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I overlooked a major similarity in an experience I "Dreamed". I will tell you about it here, I think it did not stand out so well in my memory, because I did not associate it with the other, until now. It happened near the same time period as the other "dream". I "dreamed" that there was a small probe like object, in the same yard as my other experience, but down the driveway a bit, (the driveway is about 150 feet long) It was twilight, 4-4:30 am. The object had a top and a bottom section, each resembling a McDonalds burger bun, about 10-12 inches in height, and about 2 1/2 to 3 feet in diameter. in the middle of this craft, was a series of rings, alternating between smaller and larger, about 3 of each. the entire thing was otherwise featureless, and dull aluminum colored. It hovered about 5 feet off the ground. It made no noise. I grabbed it and held on to bottom "bun" section's edge. It rose up until my feet did not touch the ground, about two more feet up, it gave an electrical charge to it's surface that vibrated my eardrums, and stung my hands so hard, it seemed as though they were vibrating violently. I let go and fell on my back-side. The craft lingered for a second or so, then took off straight up very rapidly, with nothing but a very dull vibration in the vicinity, like the sound the high-tension power lines make when you are near them. Odd, eh? I have included a drawing of the craft for your speculation, as well as drawing to give you an idea as to the size and nature of the other craft I mentioned before.
Thank you to the person for this report and image.
Motherwell, Scotland Sighting
Received: April 25, 2004
I was about 18 years old coming home from the river Clyde here in Motherwell, Scotland. ( about 1979 July or August) My Dad and I had stopped to speak to an old friend. I was looking towards the west in the direction of the town of Hamilton. The evening was warm and overcast. I have tried to show this in the attached drawing. When I saw the first object, it was emerging from behind the hills to the west, which are about 8 or 10 miles away. Within a few seconds the first object was totally visible, then the smaller object rose up from behind the hill and was soon totally visible also.
The objects were both orange in colour and seemed to shimmer with long flowing tendrils. The second object was about half the size of the first. I am a lousy artist but the objects in the drawing are very close to the things I saw. The perspective in the drawing is about correct, so you can imagine the size of the objects from 8 or 10 miles away. My Dad and his old pal were deep in conversation. When I told them to look at the fireballs floating up through the clouds they didn't seem to be able to see them. My Dad seemed to be agitated with me for disturbing his conversation and they continued to talk as if nothing had happened. I know that this was no hallucination. The objects merged together before floating up into the dark clouds. My Dad never had any time for this sort of thing (UFOS) so I never spoke to him about it. The whole thing from start to finish took about 2 minutes at the most.
I am now 45 years old and this scene has been in my mind since the night I saw it.
I will send you some more info on some more odd sightings I have had if you want. I do a little amateur astronomy and watch the satellites often with the naked eye, but when one stops and stays there for 2 or three minuets, brightens up like a flare then zooms off in the opposite direction, it makes you think. I know the Sun can catch satellites and make them brighten to about the brightness of Venus at the moment, but I have never seen one brighten as much as this and then shoot off in another direction.
Hope this helps,
Thank you to the person for the report and image.
Received: April 24, 2004
Southeast of Beaumont & Edmonton.
Date: September 6th or 7th, 2003
Time: 8:30 p.m.
It was just outside my house about a 1/4 mile. Over the Legacy Ridge golf course which I'm situated beside. Just east of Hwy. 21. North of Leduc, Southeast of Beaumont & Edmonton. Directly east of Edmonton Int'l Airport.
Last night I saw the first unexplained phenomena in my life. I saw a real UFO. It was a round disc, with rotating lights underneath and hovered just above some tress about a 1/4 mile away from me. I ran back in the house (I was outside relieving myself when I noticed some weird lights - I live in the country), grabbed my 8X30 binoculars and there it was, in its full glory. It stayed there about 15 minutes and another came near it and shot away. It then made a beeline across the sky at incredible speed. I was NOT an airplane, weather balloon, helicopter or visual anomaly. It was REAL and tangible. I have never seen anything like it. I saw it very clear and was a *real* flying saucer. With my own two eyes.
