Are You A Couch Patriot?
By Ted Twietmeyer
To those that read this that have remained as bystanders and couch patriots, take heed. I'm about to insult you and wake you up. Since bold text won't appear on the rense site, I've resorted to capitals. Does it mean the same as cyberchat, that I'm shouting ? YES I AM !
When have you had enough of the master plan to destroy America ?
You better pack your bags - you're going on a guilt trip (you won't like.)
Because of the INSANE DESPERATE THINKING taking place on Pennsylvania Ave these days, I'm going to say it all here while YOU ARE STILL ALLOWED TO READ IT. Maybe they can send more black choppers to our home. To paraphrase a line from "Gone With The Wind" (no pun intended) "Frankly I don't give a damn."
Ben Franklin warned everyone 200+ years ago, that those who give up their liberty for security in the end will have neither. Apparently no one listened to him before 2001, and STILL no one is listening to his words after 9-11.
Bush told you he'll put FOREIGN TROOPS on the streets, and you did nothing. Think those troops aren't here yet ? WRONG. They are in encampments NOW, located in off-limits area of public lands in forests in the mid-west and west. People have asked them on the streets what they are doing here, because they openly wear their uniforms. The answer is, "we are here training to take your guns." What did you do about this ? Nothing. Do you REALLY want a Russian, a Mexican, a German or French soldier kicking in your front door, just to do a routine search ? And when this comes to pass- you won't even be able to go to the store to buy a new door, either. This will happen under condition RED.
You let them take some of your Civil Rights (Caps for reverence here) with Patriot 1. Remember that many acts are also NAMED FOR WHAT THEY ARE AGAINST. Think about it- The Riot Act, RICO Act (racketeering), Patriot Act, etc... The Patriot Acts we'll talk about here have nothing whatsoever to do with stopping terrorism. NOTHING. Why ? Because these idiot acts ALL assume that all the government sponsored terrorists will follow the rules. They will use unsecured phone lines to talk to one another, right ? They won't use coded messages. Of course, they WILL turn in all their stolen and illegal guns of course. Get the idea ?
Your inaction helps the sponsored terrorism to happen, because you said nothing or did nothing to stop it after it was revealed. The Congress people all whined "we didn't get to read it and were forced to sign it." Another lie- and you did nothing and they helped it happen.
Then Patriot 2 comes along. "Homeland Security Enhancement" it was called. It was also nicknamed Patriot 2, because what it contained would have been too much for anyone to handle along with the contents of Patriot 1. This time no one on capitol hill whined they didn't get to read it AND NO ONE PROTESTED IT. So you let them take the remainder of your Civil Rights away with Patriot 2. And still you did nothing.
Now there is talk of Patriot 3. Lawyers have sat up and taken notice of how bad things are now, and it will get worse. See [7.]
Have you taken the time as a responsible citizen to READ any these acts ? If you did, instead of reading my rant here, you would be out educating others.
Do you care, that under condition RED you've already been told that you're children will NOT be coming home from school ? Do you know that FEMA has already written the plans for this- that your children WILL BE TAKEN BY RAIL TO A FEMA POW CAMP ?
How much do you love your children ? Have you not yet arranged for hem to just up and exit the school when news of the next attack happens before the lockdown takes place ? Don't do this, and you will lose them FOREVER. When they are taken to one of the concentration camps, they ARE NOT EVER COMING HOME AGAIN. Your children will sorted, separated and inventoried using the family histories that all children in America write about their homes and families which are sent to the government right after they are written. They may or may not live. Do nothing, and this WILL HAPPEN. And by doing nothing, that terror they will experience will be upon YOUR HEAD. If you believe in God, then you also know that one day you'll face them. What will you say ? Will you be able to stand proud and say you did all you can ? Or will you realize you're no better than a worm ?
And those of you feeling cozy up there in Canada- don't get too comfortable just yet. You already have a law that closely parallels the Patriot Act. In fact, I've heard it was modeled on it.
