flying in the area, accoridng to reports from the Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche airport."
The Defense Secretary acknkowledged that there were those who said that "we are here to distract the public's attention from the current situation. That is not my purpose, nor do I as a military man engage in such things."
He acknowledged, however, that there are those who believe in a distraction theory "and have the right to think as freely as the may, but I can guarantee that there is no effort of such a nature."
It was remarked that it is unusual for a government or military agency such as de Secretariat of Defense (SEDENA) to take the decision to publish a document of such a nature. He was asked if he had any personal hypothesis about what is shown in the recordings. He replied: "I have no hypothesis. All I can say is that those white spots are there, they were recorded, and that is all the informaiton we have."
Finally, he pointed out that this "can in no way" be considered a matter of national security, acknowledging that in the U.S. there is much talk about sightings all over the world. "There is a community interested in seeing this, but that is far from me. All I do is make the media available. There it is--there are no complications nor is there anything extraordinary about it," adding that if any researcher or scientist is interested in seeing the material, it will be at their disposal at SEDENA.
Translation (c) 2004 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Ing. Marco Reynoso.



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