Cancer In The Tarnished House!
Dick Cheney is a full-blown cancer that has infected not just the Tarnished House but also the direction of government, of laws, and of society itself. Dick fancies himself as the architect of this all-consuming assault upon people everywhere, but in particular against the people of the United States.
Cheney sees himself as the supreme tactician for all of it: having engineered the plan for complete control over all aspects of life, both here and abroad. In this, his Master of the Inquisition has been Rumsfeld, to do the deeds that need be done wherever resistance might appear. He's also made some use of other players on the board, Sharon and Blair have had their uses, but this madness is mainly his, to own outright. What follows may sound like a version of the Twi-Light Zone, but this is here and now.
For starters, Dick planned to implement his criminal business activities worldwide. To do this he knew that he'd need to play upon the global stage, but within a self-protected bubble. To assure success he'd need to be a major architect of the New American Century. As the curtain dropped on Clinton, Dick began to cultivate the 'bad seed' son of Bush the First. Then having gotten himself appointed, to search for a vice-president during the 2000 campaign, he then managed his own appointment, to become the nominal but very prominent number two.
For Unilateral George this was a perfect outcome. George could be "W" and whenever he screwed up, which would be often, Dick would be there in his ear to make things right again. Of course that also meant that Cheney, in fact, would be both number one and number two. Add Rumsfeld with his whips and barbs to keep all opposed at bay, and the stage is set to turn an ordered world into the chaos that we live today. This gets us to the moment that will demand impeachment of the cancer at the core. This must be done because without Cheney all the rest of this treasonous tyranny would simply fall apart.
The time has come to look at this impersonation of a being, this wasted slug enslaved to avarice and greed. He's the grand puppeteer but he's a politician after all, and what politician would shun the public spotlight quite so often, as this snarling visage of our number two has done? Only one with much to gain would have been as stealthy as snarling Dick has tried to be. How did he get to where he is today?
The pathology of the cancer is interesting and ugly. It began when Cheney was Secretary of Defense and Rummy was Chief of Staff, back when they both lived in the Tarnished House of Gerald Ford, the only man that would pre-agree to pardon Nixon. That was when this game began. Cheney and Rummy were young Turks then, when they conceived this nightmare and began to scheme intently.
They were political infants then and still had much to learn, so they finished up with Ford, and waited under rocks for Carter to expire. They breathed new life when Ronnie took the helm and when Gingrich flayed the country with his Contract on America, they could feel their dream was possible. That intended deathblow failed, but it left the nation politically split, extremely angry and permanently polarized. This was the perfect breeding ground for the cancer these two aging bandits had been waiting to inject.
With the coming of GWH Bush, the re-written plans were dusted off again and finally there was movement for the bad boys of bureaucracy. Bush I declared war in Iraq, and almost immediately positive glee shot through shrinking capillaries. Then Clinton came and there were quiet years to plan and practice all that hate on Hillary and Monica and Bill. Until at last the White House, and no more Mr. Nice Guy - evermore.
They did it! The White House, the Courts and the Congress were all theirs. The impossible had happened, and no one even murmured. But now "the plan", like some government-funded military weapons system, was now unwieldy, massive, and called for global dominance, almost from the start.
They'd planned the invasion of Afghanistan long before there was even the thought of 911. That oil-pipeline thing over there was in need of stabilizing, and brute force was of course the only way. They also already had Operation Shekhinah, the 1970's design for the Greater State of Israel that just happens to include all of Iraq. Then September came and everything began to fall in place for our geriatric cretins, whose visions had grown all the brighter with the passing of the years.
The rest is on the record - they subsequently failed in Afghanistan but that was because after they got the pipeline deal signed and delivered, the Pakistani's balked. True to form they simply shifted the focus, first to the UN, and then on into Iraq. Along the way it didn't occur to most Americans that we'd failed to capture Osama, failed to pacify Afghanistan, and never found the Anthrax Bomber. The Bandits simply lied again, bigtime, and the gullible public swallowed every word intact. For once the battle cry of 911 was sounded through the flutter of the flags, and the marching of departing troops, then patriotism came again to rule the day, and all the questions of point or purpose were buried once again, beneath yet another mountain of deceit.
Along the way to now, some of what 'they' did was to gut the constitution; burn the bill of rights, abrogate all inconvenient treaties, do away with all restrictions on nuclear arms, on testing and on new production. They revamped the entire federal government, created Total Information Access, HOMELAND security, and succeeded in de-funding all social, medical, environmental, retirement and educational benefits previously enacted into law. Hell of a record for any political group to achieve, but thanks to the false-flag patriotism and the black & white nature of "the war" most of those in this country-never really made a fuss. Of course those same "believers" will come to change their tune when their money is seized, and their freedoms are curtailed-but that's not due to happen for a while yet.
Until recently all was going well with all of the above now put in place, and everything proceeded according to the plan. There was some trouble in Iraq, but nothing they couldn't just lie some more about-but then the problem started.
The prisoner scandal: They knew it was happening, but since it happened all the time inside American prisons, they didn't even bother to curtail the practice. Then came the pictures, and the boys began to panic, because the rats began to leave the ship in droves, the coalition begins to look more like a parking lot after the game, and ordinary people finally started asking questions with anger in their voices. Their loved ones are dying and they cannot see the reason for their loss. Is that sleeping tiger trying to wake?
Cheney's failed at every turn because he lacks everything it takes to understand the values that he wants to smash. His is a world of money, of power, and of politics, in which the values and opinions of the road-kill he creates simply have no meaning. Being by nature a pragmatist, Dick fails to understand why anyone would chose to fight the power of a feral government, especially one, that now has it's own SS to protect the politicians from the people. They call it HOMELAND security, and it's eliminated the Department of Justice, because: "Well-there's a war on!" There's a war on all right-but it's against the population of the United States and it's being waged by our own government against us.
In Iraq Bush is still making statements that defy reality, because Cheney never saw the need to link military activities with political consequences for those actions. Just as Rummy didn't see the need to retain the Iraqi army, so he let Baghdad burn. Meanwhile, we are now in the middle of the civil war that Bush One promised would happen, if anyone ever dared to attack that country. And now we're back to winning battles and losing the war, just as was done in Viet Nam. And all of this is a direct result of the lack of knowledge, skill or expertise throughout the upper echelon of this administration: whether the subject is war, governance, economics, or empire. They have no life experience, no skills at all except the basics of how to be a thief. So what will happen to this chameleon of ours, our multi-purpose "Number Two?"
We see him now alone within his workshop, entangled in the myriad of strings that have brought him and his bandits to this point. In the distance on his workbench is the headless puppet of "The Bush," his upraised arms hold a banner high above, where his grinning head should be; that says "Stay the Course!" But what can that phrase mean now? Now that we've picked up where Saddam left off? What was the course? Intimidation, murder, mayhem, political dominance, oil, military bases - what or which, or is it maybe-all of the above?
So here sits Cheney with a basketful of useless puppet's heads that only weeks ago were once so powerful. His eyes are glazed. The bags of nutrients that keep him breathing continue to drip life-sustaining fluid into him, but there's no longer any point. On a distant horizon that only he can see, the indictments are being written impeachments are being drawn up. And mighty Cheney, in his open backed gown, deep in his bunker, keeps seeing words written in fire: "Achieve Impeachment!" swiftly followed by the slogan on the wall at CIA. "And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."
We should forever close the Office of the Grand Puppeteer, right after we've removed this cancer from our system: After he has paid for what he's tried to do to us, as well as what he's done to millions, in his long and sad career. Is there a better way?



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