You've read and heard about inhuman cruelty done to those detained at airports under Homeland Security, and you did nothing. You figured that "its someone else's problem."
You were given the proof and evidence of concentration camps HERE in America on and these are just FOR AMERICANS. And you did nothing. [6]
Then in front of your face, innocent men, women and children were killed by being shot and burned to death at Waco when it was attacked. And you did nothing.
The McMurrah federal building was leveled using charges in the basement. Experts have stated the truck bomb would only cause minor damage and broken windows. Yet the building implodes, and 14 video tapes from security systems all around the building are confiscated for "national security." These tapes still haven't been released, and never will be. McVeigh is executed, and the only words he ever utters in the courtroom according to a jurist, which actually backed up what happened that day, are "It was a black ops operation and I was under orders." Explosive residue was seen on the columns in the rubble by an explosives expert who examined it BEFORE they buried it in the foundation.
The rubble was carted away under ARMED GUARD all the way to the burial site. The ATF agents in the office of the building, were told that morning NOT to report to work at a building down the street. Right after the explosion happened, they descended on the scene like locusts. WHY ? To remove the three unexploded bombs. And on live television, on an Oklahoma city television station- the ATF was taking out UNEXPLODED BOMBS. [1]
Our own government was involved, and you did nothing. Now Nichols is the only one still alive connected to it and going on trial. He is kept away from the press just like McVeigh was. Yet McVeigh was credited for doing it all with help from Nichols. We won't hear anything Nichols has to say because the truth isn't ALLOWED to come out. Just wait and see.
And McVeigh's body ? The family was not allowed to have the ashes. He was *supposedly* rushed to a crematorium after he was executed. Why would the govt. care about remains after he died ? No one in Oklahoma City knows anything about what happened, who took the ashes or where they are. Perhaps he was only put to sleep and is sitting in Jamaica right now going for a swim. And again, do nothing, don't speak up and MORE TRUTH WILL STAY HIDDEN.
Infamous 9-11 happens. Everyone can clearly see a missile was launched from a tube on the bottom of the plane from professional camera footage. How did it get there ? At what airport was it attached ? How could that be possible, even with tarmac security that was in place before 9-11 ? You don't ask these questions because you don't care, and again, you do nothing.
Some form of time travel or remote viewing was used to view 9-11 happen in 2001, before it actually happened. The proof is the rock group Coup (which also is coincidentally a term used for a government takeover.) The group *had* a CD cover that was identical to what happened on 9-11. The CD photo came out in the summer of 2001 months before 9-11. The group's leader spoke about it on the MTV website (the interview was still there a few months ago last I checked.) He was told right after 9-11 happened he MUST change the album cover. So why was it there to begin with ? The picture is here on No one has ever asked HOW that picture was obtained. But no one cared to know why or find out. Its the NWO right in your face, and you cannot see it.
We were told endless times about the WMDs. Where ? There are none. No one recalls the massive piles of CDs, notebooks, computer disks and more Saddam gave the government under their demand. Recall the news photos about two years ago, where they covered several tables in a large room ?
No one remembered that the white house had Saddam's WMD data censored first before experts could read it, for reasons of "national security." What was in it ? We now know that it was the proof that our own government SOLD SADDAM the weapons he had. And when Saddam was captured he stated specifics to interrogators about various "operations" he was told to do by the American government, naming people, places and dates and how much he was paid. Those interrogators were told to SHUT UP about it and say no more. So you heard no more about it did you ? And what did you do about it when real provable facts were coming out ? Did you DEMAND ANY ACCOUNTABILITY from your congressman ? No.
Bush and Cheney (like the two clowns, Abbott and Costello) testified in secret. No taping or transcriptions. He did it beside his cozy fireplace in the Whitehouse, and only on HIS terms. Big secret to keep here - all the lies and all the dead, innocent Americans in NYC in 2001, PA and WA. Everyone else who has testified has had to do so under oath. Even Rice.
