Chemtrails Over Louisville
From Todd Lanning
Dear Jeff...
I was able to capture these incredible Chem-Trails on April 15th, 2004 (Tax day). They were shot on the grounds of a local small airport in Louisville, during midday. It is interesting how the days before and after April 15th were clear days with no chem-trails. I even emailed our most senior local weatherman and asked him what those jets are spraying in the sky. Here is his reply:
"The weather keeps changing, that's what was going on yesterday. Aircraft contrails and/or cirrus clouds are usually the first sign of an approaching weather system - the increasing moisture shows up first at the highest altitudes since the winds up there are the strongest. The jets are not "spraying" anything except (possibly) water vapor. Contrails form two ways. One is the aircraft exhaust (almost entirely water/water vapor) adds just enough water to an almost saturated atmosphere for form a thin "tail" of ice crystals. The second way occurs when the aircraft flies into an area of the atmosphere which is saturated (or even supersaturated) but not producing ice crystals. The aircraft "disturbs" this delicate balance and creates spontaneous crystallization. In either case, it is not smoke, it is not toxic - it is nothing but ice crystals. Nature is quite good at producing cirrus clouds, but high-flying aircraft can force the process into production a little early."
He is only describing the typical Contrail process, since he must be unaware of chemtrails. I will send him the pics, I have sent you and perhaps an article.



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