War Has Answered!
The sought after has finally arrived. It's been well over a year, closer to two, since the formal Council of Conspirators began to plot the arrival of this day. Finally WAR has arrived in all its blood and ruin-all it's chaos and oblivion.
When the plotting first began, it only sought to change the language. The death of subtlety was next among the casualties and was soon followed by the total reorganization of society's priorities and governmental symbols. Emphasis was placed upon the use of words and terms. FEAR was loosed upon the country. The fear of every word was echoed in the terror, of anything that might conflict with the impending promise of the war to come.
This was to be the new way of all things. This would mark the new age of Pax Americana, (Bush Doctrine 2002) and would become our footprint on planet earth. Imperial American military might was to be the one and only path to any goal worth taking. In our number-oneness, we proceeded to become the embodiment of "IT." Nothing could stop this Empirical force that had been ordained by perversions, combined with tortured religious fanatical visions, and aided immeasurably by vast amounts of homegrown arrogance and greed. So this irresistible force was aimed and fired at the Middle East, and at Iraq in particular; after having first glanced off the deserts of Afghanistan, as being less than useful to the glory of this cause.
And all this while, the Council of Conspirators continued to design their dirty little plots and their secret basement plans, supported by the theft of billions from other programs, because the "WAR" was always uppermost. No mention was made that before this unholy alliance was formed, there was no threat, there was no need to fight and die in distant deserts, for ideas that have become so contorted as to lose all meaning now, beneath the boots of American invaders in an ancient land that has no need of us.
But still, the facts aside, they plotted and they schemed. This would be the great achievement, a legendary victory in the annuals of military arms. Our invading forces would be met with flowers and open arms, and soon all Iraq would begin to resemble West LA. But time passed, and our troops continued to play at war. Thousands upon thousands of the native population were killed - slaughtered really, by bombs and tanks and heavy weapons, and always this regrettable collateral damage was dismissed as, just part of the price of freedom.
Then a few months ago the pace of our need to prepare the locals for their new yoke of American subjugation was stepped up. We went back to house-to-house raids, to middle of the night searches for those who were not there. On this path over the last year over 10,000 people were arrested, and not charged. It is still not known how many others were simply killed in these housekeeping actions designed to make the country secure enough for freedom and democracy. Something else arrived with all of this, something fiercely angry, something unrelenting and remorseless - a people were beginning to awaken to the seizure of their land and of their way of life. As the anniversary of the beginning of this crime approached, a new and unquiet spirit began to move throughout that land, and with it came the true dogs of war: red of tooth and claw, frenzied in their outrage, determined in their wrath to force us from their land. And this is where we are today.
This was the scene, behind the scene, when four American mercenaries were ambushed and murdered, their corpses brutally disfigured and left hanging from a bridge in Fallujah. The images were flashed around the world. Outrage was immediate and the military soon decided to pounce upon the "thugs" that did this to these American civilians. But they weren't civilians, they were mercenaries, calling themselves contractors, and they were armed to the teeth in a war zone. They were also part of the same group of Americans that had been ripping people from what was left of their homes, at gunpoint, in the middle of the night and hauling half of them away to camps, never be heard from again. Those not arrested were frequently beaten, usually in front to their families, and sometimes killed. All of this in a brutal effort to discover who the enemy really was: then the men in black would just disappear until the next time. This was what the people of Fallujah remembered about American law and order, and this is part of what has finally brought on the full appearance of total WAR, back into Iraq.
Prior to the four dead mercenaries, thousands and thousands of Iraqi's died brutal and needless deaths, and no one except other Arabs allowed those pictures to go out into the world. The American War machine didn't even count how many of those they came to liberate, who had to die, to get their personal slice of freedom's sometimes deadly air.
When Fallujah resisted in force, the American war machine went over-the-top with all weapons blazing. In that weeklong outburst we claimed that 95% of all those killed were resistance fighters. The facts say otherwise. The dead children and so many women and the elderly with bullets in the back are hard to argue with. But our intrepid media representatives saw none of this.