SO WHO THE HECK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE ? IF YOU AND I ARE ACCOUNTABLE, WHY AREN'T THEY ? And Bush wonders why the opinion polls are so low for him. People ARE waking up by the thousands every day.
Because they are guilty and they know it.
Did you ever raise your voice about this MADNESS ? No. You still think its someone else's problem, right ? Or, "its OK because he's a republican." No, he's a republicrat. All the treasonous actions prove it. A war we cannot win without killing ALL the people in Iraq. A war that "promised to bring democracy to Iraq." Or, was that fascist martial law under Bremer democracy under Bremer ? Can you the difference ? No wonder they are revolting. "Unorganized resistance" as one government statement put it. Of course it is. EVERYONE there is mad. Wouldn't we be mad, if an outside foreign power took martial law control of America ?
If you're someone who says "those people have no right to fire on our troops after all we've done for them" then think again. WE DID WHAT FOR THEM ? It wasn't really for them, it was for Bush and all of us know it. In Iraq there is more lawlessness that when the worm Saddam played chief clown in the sandbox there. So much for promised democracy. Democracy by its very definition is "mob rule" according to the dictionary.
But you are in your cozy little home right now. Those dead and dying soldiers - that soldier in your friend's family ? That's someone else's problem. Not yours. You went to the polls on election day and that's who you put your trust in. Why should you care ? It can't happen to you or someone you love, right ? After all, now they are pulling out of Fallujah so everything will be OK, right ? Or is Bush planning to invade Syria, Iran, North. Korea or come other ill-perceived bastion of terrorism ?
People with wishful thinking when asked if they are concerned about the witch hunt of looking for terrorists under every rock, will say "Aw shucks, we had that years ago during WW2 with the Japanese in America, and that passed. Yeah, and we had that with McCarthy hearings too, but that passed. This will pass, too."
If you believe that, then a fool is staring back at you in the mirror every morning, when you shave or put your makeup on. When you put makeup on.....are you trying to hide your real self from yourself ? Think about that. There wasn't any Max Factor, Revlon, Covergirl, etc.. in the Garden of Eden....or for many thousands of years. The results of inaction on your part won't be changed if you use a putty knife to put it on, or if a man grows a beard three feet long.
To assume this fascist madness in Washington will pass is to make an erroneous assumption to say the least. Say "assume" slowly and its always the same - make an "ass of you and me." To imagine that all these mind-boggling takeover events that are leading us toward a TOTAL POLICE STATE will pass, is to run a fool's errand at 90 miles per hour over an unfinished bridge..
What does history teach us about military rule ? To find out, take a look at what happens to countries where the military takes control. Historically, when they take over they never let go. Why ? Ask yourself- if you were given a job or created one yourself as part of military rule- would you try to DESTROY that job by bringing civilian rule back into power ? I think not. Middle Latin America is a great example. Just when all the bullet holes in the palace are patched up and painted, another coup takes place. Iraq is another great example. Nothing like voting "democratically" when there is only one name on the ballot. Russia is much like that, too, despite "democracy.".
So what does all this have to do with you ? Just ask yourself- do you want to have to produce papers at a checkpoint, every time you go out somewhere ? And if you're in a bad mood that day and don't answer those fascists at the checkpoint right, they WILL shackle and shove you into a holding pen with other "dissidents" and "people of interest." So what are you doing about this ? Have you told your congressman you are NOT GOING TO TOLERATE living under TYRANNY ? Why are you still sitting at your computer doing nothing ?
Hopefully by now one or more nerve endings has been touched. Most likely you already knew most of the facts here. But WHAT are YOU going to do ? Will you continue to live in fear that doing anything will get you picked up ? The evil worshipping globalists work on the concept of fear. They spread fear by rumors of midnight pickups and being beaten up by cops for giving someone a videotape. All acts of cowards, because in the final analysis they are the real threat to America's future. And these maniacs can only succeed by using FEAR as a tool against you. NEVER forget this - their ideology is fear based.
