Australian Chemtrails And
Corrupt Scientific Community

By Danny Rosenblum
Sydney, Australia
Hi Jeff,
We had a wonderful storm coming, I did not see it, but I told my wife in advance that it must be coming, as dozens of planes turned our blue sky to total dirty skies for 2 days in a row, without one bit of blue sky !
Sure enough, the storm came yesterday, but without a drop of rain !!!
Same story for at least 4 years !!! Almost everytime that we are expecting a good rain they come and spray the skies about 2 days in advance, and we get instead just a few drops, if any.
And all our corrupt scientists are afraid to talk about chemtrails!
I went to the people at our local meteoroligical wheather station, pointed to the sky, but they refused to even LOOK up !!! I then told them that, on the spot, I could show them all the information about what was going on right over their heads on their computer which was only about 2 meters away from us when we were talking. But they refused to look at their computer!
We have drought in Australia since they started the chemtrail spraying about 4 years ago, and now they have the audacity to blame it on "El Nino" !
Australia used to have a wonderful blue sky most of the year, but, for the last four years we hardly had ANY!!! It is a Taboo to talk about it; fear is gripping the country.
Three weeks ago we had a wonderful blue sky day, I mean we had a BLUE whole day. I wanted to take a photo and sent it to you, IT WAS BIG NEWS!
Keep up your wonderful website, you provide the most honest information we have in Australia,
Danny Rosenblum
Here is the latest 'El Nino' excuse story...
Scientists Say El Nino Worsening
New scientific evidence has shown the El Nino weather condition which causes droughts is becoming more aggressive.
Researchers from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation have found that not only did the most recent El Nino, in 2002, result in less rainfall, it also led to more evaporation.
Professor Ann Henderson-Sellers says this has dire implications for consumers, particularly in terms of agriculture and the amount of fresh water available for drinking.
"We've recently been able to demonstrate that the current El Nino drought has been different in nature there's been less rainfall as everybody has understood," she said.
"But there's also been more evaporation and so the net result of that is that we've had less overall water, really for the first time in recorded history."



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