Mexico Coverup Begins!
UFOs Were 'Weather Balloons'
From Scott Corrales
Institute Of Hispanic Ufology

Source: Foundacion Cosmos AC
May 12, 2004
Skeptics Say UFOs Could Be Weather Balloons
The "Sociedad Astronomica Urania" of the state of Morelos explains the possible origin of the UFOs seen over Campeche.
The Sociedad Astronomica Urania of the state of Morelos said that the video presented by the Mexican Air Force could have a scientific explanation if we consider that given the shape and displacement of the 14 objects filmed, these appear to be a group of weather balloons, such as the thousands launched daily from universities, research centers or airports.
The astronomica society claimed that this type of obejct is frequently confused by commercial or military pilots with UFOs given the strong air currents that convey them and the lack of references which would enable to determine their distance and size.
Regarding the UFO video presented on television, the society stated that more prosaic explanations could account for what was recorded by pilots of the Mexican Air Force.
Translation (C) 2004. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ing. Marco Reynoso, Fundacion Cosmos
Mexican UFO Sighting No Big Deal Says Analyst News Staff
Mexico's Defence Department is confirming that images of 11 unidentified flying objects were captured by Mexican air force pilots.
But a Canadian space observer says that while the objects are unidentified, one cannot go much further than that.
"The question is what kind of object or objects are these," Ivan Semeniuk of the Discovery Channel told CTV Newsnet.
A videotape made available to the media Tuesday showed bright objects, some like sharp points and others more like headlights, moving rapidly.
The images were taken March 5 by pilots using infrared equipment. They were conducting an otherwise normal anti-drug trafficking surveillance flight over the state of Campeche.
Reports indicate the lights surrounded the plane. Only three objects showed up on the aircraft's radar.
"... We are looking at flashing lights and they interview the pilot; he speaks about these things tracking along with him and moving at extremely high speeds," Semeniuk said.
"That is where the skepticism kicks in: No way to know how far away these things are or in fact how fast they were moving."
Semeniuk said the images aren't that different from the debris of the Mir spacecraft returning to earth.
Asked what test would have to be applied to determine whether such a UFO flight was conducted by extra-terrestrial beings, Semeniuk said there are two:
"One is that there has to be no other explanation and the second is that it has to be seen by large numbers of credible observers."
With the Mexican sighting, there is only one point of view, "so this doesn't come out any stronger than numerous other reports that we have seen like this in the past," he said.



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