Now here are the FACTS for those that have no feelings and are numb from the neck up. Globalist statements, many in writing already and publicly available, have made it VERY clear what your future is - NO FUTURE at all. There are about 6 billion people on this planet. The NWO goal is to reduce the population down to about 500 MILLION on the entire planet. Tony Blair, Donald Trump have already referred to the world's masses as useless eaters. Their words, not mine.
THINK ABOUT IT- THIS IS A FACT. (See [2] below for details.)
No cars anymore. Under UN plans you WILL be herded like sheep into compact cities and use bicycles. And it gets much worse than that. See [3.]
Do nothing, don't speak up about PRECIOUS FREEDOM and THIS WILL HAPPEN.
Hopefully by now, you're beginning to ask yourself just how you got to be such a potato. If you're many men, you look in the mirror and see yourself as Mr. Macho. Nobody can mess with you. You're tough as hell. But you've already been invisibly shackled and chained, and ASKING FOR MORE. You don't even know the barn is burning while you stand inside shoveling manure for the animals. That smell of smoke that has the cattle and horses bolting ? To you a minor inconvenience. Ignore it and keep shoveling while the barn burns down around you. This is what is happening right now. Can you smell the smoke ?
If you're a woman looking in the mirror each morning, you may have that *self-confidence* that the lesbians of the women's movement have propagated. No man can touch you, and think you're invincible. If you believe that, you should get Feminist Fantasies by Phyllis Shlafly. Its also on In that book, you learn the great lie perpetrated upon women everywhere. Where are these feminists now ? They are senior citizens- single or divorced, miserable and most are childless. And now they will never experience the joy of being a mother. They made their choices. This is the reward waiting for unknowing women everywhere, and its at their own expense. Its a great demonstration of just what the media can do to change minds, even if it is completely against everything reasonable and rational. Why is this included here ? Simply because it also proves my point- that the "fitting in" thing you did in school still has a grip on you. Society is structured to encourage all the mindless drones to keep up with the current trends and "latest fad." And this is exactly what globalism is all about- fit in or GET OUT...or be rubbed out. Think about the ENTIRE planet all under their control. No free choices, no innovations except for something that is security-oriented. No freedom to think. True George Orwell finally realized in its most perfect form. And this is precisely what the chip implants being promoted now are all about- tracking and tracing everything, and everyone. A control freak's paradise.
THE POWERFUL FORCE THAT HELPED YOU TO BECOME A COUCH PATRIOT Now you're asking, what does all this have to do with being a couch patriot ? Because that same naive', believe-all-you're-told-by-the-media-mindset is exactly how America got into the position it is in now. It wasn't your fault you were most likely raised on a steady diet of television. The Tavistock Institute in the UK helped develop the psychological methods used with television. It was discovered that the vertical flicker rate occupies one side of the brain, allowing the messages to get through. The channel into your mind is opened in less than 30 seconds after you begin watching it.[5]
Think about the terminology used- "watching TV" instead of being entertained by it. Don't you "watch" what a hypnotist does, too ? You don't just "watch the road" while you're driving. No, you are driving the car. You don't "watch a vacuum cleaner" when you clean the house, you just vacuum. Or "watch the dishes" expecting them to wash themselves. "Watching" is mainly applied to television. This should be telling you something. When a hypnotist works, do you not watch him or her and give your full attention, right up until you enter an altered state ? The flicker rate of television and the other methods embedded in it are designed to be HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, and they are. Think not ? Take it away from someone for just one day and see what happens.
