Breakfast Along Chemtrail Alley
By Marilyn A. Guinnane
While enjoying breakfast out on my deck this morning, I couldn't help but be impressed by the creative chemtrail designs criss-crossing the blueness above me, dissecting the sky as though the Deity were a chemist gone mad. I wondered what was in the chemtrails and how, falling to earth, it might affect my breakfast and therefore me. I coughed my usual chemtrail cough to remind myself how.
'Interesting patterns, though,' I conceded, 'If a bit too contrived. Maybe I can find the pilots from hell who fly the airplanes that deliver these time-released death particles, (for that is what I suspect is, in large part, what the chemtrails are about,) and ask that they at least fly a few loop d' loops to make the designs a little more captivating.'
This led me to speculate as to how I would find such masters of the air. Well obviously you wouldn't head for the Greyhound Bus station; you'd go to the airport and look for . . . But wait a minute, people who sell their souls don't wear scarlet dollar signs sewn onto the front of their garments for all the world to see. No, they look, in fact, like decent ordinary citizens. And I should know, because I once knew a number of pilots who had flown for the CIA airline called Air America, quite average looking in a pilot-y sort of way, but as often as not, their cargo was dope! And where did they fly the dope, plane load after plane load? Right into the good ol' USA. They were soldiers of fortune, these pilots. The money was good so what the hell. It would nonetheless have been poetic justice if their own kids had gotten hooked on 'H'. Most of the old Air America pilots are dead or pretty much have a foot on the banana peel, but I wonder if, in old age, any of them had or have regrets? I hold a microphone up to the lips of one in my imagination. "Tell me, before you leave this world, was it worth it? What did that money buy that you couldn't have lived without?"
"You gotta' understand," he wheezes. "I flew for the CIA. Air America."
"But you knew, right. You knew that the CIA was trafficking heroin, condemning our youth, undermining our nation."
"Yeah...yeah, okay, I knew." Right. I know. I know you knew because you told me, so many years ago. Fasten your seat belt, cap'n, you're in for a bumpy ride.
Fast forward to the chemtrail pilots, thirty years hence, and . . . um, oops, they're not available to interview. They died in the pandemic that they helped create. Before they croaked, however, each bought him or herself a beach cabin, a house at the lake, and a new Cessna with the blood money they earned from spreading the new black death from sea to shining sea.
Anyway, back to my morning ruminations over granola mit frozen blueberries, magpies squawking, chemtrails fanning out and drifting into the atmosphere. What would it have been like, I wondered, to live in the Middle Ages, say, when time seemingly stood still, so that hundreds of years passed without a whole lot of change. Oh a few plagues tallied on the walls, maybe a dozen or so swarms of locusts, fires and floods worth mentioning, famine, war. The usual fol de rol. Truly nothing like what's going on now. Now we are in a battle to preserve our very souls from invasion and, more importantly, the souls of our children. And their children.
We are being barraged, a volley of abuses of power coming at us like so many hailstones the size of golf balls and here we are, all humanity, caught out in the open, no shelter, no defense. Most of us are more dead than alive anyway, so don't even feel the pain of the hailstones when they hit, making it all the harder for those of us who give a damn and who are trying to protect the next generation, for protection they need, like never before, like never ever before.
Of course, if you're one of those who believes a cashless society would be beneficial, and that children, like pets, should be computer-chipped (neither should be, dear hearts; think it over a minute. Or take ten. Take your time, in fact.)
"But what if my pet goes missing?"
"But what if my child is kidnapped?"
Answer: THINK. I mean, if it isn't too much to ask.
Admittedly, however, it's becoming increasingly difficult to combat all the junk they're throwing at us. (Who are 'they' you ask? You know who; the global elite, a.k.a. the Illuminati. The globalists who are your would-be masters.) Our country, the U.S., or 'America' as it is called, is summarily being brought down, blow by blow, just as Paul Bunyon would fell a giant tree with his mighty axe. We were a giant sequoia. We will soon be sawdust if we don't grab that axe from the monster wielding it.
