The Coming Draft - Gulf
War Illness, Death
For Your Kids

By Ted Twietmeyer
There exists too much silence about all this. As a grandfather this is a real travesty. If you are a parent OR grandparent, or are 18 to 26 YOU NEED TO READ THIS. I AM GIVING YOU FACTS HERE and the time left to prevent this increasing genocide is very limited. I've compiled in this article all the basic facts for you to decide about the so-called war on terrorism, and its implications. I can promise there is something in this article you have not thought about yet. I'll leave it to you to find it.
Much to my surprise, my previous rense article has been linked to by a number of other websites. That essay did a great job of bringing black helicopters out to my home. At least they know where I am now. See if I care. But there is an important aspect I failed to cover in it, and humbly do so below.
So, what is it about this war ? Who is the enemy ? You will see proof that in reality even our soldiers are given no more regard for their lives by our government, than the enemies they shoot at.
Isn't bringing back the draft a good thing ? Don't we want all our young men and women to be in the military ? That's what WILL happen, beginning this coming spring. ALL males and females from 18 to 26 will be drafted according to a Bill now in Congress. This saga began with Henry Hyde more than three years ago.
Rep. Charles Rangel, D-New York re-introduced it in December 2002. NOTE- He is a democrat.
THE FINAL PROOF: The Bill to re-instate the draft now in Congress. The Bush controlled Congress is sitting on it. A quick summary of it at this URL:
1. Under-classmen get to finish the semester in college 2. Upper-classmen get to finish the year. 3. Canada has already signed an agreement to prevent anyone from taking draft asylum there. Canada has had mandatory service for years, as many other countries do (including Switzerland.) I personally know of one man, who was here in the states doing his post-doc work, and had to return to Canada to serve his two years.
Apparently the only exemptions allowed to prevent being drafted are to have a non-breathing body, or not be human.
Maybe you haven't you heard about this ? Simple- because this is highly unpopular thing to do in an election year. And the Bush corp. is counting on voters NOT finding out about it. Don't be fooled into thinking this is a republican-only act. That's another false belief, because the man who brought this up again (as I pointed out above) is a democrat. Both sides of the isle want it. Make no mistake about it, because despite party names BOTH OF THEM HAVE THE SAME AGENDA. We might as well admit the system of checks and balances is in very bad shape.
By now you are thinking, "Bush will never sign it !" Not so. He has stated he will all along, and MUST have it to fuel his war. Tanks and planes are useless, without people to run them. Did you forget he promised us a 100 YEAR WAR ? So we have about 98 years to go. Think about who would volunteer for that, with people everywhere on earth knowing about the lies the soldiers hear about "coming home." Its quite simple- they can't come home, because that would stop the 100 year war.
Ask yourself- isn't he playing god ? He thinks he's the servant of god, because Rice herself has contacted people like Dr. Jack VanImpe. She said she did it on his behalf to "see if the president is following biblical prophecy." That be the case, then he will be the one to make Armageddon happen because in his mind, that's OK. Hence, even more war and even worse than the one we are in. But remember this- having enough SOLDIERS and PILOTS is the key to winning in any war, not just having technology. Once a land has been taken, there must be enough soldiers in place to secure it or you will lose it.
The new draft is planned to start next spring (2005.) Draft board positions all across the country are quietly being filled- more than 15,000 of them. Everyone foolishly thought the Patriot Act would never be signed. But they signed it. Then congressman complained they "didn't get a chance to read it." When Patriot 2 came along. THEY SIGNED THAT TOO. Still can't see the writing on the wall ? If you ever read these acts, then you would know that the signing of Patriot 2 took away ALL OF OUR BILL OF RIGHTS by simply using the new acts to nullify their effectiveness. Sure, the Bill of Rights still exists, but now its an almost powerless document. These acts are now being used for ALL crimes, as many true patriots predicted. And if the so-called "assault weapons ban" is signed into law- virtually every firearm WILL BE OUTLAWED in the US because of the general wording it has to describe an assault weapon. All the past dictators like Hitler, did this very same thing just before gun confiscation was ordered. First they took away the firearms. Then they came to take away the people. Doesn't anyone learn from history ?
Now, you will say "my children are all grown up and past the age of being drafted."
Did you forget about your grandchildren ?
You may also tell yourself, "This will never happen." WRONG. Even as you read this, the pentagon is trying to figure out from WHERE all the new soldiers will come from. Hence the new draft. And Iraq has left a bad taste in the mouth of the world, and countries are pulling their military out of Iraq one by one. Russia is one of the latest to announce this. They know what the score is, and see it as another Vietnam without end. I'm sure you do by now, too. Maybe the kidnappings are staged as a means to give countries a way to pull out. Has anyone thought of that ? If these Iraqi fighters have no fear of dying, THEN WHY DO THEY KEEP THEIR FACES COVERED ON CAMERA ? ARE THEY SPECIAL FORCES SOLDIERS SOMEONE WILL RECOGNIZE AS THEIR SON ?
Think back in history about other great campaigns- like the famous one of general Patton marching across Europe. Now how did he do that ? The key - he had support of almost all the people in the countries he marched through. Iraq is just the opposite. They hated us when we invaded, and now they hate us more because we never delivered on the promise of self-rule. They've had enough of fascist rule under Bremer.
Our men and women in Iraq fear for their lives. Its been called "a war without a front." A front-based war only can exist when the troops have a friendly area in a country they are LIBERATING. Therefore, a battle line (front) at some location is present. But what happens if ALL the territory in a country is not considered safe ? This war is completely different than other previous wars. Covert and guerilla fighting techniques are commonplace in Iraq. The entire populace is now considered a threat by American forces, and justly so. We earned that. Even Vietnam had fronts, and areas considered safe for R&R. But not over in a country infested by sand flies and fleas, parasites, silent diseases, chemicals and heavily radioactive.