The line that 9-11 was not predictable has been proven a lie. The military stated in June 2000 that an additional 30 BILLION DOLLARS would be needed starting in 2001. [4] They didn't really state what it would be needed for. And remember that the climate in pre-911 defense spending, was one of a downward spending trend, not upward. Yet this large increase was forecast. Think that only Bush and company knew what was about to take place in 2001 ? A very powerful organization, called Project for A New American Century talks about a bigger military industrial complex, long before 9-11 happened.
Its time as the expression goes, for "the rubber to meet the road." Time for you to act. Just what's keeping you a couch patriot, now that you've reviewed the HORROR of what's already taken place for keeping your mouth shut ? Do you WANT to be shipped to a camp and/or executed, just because the Arians don't think you should live because of your race, creed or national origin ? Do you understand this is another 4th Reich in the making ? When you see a cockroach, do you watch it multiply or act to stop the spread ?
I've spent considerable time educating and motivating people to realize they could lose EVERYTHING they hold precious- like children, their spouses, homes and their Civil Rights. Yet they won't act either because of fear or they think their voices won't matter. There are few out there that steadfastly stand by Bush. But that's because they keep watching the box in the living room for a steady brainwashing to continue. To those that think nothing can be done, I remind them how the protesters were VERY instrumental in getting us out of Vietnam. That war could have gone have gone on forever- just like the phony war on terrorism.
Here are some facts to help you get up TODAY and start educating others:
1. The "Nazi World Order" (NWO) has no use for you. If you're not part of the Arian race gene pool, don't expect to live. So therefore you have nothing to lose by trying to stop the madness BEFORE it takes complete control. Complete control hasn't been accomplished yet. It will require one or more BIG attacks to finish the job. The first attack on 9-11 was just to get the laws on the books for complete police state capability. And it worked. Bush has been busy touring the country, to rally support for the Patriot Act than has some sunset clauses he wants to restore as permanent.
2. If you don't act, you'll either be exterminated or spend your life in a labor camp. The administration has been promoting this, and its been proposed to become law in Oregon for anyone that's a protester or breaks ANY kind of law. This is LIFE in a labor camp where you stay, until you drop dead from either exhaustion or disease, and they give you a bullet. It will be for ANY crime, even misdemeanors. Don't think it can't happen in America ? Think again. The Germans never saw it coming either, when millions of them were killed by their own government.
3. Do you love your children and grandchildren ? Would you send them into a biological level 5 lab where bioweapons are made without protective clothing ? Would you send them into the spent fuel holding tanks at your nearest nuclear power plant ? If you permit the MADNESS to occur, then one trip for them to the gulf could very well be their death sentence. This will be the coming draft. Do nothing, and this will CONTINUE to happen. Does it take you losing someone in YOUR family to wake you up ?
4. Doing nothing will NOT save your life- it will only hasten the end of it.
5. And NEVER forget the statement that president to be Bush made in front of the press in December 2000 when asked about how hard it would be as president:
"This job would be a heck of a lot easier if this were a dictatorship [pausing].... just so long as I'm the dictator."
Great people like Jeff Rense, James Neff and their staff are true patriots. Few websites will publish the entire truth in all its horror as they will here.
Forget the cheap insulting printed plastic Chinese sweatshop flags sold in China-Mart. Get a REAL flag, a Title IV flag, and put it up at dawn and take it down at sundown. Or keep it brightly lit all night. TEACH THIS to your children and grandchildren.
Resolve yourself to STOP being a couch patriot, and get started today. If you don't, I CAN PROMISE you WILL live to regret it.
Mark Twain- "A Patriot is merely a rebel at the start. In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
So can you really afford to wait one more minute to join the cause of freedom ? Don't be fooled by leaders who claim to love America, then pass laws to steal your freedom away like a thief in the night.
Ted Twietmeyer
SOME OF THE SOURCES REFERENCED Note: I receive absolutely no compensation for any products or websites mentioned in the references below.
[1] Alex Jones' "911: Road To Tyranny" video at This was an online movie. It is also available in videotape from Alex Jones and on subscription
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[3] The UN Plan for Global Control defined at
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