Now, everything has changed. The war that didn't happen last year has arrived in full and bloody conflagration. The road between Baghdad and the Airport is now a free fire zone, transports cannot move except in the far north of the country. All over Iraq, the military is under siege by reinvigorated people who want their country back. People also want their families to be free from marauding invaders and of having their homes and farms bombed, their way of life destroyed by those who do not even speak their language: People (mostly US military) who ridicule their religion and their customs, and shoot too often, before they even know what might be going on.
Before we came they had Saddam and his brutality, but they also had remnants of the world's oldest civilization, their museums and their ancient books, their records, and their way of life. Many of their women held open and honorable professions, today these same women are uncertain of their future, in a society now permanently in flux. During the invasion most people could only watch while US Marines either stood by and watched it all go up in flames, or watched the bandits as they looted what was left of what used to be the Iraqi state. There is little love between the people of Iraq and their current occupiers (us).
What is different now, is that the tables have been completely turned, and we are about to finally have to begin to pay the price that war demands, from those who chose war carelessly. Body bags are the first instance of failed political polices. In this case diplomacy was never even tried-because our anointed one, had talked to god and then decided, "WAR was what it had to be!" Never mind that there were laws about making those kinds of decisions. This mattered not to BUSH, because he was chosen above all men to bring freedom to the waiting world, despite the rights of other peoples, and the Constitution of the USA. Bush had his mission, and nothing as small as the US Congress or the courts were going to get between him and his mission: because he was chosen by god to do this. So Bush ordered the war to begin, but knowing nothing of war in reality, he didn't even begin to see this coming!
Now as surely as night follows day, WAR has followed on his orders, having heard the call directly from his lips. A little late perhaps, but at last the bloody fighting has finally begun, and our leader will finally have his war to stain his term of office, and to mark the premature end of thousands of lives that need not have been terminated by this mentally deficient fool who calls himself "the president." Now his only problem is how to escape this ever-growing quagmire in the wasteland that Iraq has now become?
We cannot leave, and we cannot stay. Our allies are beginning to pack it in, and think again about just what this adventure was really been about. This is not just W's problem; anymore it's ours as well. Those troops that are dying daily, they are our loved ones, part of the blood and treasure than Bush has thrown away so freely just to satiate his ego, in his little talks with god. When politics is just a bit of theater, a little graft, and a lot of corruption, that's business as usual. But when politicians begin to buy their own BS, and begin making claims upon the world, and all the profits that abound within it - then it's time for the ancient Gods of WAR to begin to play their blood-stained hands-again.
Now there is all this talk about elections; who is credible, and who is not - it's bunk! Iraq is not ours to dictate to, it never was. The entire fiasco about elections has nothing to do with running Iraq; it has only to do with saving the ass of the idiotic fools that invaded Iraq in the first place-unilaterally-standing as they did against the whole world, except for the Brits and the Israeli's. Well they did their thing, and got the disaster that they were told they should expect. Now they want to dignify all that death and destruction they have wrought in Iraq, by papering over all that crime with yet another puppet government! Time's up for the Bushites. The world has been there and done this; way too many times already. This time it just won't wash-we'll have to wait and see, no doubt-but the odds are heavier this time, against this course of action, than they have ever been before!
How shall we explain the footprint that we will not leave in old Iraq? How can we explain to our children what we tried to do to all those people, and in the name of what? "We killed them in order to make them free?" We bankrupted this nation and drained even the red ink from our treasury in service to which multi-national corporate friends of the man who stole that office that he claims as his? And despite all that, we have done nothing to rein in this man who talks to god, and sends our men and women out to die, because he has a vision for the world?
It's fascinating that none of the "newscasts" here have had the courage to show us what is happening daily to our troops, or to those that we are killing by the hundreds in Iraq. We've been practicing selective coverage now since well before this "war" began. When will be begin to choose to tell the truth? Because the way it's going now, we will soon be trapped by our own military shortsightedness. Those failures can't be covered up forever. When will that day of reckoning arrive? Maybe just like" the revolution" - the results this time just won't be televised.



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