This "thing" emitted no sound whatsoever. It was a classic UFO. It was about 35 kilometers from the airport. I couldn't tell how big it was. Possibly about twice the size of a house. In reality, I just don't know the distance, etc.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Smithers, British Columbia
Date: April 8, 2004
Time: 11:20 p.m.
A lady called from Smithers, British Columbia to ask if anyone had reported seeing an unusual object hovering and moving slowly over the Ski Hill Road on April 8, 2004 at 11;20 p.m. Because the object the witness saw was so very strange she emailed the Smithers Interior News with her report as she wanted to have the newspaper run a short article on this in case others might have observed what she had that night. There was no reply from the newspaper so she went and paid them a visit enquiring about the email she had sent to them.
She eventually talked with the editor and the paper is going to run a short piece on what was witnessed that night in the April 8, 2004 in the Wednesday - April 28, 2004 newspaper.
What the lady observed from her home was a bright pink spherical shaped object and surrounding the object was a dark blue aura. The object sat low, hovering over the Smithers Ski Hill Road until it just disappeared at a extreme rate of speed. Before the lady lost sight of it, it was moving very slowly from it's hovering position. She said there was not a sound coming from the object. The woman said she usually heads to bed earlier but she wasn't able to sleep and had been watching a program on TV when she decided to go outside to take her dog a pet cookie. She turned around to go back into her home and saw the strange object. She told me that it was not a plane as they are use to seeing them flying over top of the area all the time due to the Smithers airport being close by.
A very important note is that the object was below the rim of the mountains. Also the object was "not" observed near any of the ski runs.
Thank you to the witness for this report.
UFOs over the Cities of Iran
Date: April 2004
Thousands of people saw flying lights and objects For several days and several times in the sky of many cities of Iran.
12,13,14 of April (night), many people and a journalist of Irna News sighting a light in the sky fly slow with different colors over the city Gonbade Kavoos.
13 April (night), 26 April (morning) UFO Sighting
over city Meshkin Shahr.
14 of April at 9 pm UFO sighting in the sky for 90 min over the small city Bileh Savar.the object looks oval, after 90 min it starts to move (fly) straight and in that place its become four fling lights.
14 of April at 20:30 many people sighting over the sky of city Tabriz a flying light with two small wings.the wings beams light in different colors.
17 of April at 20:30 people sighting a light for 60 minute. it fly's deep over the city Azad Shahr (North Iran) with changing color.
18 of April at 11 pm , people sighting oval UFO fly over city Poldokhtar (west Iran) for 30 minute.
21 of April in the night,people sighting several time a strong pink light object fly slowly over the city Gorgan.
21 of April in the night people of tree cities Saris (north Iran), Ardabil (north west), Gonbade Kavoos(north east), sighting strong lights fly in the sky.
Many Official News paper write about these several UFOs sighting in these days. Official Iranian TV 1 shows a short Handy cam video film about one of this UFO (light) sighting.
sorry for my not good English.
from Tehran, Iran
Thank you to the person for the information.
High Desert, Southern California (From Victorville)
Date: April 23, 2004
Time: 10:15 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 4-6
Shape of objects: dots with long trails
Full Description of event/sighting: as I was traveling northbound on the 15 freeway, my wife noticed multiple objects, 4-6 of them in the clear blue sky with contrails moving slowly from the west to the east due north of our position. I explained to her the I thought it was a meteor that was breaking up in the atmosphere as it burned up. the contrails were long and flowing, but they dissipated awfully fast to be smoke and debris from a meteor. they faded more like mist. anyway, they continued moving slowly and as it appeared, randomly intertwining between each other as they fell. I thought it would be cool to get pictures. As I pulled over and got out, I noticed that all of them turned due north together and appeared to be falling at the same rate of speed, just away from us. I took three pictures and the objects faded into the distance. I was okay with the meteor idea right up until they all turned to the north. my wife thought that since there was gusty winds at the time that the wind had blown the falling debris to the north, but I explained to her that if it had been debris burning up from space, that the pieces were probably traveling at hundreds or thousands of miles per hour and the 40 mph gusts wouldn't affect them. not withstanding the fact that they were probably so high up in the atmosphere that the weather down here wouldn't even affect it or be close to the same for that matter. I got pictures! Did anyone else see the objects?
