Are X-Rays Always Our Friend?
By Ted Twietmeyer
So off you go to the nightclub one night, or even to an airport. Suddenly you find yourself in a line to "get in" waiting to go through a "security" portal. What are they doing ? Using X-rays on people.
And men may have the most to fear. Penetration of the high energy waves is *supposedly* just a few millimeters. The skin on the male reproductive organs is the thinnest skin on the outside of the body. A penetration of a few millimeters will put the energy right into the testicle. And in some women, the ovaries are only a bit deeper. To label X-rays as "soft X-rays" is to label a neutron bomb a "clean bomb."
So you've gone to a nightclub to have fun, or maybe taken plane ride. And in the bargain, the DNA of your progeny may be altered forever. But that's good, because thats freedom, right ? And the best part is- you'll never know until your first (or next) child is born, what happened to that night. Its quite hard to find clothes to fit children with an extra arm or leg...and even worse when an arm or leg is missing. And the doctor will just label it a freak of nature, because expertise in radiological exposure is something they do NOT teach in medical school. The time it could take to find out this happened to you, could range from months to decades. But HOW will you prove you've been "nuked ?"
And even if you are past the age of reproduction or have no interest in having children- there is the Thyroid Gland. It is known to be one of the most important glands in the entire body, by regulating your heart and other functions. For those who have one not working correctly, they must take medicine for it the remainder of their lives. And it too, is just a few millimeters under the skin.
We could go on about this, but ask yourself just this one question" When you go to a radiologist to have FAST X-ray pictures taken under doctor's orders...ASK YOURSELF this question: Why does the technician put a lead apron over the reproductive areas of the body, and they either step out of the room or behind a shielded wall while the machine is on ?
So, just SHUT-UP, let the police state happen and stand by while it gets bigger and bigger. That's freedom, right ?
Happy Flying and bar-hopping ! And don't forget - You'll meet all your other friends at the doctor when you go, too !



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