Chemtrails Over Houston
From Ron Stevens
Jeff, I'm sick of it. I've never spoken up before on anything.
I'm tired of the endless bombardment in Houston of our populace by our "benevolent benefactors" by means of chemtrails.
Who knows what they are? Who knows the composition of what they are spraying on us is? Meanwhile, the spineless EPA jacks with Houston about our air quality. And the even more spineless mainstream media continues to ignore reality. I know..I have alerted them.
I'm just a lowly hourly wage working guy at a chemical plant here in Houston. Not an environmental engineer. Not a physicist. Certainly not a rocket scientist. But I know what I see.
During my shifts, I spend more than a little time outside. And due to boredom more than anything else..I look up in the sky. Wish I could say the same for everyone else!
It just amazes me..98% of our populace lives in a damned fishbowl. I swear to you, most people never even look up in the sky! Any number of times, I have pointed out chemtrails in the skys of Houston to my fellow nematodes, only to have them look at me like I was crazy.
Why the hell doesn't the gov just tell us what they are doing? Could it be they don't trust us? Well, guess what? No need even to answer that.
Anyway, Jeff.. after getting splattered all day long by chemtrails at my job today, I decided I could take it no more.
When I got home, I broke out my camera and took these pictures over my house. Call it.."X marks the spot!". These pictures were taken on 4-27-04 at about 6:30 PM over the skys of NASA. Ironic, huh? Maybe it's just aromatherapy!
Ron Stevens



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