More Chemtrails Over Erie, PA
From K.L.
We have just been sprayed all day with chemtrails here in Erie, Pa. I sent you a picture before about the chemtrails here along Lake Erie, but I just wanted to send you some from today. I have been sick all day with headaches and upset stomach. More to come later, as they spray here almost daily!
From Name Wittheld
Finally some feedback about someone getting sick from the chemtrails. I have been getting sick for years, whenever I can't avoid being exposed. The chemicals and/or hard metals, and whatever else they dump into our breathing space causes the gastrointestinal track to stop dead in it's tracks.
It feels like everything inside turns to stone. All digestion stops. You kind of start rotting from the inside out. That is what it feels like.
The very severe stiff neck along with a very bad headache, the chronic cough (probably from fungi sprayed in the air along with everything else), the sinus and breathing problems , the aluminum poisoning headache, which can go on for days, which only stops temporarily when you eat, all of it is unbearable.
How many years can this go on without it catching up with others? Granted, a few of us are ovbiously hypersensitive. That does not mean that others are immune. When it starts effecting the rest of us, what then?
Trust me, when it starts affecting you, it is totally debilitating.
As far as others who don't seem to be interested in the least, even though they can't help but see the chemtrails - I have come to the conclusion that it is some sort of mind control. The reaction is like a programming. The strange, blank look in the eyes. Then usually they display anger, which does not make any sense at all. They are very uncomfortable and/or very upset and change the subject as quickly as possible. It's kind of like the elephant in the living room. They are programmed not to see it.



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