The psychological implications of no safe zones for our troops is severe- you have no feeling of safety, no place to retreat to for any R & R at all. You can be wondering where the next RPG will come from day and night. Along with a feeling you are fighting a war you cannot win, which will prove true sooner than later. Even the controlled media is having a hard time trying to whitewash the truth lately.
The globalists have a big contradiction with their paradigm. It works this way: They want every country to be in peace to give them complete control. So globalists have taken away all guns in these countries they have quietly gained control over. Such as Australia and the UK..
What is the importance of this ? It creates a peace mindset in the government leaders of those countries, that they don't want to be involved in conflicts such as Bush has created. And who would want to anyway ? As a foreign leader its VERY unpopular to send your troops overseas to fight another country's battle. They have election years to worry about, too. These leaders like all their free taxpayer supported perks and don't want to lose them. Few people in the US think about this. So much for allied support.
Truth is, the peace-mindset is counter-productive to mustering military support for wars like Iraq. After Rumsfeld lied over and over to our troops about coming home "in a few months," they no longer believe him at all. At last count he has done this trick at least SIX TIMES. Military morale is now the lowest ever. And imagine getting letters from home- you've lost your home, car, wife and everything else, because your "military weekend reserve" obligation became your full time, less than minimum wage job and only source of income. And then you get to read letters from your buddies- who tell you they are seriously ill from being in the mideast, can't get a job because there aren't any, and are now in a wheel chair.
Is it any wonder our soldiers attempt to kill themselves ? Loving uncle sam has given them NOTHING TO LIVE FOR. And nothing but sickness to look forward to. And all during this, they fear for their lives 24/7. AND ALL THIS IS THE MADNESS OF ONE MAN"S OBSESSION IN WASHINGTON.
And now we get down to the title of this article- Gulf War Illness for your children. Maybe it should be called Bush War Illness (BWI.) After all, a Bush was in the whitehouse when both wars began.
It is a fact, that more than 100,000 of those who served in the first gulf war (we shall call GW1) are dead, or are dying. What are they dying of ? Biological and chemical illness. AND- they have unknowingly brought it home to their wives and children through casual contact. Now the wives and children have many of the same symptoms and problems as the veterans do. One VA doctor called into a radio show a few years ago, quite angry. He stated: "I was never over in the gulf, but now I have the illness." He contracted it just from examining veterans.
So off to a VA doctor they went, when they returned home from GW1. The doctors, also in the employ of dear old uncle sam told the vets to go see a shrink. They were told it was "all in their heads." Of course, this was a band-aid fix to shut them up, hoping the problem would "go away."
GOVERNMENT-CREATED DISEASE FACTS - THEY ADMIT IT Finally, about 5 years ago the VA admitted that the illness is REAL. But this was after thousands had died. It took the efforts of Joyce Riley, a GW1 RN nurse captain who fought off the illness on her own because she recognized it for what it is. Joyce and many others worked hard to change the VA's policies.The VA also finally admitted that "MS IS A WAR RELATED ILLNESS."
If you look up the work done by Dr. Don Scott at
you'll see the truth about AIDS, cancer, CFS, MS, CJD and other neurosystemic and other "mystery diseases." Dr. Scott has the NIH govt. Report No. 9 from 1969 that clearly states the US Govt. created mycoplasmas, and these are among the deadliest and most contagious pathogens ever known. He also will make copies available for anyone that wants them. Dr. Scott lives near Ottawa, Canada.
It requires powerful treatments to destroy these diseases as Joyce Riley found out when she came home from GW1. To this day and to her credit, she helps out vets in any way she can that have been abandoned by uncle sam. These men and women call into her program, almost every day to talk about what serving their country has done to them. She is the sign of a true patriot.
JUST BIO AND CHEMICAL POISONING AND NOT COMING HOME- RIGHT ? So we'll have the draft, and everyone will get some type of bio or chemical disease. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL our progeny will receive.
There's more.
There is the matter of depleted uranium (DU) poisoning. Tanks often use radioactive, DU armor penetrating shells to destroy other tanks and buildings. When the javelin projectile burns and explodes, it spreads DU material in particle and gas form over a large radius. It also rains down on everyone. The scope of this contamination has been covered on
THIS IS SERIOUS. Now current returning war vets have tested POSITIVE for DU radioactivity in their urine. So now the vets get it three ways- biological, chemical and radioactivity. Just how much of a chance to live do you think they have with all this contamination, even if they manage to serve their term in Iraq and never stop a bullet ? And of all the various forms of contamination, DU poisoning is very difficult to cure, because the high energy gamma rays alter the DNA of the body. This greatly increases the likelihood of cancer and other auto-immune diseases.
So let's send our children and grandchildren off to fight in Bush's war to become poster art, as illustrated a while back on rense.
It will be one or more of your children laying there face down, sooner than you think. That's a promise if you don't make your voice heard NOW. I'm doing my part in writing this article. What are you doing about this ? How much do you love your children and grandchildren ? Are you or will be, 18-26...?
I have received several emails regarding mandatory military service in Canada. My comment on this, was based on a man I knew for more than 2 years at a university. He was forced to interrupt his post-doc work according to him, to "return to Canada to fulfill his military obligation. He was quite unhappy about it. And he actually left the university.
It may be he was connected to the military training program, and therefore had an obligation to them. More about some of this at
My apologies to our Canadian friends for any misunderstanding this may have caused.
Ted Twietmeyer



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