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Vancouver, British Columbia Area
April 24 - 09:00 - Observed white light moving in an easterly direction across Indian Arm from Seymour Mountain. Approx:. 2500 ft. I assumed it was most likely a small plane but noticed it was traveling faster than most. As I watched the white light blinked out. A few seconds later there was a single red strobe flash and then the white light reappeared going back the way it came just as fast. There is no way a small plane could have reversed directions that fast. I grabbed my new Video camera and in the few seconds it took to warm up the light blinked out again. There was still a little light in the sky but I could see nothing in the area. I checked with my binoculars but found nothing..
April. 14 - Approx:. 10:00 PM - Observed what appeared to be a fairly large meteorite heading in a northerly direction. As I watched it suddenly shrank in size and within seconds just appeared to be a satellite still heading in the same direction. Very similar to that object I saw back in the summer of 2002.
I forgot to write this down but it occurred around the beginning of April 2004. The weather was overcast with low thick clouds. Approx:. 5 PM. I was playing on my computer when I noticed, Two dull yellow disk shaped objects, flying one
behind the other in a SSE directions. Cloud level was approx:. 1000 ft. and these glowing disks appeared to be either in the clouds or just over them. I would estimate they were about over the area of 108 and King George and from that distance appeared to be about the size of the full moon. Estimated speed approx:. 3 to 4 hundred miles an hour. Time of sighting about five to ten seconds.
My new camera has night vision and can see better than I can in the dark. The other night I saw that strange light which appears to flash white, blue and red. I aimed the camera at it and started zooming in and it must be in near orbit as the image filled my view finder even before it got to full digital zoom. (900X) Normal stars still look like stars slightly magnified. Anyway I did not see the blue and red lights which I've seen through my binoculars but did see reddish looking protudences on the sides. Reminded me of Mickey Mouse. The white object appeared to be rotating quite fast but that may just have been an effect caused by the atmosphere. Just for the heck of it I left the camera running while pointed up at the sky, to my surprise I saw what appeared to be very two very faint satellites pass through the rather narrow field of view within about five minutes. I also noticed several dark shadowy objects passing in front of the stars in the view finder. I tried looking at the same area through my binoculars but could only just barely make out the stars.
One other thing I just remembered I got my new camera on the 13th. of April and spent all afternoon playing with it. My wife was getting annoyed and told me to put it away. About five minutes later I saw what appeared to be a small plane flying by about two blocks from here. The lights didn't look right and it was flying not much higher than my apt. I grabbed my binoculars and took a look but was unable to see the fuselage if it had one. Could only see the lights. Two small lights on what I took to be the nose, one red, one white. Where the wings should be I saw a bright blue light and a red one on the other side both larger then the nose lights, behind the wings? I saw two more lights mounted one behind the other one large white one and a large red one. As it passed the Green tower at City Centre Mall I could see a small white light on its tail. It
had been heading east but swung to a southerly heading after passing the tower.
Anyway it looks like it might be a good summer for sightings, hopefully I will manage to get something on tape. I got a little excited this afternoon while playing back my tape from yesterday evening on my TV. I saw this thing with two big yellow lights and what looked light a dark saucer shape in the background, after watching it for a few seconds I realized it was an aircraft with its landing lights on.
I have also noticed a number of times now those single strobe flashes which seem to be coming from space. my camera has picked them up numerous times now. I've played them back one frame at a time and they only seem to last for one frame and I can see nothing around them even with the camera set at about 20X zoom.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
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