Enough Of This Hypocrisy!
The Winds of War have finally shifted, and the stains of death and dying are beginning to mar the starched fatigues of even the most zealous of our "commanders" in the field.
Elements of "the Alliance" are beginning to completely come apart, as nation after nation can no longer escape the crimes we are committing, by simply being there. The Bush Cabal has been de-cloaked, and nothing now can begin to restore that pristine passion we possessed, when first we launched this Bush-form of the crimes in those old Crusades-against Iraq.
However, the seven-headed Hydra, that we are seen to be within the Middle East, is not yet paralyzed; we have only dealt ourselves some deadly body blows, to what we say we came to do.
By the numbers:
We strong-armed the United Nations, the Atlantic Alliance and NATO, to win approval for this folly:
We failed, on every count! Our strong-armed arrogance, and our miserably managed invasion, has yet to triumph. Nor we are not likely to persuade the UN to go along with anything that we're now forced to plead for; now that all our macho proclamations are now just dust upon the desert wind.
We unilaterally launched the brutality of Shekhinah against the unresisting people of Iraq, to devastating effect. With a vengeance seldom equaled, we burned and looted that country, with an eye to taking all that had been theirs for us, and leaving only the rubble for those who survived the violence of George W. Bush, the man who says he does god's word.
Having changed our stated reasons for this war crime, at least three times-it is now impossible to convince the surviving population of the either the sanity or the sincerity of our intentions. Add to this the torture of some of the over 10,000 prisoners that we hold, without charges, and the writing begins to appear on the broken walls of that country. Over 70% of the population wants us out - NOW.
We staked out what we really came for, which was the oil and water, and the land itself, in order to control pipelines throughout the Middle East. Iraq was to have given our military a permanent launching pad from which to begin to crush all the other Arab nations in the region.
But we can't even control the highways, much less the pipelines in Iraq. We are the failures, that we're seen to be in the region and the world. Moreover, our troops cannot protect themselves, much less the population. Still the Bush administration tries to paint this crime against humanity as another victory, in his march toward world control. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Finally, Cheney-Bush-Sharon is still looking for miracles to save their failed Crusade. But they haven't the ability; the people to plan it; or the personnel to pull it off. The number of mercenary thugs has increased now to 20,000, but even if that figure goes to 50,000 they will never be able to complete this theft, because the people who are fighting us are not a bunch of indoctrinated thugs, they are the people of Iraq, in all their diversity ­ and they are fighting for their homes, their families, and their country after all.
Bush wanted this war to be about terrorism and it is-it's just not what he was thinking of. We brought the real terror, to both Iraq and us. Some say we've killed more people in Iraq that did Saddam, so how is it that they're better off?
We are face of the enemy in Iraq, and we are proving to be everything that we have said we're not!
Bush said he came to liberate the people from Saddam. We killed his sons, and we say we've captured him, yet we're still there! We said that we would bring Iraq into the modern world, but we can't provide the water needed, for even our own troops, much less for the people of that place. Electricity, the restoration of a normal civil life, all of that is only wishful thinking, there's nothing normal now within that nation or in Palestine, that was also going to benefit from this crime against humanity. This all comes at a massive price that will be paid by all of us and by the next several generations, in continued blood and treasure.
Couple the above with or plans to force a puppet government upon the unwilling and undefeated people, and anyone can see the reasons clearly burning, even in the light of day, for the revolution that has started. The Iraqi's see our plans to place a recycled cretin in charge of every aspect of their lives and they want no part of that.
We've declared that the Iraqi people are free and democratic, but they can't pass laws, they can't pick the people they might choose to lead them, without the farce of our permission-nor can they, under any circumstances get rid of us. So of course they say "Get OUT!"
This would probably work in the growing police state that we're building here, but the people of Iraq have been trampled underfoot for over a year now, and they want nothing more to do with us or with what we say we're going to "give" them ­ anymore!
We lost people in the hundreds in a public fit over the deaths of four mercenaries. That cost us hundreds of our own, and several thousand Iraqi's, yet all Bush cared about was that no coffins should be seen here. We still have not revealed what happened in Fallejuh
All of that was hubris an arrogant denial of what is true within the country.
All of this was all foretold; well before this "War" that has only been an excuse for many other things. This administration doesn't listen or care about the truth. When they have the facts they change them, to justify what they really want to do, so they never see disaster coming. These thugs of ours, at the top of this administration are not warriors in any sense, and because of all that blood of all those troops, along with all the other dead in this misbegotten war, answers have to be found to the questions that people everywhere are asking yet again: About the horror of these facts upon the bloody grounds that have marked the Bush Regime.
Our image in the world is broken. That façade like all the rest has failed. All that has to be decided now is when we're leaving, there is no longer any IF. The days of trials and accusations must begin, because the world has had enough of simple George and angry Ariel to last a dozen lifetimes.
Enough of this hypocrisy, let's find some sanity within the world, some justice, who knows with the Bandits gone, maybe even peace. The US under Cheney-Bush-Sharon has only spoken hate and fear and terror while they've tried to hide their shabby deeds from a wronged and angry world. It's way past time for all of this to end, because we've seen what happens when we hesitate to act, we're living it now!



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