Blackmail Business - Part 4
US And Israel In A Real World

By Sherman H. Skolnick
There are ways of describing happenings in simple to understand but blunt terms. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press has too many financial hang-ups, however, to do so.
The American/British oil cartel created the situation now called Israel. Namely, they induced Jews to occupy what Jews historically considered their Homeland, a narrow piece of land, so small it does not show on many maps.
It is surrounded by religious enemies of the Jews, namely the Arabs. This was a perfect set-up to keep the Jews and Arabs perpetually fighting each other without a simple remedy. Why? So that Big Oil can control the areas where there is oil under the deserts, by keeping the Arabs on the surface of such places forever off-balance.
The Israelis as a consequence are forever battling the surrounding Arabs. In a real world, where do you get the money to keep up a huge Military force for such purpose? Simple. By blackmail, used by most every nation, tribe, and group on the planet.
Why is the subject so little understood? Again, simple. What college or university teaches about the Blackmail Business? Who and what in the popular press openly and candidly discusses the ins and outs of the same? Name them, if you can, or if you dare.
A reality of espionage is the use of "covers" to disguise operatives. So there are espionage agents posing as churchmen, reporters, business consultants, import/export agents, and similar harmless seeming positions.
For example, Daddy Bush, unknown to many, was actually with the American CIA since about 1959. He was operating Zapata Petroleum Company, later called Zapata Offshore, with some six hundred affiliates worldwide. According to little-known stories in Reuters some years ago, Zapata's offshore oil-drilling rigs are reportedly trans-shipment points for the dope traffic, being such platforms and machinery are beyond the coastal jurisdiction of the U.S. In a real if unknown world, Zapata was apparently a CIA proprietary firm. Later by various situations, the Bushies became Pennzoil-Texaco, with Iraq traditionally a major oil pumping point.
Dope trafficking is not effectively stopped because it is an adjunct of penetrating certain areas with dope-baron spies.
[For background, see the numerous examples in "The Strength of the Wolf---The Secret History of America's War on Drugs" by Douglas Valentine, by Verso publishers, 2004.]
Reporters as reputed espionage operatives. Early in the George W. Bush White House, there came a time of low popularity ratings. Notice what happened.
Danny Pearl was the South Asia Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal. He was poking into dangerous areas. He was compiling data on the ISI, the Pakistan Secret Police, originally founded by Daddy Bush about the time he became the former head of the American Secret Political Police, that is, Director of Central Intelligence, sort of the umbrella apparatus of the U.S. spy community.
A little-known historical matter was of interest to the ISI as well as the Bush Crime Family. After all, the Bushies had a great financial interest in dope trafficking from Colombia and Afghanistan. Through Daddy Bush's business partnership with Carlos Lehder, founder of the Medellin Dope Cartel. the Bush Crime Family had an interest in dope trafficking. There other interest was in Afghanistan, stemming from the CIA's secret war, using Saudi and other Arab fighters, in an Afgnistan-based jihad, to drive out the Soviets.
[As to the Bush Crime Family's partnership with druglord Carlos Lehder, visit our website series "The Chandra Levy Affair", and why she was murdered to protect Daddy Bush.]
The problems started thereafter. Pakistan, with the help of the Bushies and the American Secret Political Police and their adjunct, Pakistan's ISI, created the Taliban for other purposes. For religious reasons, Osama bin Laden, by use of the iron-fist and brutality, forced the Afghans to stop planting poppies, thus interfering with the Bushies use of raw dope to be processed in Central Europe and elsewhere.
Pakistan's geopolitical purpose, in opposition to the Bushies, stemmed from an almost forgotten historical event. About the beginning of the 20th Century, there was a dispute between Afghanistan and what was then right on their border, namely the British Colony of India. A Treaty was arranged providing for India to give up, after one hundred years, a large portion of their land to Afghanistan, along what was then the border area.
But in 1948, after a bloody commotion, the area was taken over by what is now called Pakistan. About the time of the 21st Century, Pakistan would have to give up to Afghanistan jurisdiction a large area of Pakistan. So Pakistan created and controlled the Taliban to offset this problem.
Documents now made public, show that the Bushies decided BEFORE September 11, 2001, that they would have to find an excuse to invade and take over Afghanistan. Blaming 9-11 on Osama sending signals from a cave somewhere was a convenient BIG LIE. Like the aborted Northwoods Project, it was a home-grown matter by the crazies in the U.S. White House and Military. [The similar aborted project, 39 years earlier, was quietly mentioned in a book published just before 9-11. "Body of Secrets" by James Bamford.]
By October, 2001, the invasion of Afghanistan by the Bushies had begun. The religious fanatic Taliban having been thrown out or murdered, the Bushies arranged for the Afghanis to immediately resume, bigger than ever before, growing of poppies for dope processing and shipments to Europe.
But Danny Pearl had uncovered these details. After he disappeared, one of his family members mentioned, but not much emphasized in the monopoly press, that Danny Pearl had dual citizenship. Plainly, Danny was reputedly an operative of Israeli intelligence, The Mossad (The Institute). Danny's wife, Mariane Pearl, was reportedly an aide if not an operative of the French CIA.
[The off and on relationship between the French Secret Political Police and that of Israel, is detailed in the book, "Every Spy A Prince---The Complete History of Israel's Intelligence Community", co-authored by Dan Raviv, a reputed Israeli intelligence asset with CBS Network and Yossi Melman, published by Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, 1990.]
So to divert attention from Dubya's low White House ratings and to prevent the treason with ISI, and dope trafficking of Daddy Bush and his crime family,from being conveyed to Israeli sources by Danny Pearl, an unidentified group was seen on disclosed pictures, chopping off the head of Danny Pearl, February, 2002.
And, if you are a typical viewer, listener, reader of the monopoly press, you concluded that disgruntled Pakistanis did it for some unspecified religious reason. Who ever mentioned that Bush-arranged assassins did it?
Another possible blackmail item to be used by Israel to extract financial gain from the Bush White House, is the European film documentary showing how the American CIA murdered more than three thousand Afghanistan Prisoners of War. So you think the torture matters are only with Iraq POWs?
So then more that two years after the Bush instigated murder of Danny Pearl, there was the situation of Nicholas Berg. A reputed expert in restoring damaged radio transmission and other facilities, and described by those who knew him as an enginnering genius; Berg had gone to Israel to study Hebrew and Arabic.
Some time thereafter. he arrived in Iraq seeking to get in on some business there.
Early reports, after Berg's disappearance---reports that themselves disappeared---contended that in Iraq , FBI Counter-Intelligence had him at one time either in custody or under arrest. Hey, did anyone ask WHAT is FBI Counter-Intelligence doing in Iraq? With what, if anything, was Berg charged? Not divulged. He thereafter reportedly was turned over to Iraq police---were these FOR or AGAINST the U.S. Military occupiers of Iraq? Not divulged. THEY, in turn, reportedly put Berg on the street where he supposedly was snatched by unidentified persons.
Like in the Danny Pearl matter, some contended that Berg was an informant if not actual operative of Israeli intelligence, apparently seeking to uncover data useful to The Mossad for blackmailing military support money out of the crime-riddled, treasonous Bush White House.
At a low-point in the Bush White House---having to explain the apparent widespread torture of Iraqi POWs----the monopoly press aided the Bushies in diverting attention. There was the horrible picture of Nick Berg having hooded persons pushing him to one side, amid his terrible screaming, as they sawed off his head and then were about to show it to the video cameras.
Cynical but practical remedy: urge YOUR local college or university to teach a much-needed course in the realities of THE BLACKMAIL BUSINESS, used worldwide.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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