Even so, that is part of the problem: We can't see the forest for the trees! When you have the Federal Reserve in charge of ruining our mighty economy, (thank you, Sir Alan); when you have the CIA flooding the streets with dope; when you have teachers' unions sabotaging our educational system (my late husband's sixteen year old daughter thought that D.C. was in Washington state, 'somewhere north of Oregon'); when the elections are fixed with electronic voting machines; when you have a Satanist in the White House masquerading as a crusading Christian and a fellow Satanist running against him (if I'm lying let them sue me; as they are both Bonesmen, as in Skull and Bones, it's an open and shut case---as if Bush's actions didn't speak for themselves) whew, I'm out of breath, but anyway, when you have all this garbage coming at you, and on some level, half dead or not, you know what's happening, there is a tendency to shut down. And of course the elite are aware of this. It's the whole idea, doncha' know.
Schools now advertise Coca Cola and Pepsi; unbelievably bad for you. When I was in high school in the sixties, to illustrate how things have changed, I may not have received the first rate education that Americans were awarded in years prior, but rather than advertise Coke, our science teacher placed a set of animal teeth in a jar of it so that the next day we could view the enamel, or lack of it, as a result. Now schools push Coke and I would imagine any teacher caught revealing how horrible it is for your teeth, your health, would be severely chastised if not fired. But then, I doubt a teacher would bother anymore. We no longer have real teachers.
Our food supply is being systematically poisoned as a method of mind control as well as, I'm sure, population reduction. We are being fed subliminal messages literally everywhere where human beings are involved: television (kill your TV), radio, Muzak or its equivalent, advertisements in magazines, and political speeches. Our Congress is comprised of whores, our Supreme Court is at least partially in the pocket of the neo-cons, hence the unprecedented and unconstitutional appointment of the president; our judicial system is a hopelessly corrupt sham, and we've opened Pandora's Box in the middle east. Let's see, have I left anything out? There's so much amiss it's hard to remember it all. A fine how do ya' do.
Anyway, after global economic collapse has occurred (and is there anyone with a brain larger than an amoeba who cannot see where Al the Foul Greenspan has set us up for absolute disaster?) the elitist plan is not to return to an honest monetary system based on gold instead of mere paper and ink, but to computer chip us all with the mark of the beast. You won't be able to protest without being thrown in a concentration camp, as you've allowed your government to destroy your Constitution with the old tried and true: "The enemy is at the gate!" routine. Remember those cartoons where a character fools another and the recipient turns into a big sucker?
We are not just suckers, but a bunch of selfish materialistic buffoons who, like cattle, are being rounded up for the slaughter. In Japan, Kobe steers are massaged, fed beer and the finest grains, so that they feel, no doubt, that their handlers are their benefactors. Little do the poor beasts know that all that massaging is to make the meat tender. Their 'benefactors' are about to serve them up on a platter.
Get it?
e-mail address withheld
From Jim Mortellaro
In the past three weeks we've noted a change in the way chemtrail (spraying) appears. The trails are now thinner than previously and are not as obvious to the eye on a fast look. They still remain for the length of the sky, they continue to billow out however it is dimmer than before and therefore, less noticeable. At the end of the spraying however, the sky is as it was with the heavier 'look' spraying. That is to say the sky is partly cloudy and the sun has that 'oil' slick appearance to it.
Further, clouds formed naturally take on a patina which reminds me of the multicolored look of oil on water, separating colors of the spectrum and taking on a most disgusting appearance.
Whatever this material (materials) are, it cannot be good for us. Moreover, it represents another example of our governance taking our liberty and well being for granted. It may be that weather agencies, NASA and NOAA know enough to keep their mouths shut, but for absolutely no one to say "boo" about this phenomena is both disturbing as well as frightening.
Even UFO sightings are discussed by pilots and others who wish to remain anonymous. But as long as this has been ongoing, not one word comes from anyone in mainstream media, government, airline pilots or for that matter, citizens. Most bizarre.
Jim Mortellaro



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