The TRUTH Is Missing In Action

The TRUTH is Missing in Action
The headlines scream, the net is lighting up like New Year's Eve before "The Death of the American Republic" at the turn of this century. The government's media arm is stilted, almost silenced by the scale of an ever-growing resistance, of so many, to this dirty little war of conquest that is failing to succeed. Newscasts are confining themselves to a few short minutes of coverage of the debacle that looks more like a desert version of Viet Nam with every passing day. Our generals are serious, determined that this be seen as just another minor situation that yet another ridiculously named 'operation' will be sure to crush. But when the next day dawns, the operation is renamed, and the generals repeat the same tired phrases, because there is still no plan ­ and still no overwhelming victory anywhere to claim.
What happened to telling us what is really going on? Those troops are Americans for the most part, whether private security forces, or uniformed military. Do we not have the right to know what is happening to them? Why are so many still dying now, when this war was declared to have been over, long ago? What about the massive outlays of expenses being paid, or given freely to Israel: All the money being used for whatever purpose, is ours, do we not have the right to know how that is being spent?
When we went to war there were television specials weekly. The coverage was total and unending ­ so where are they now with Peter Jennings reporting "From the Front"? Where is the intrepid Dan Rather with insight from "Behind the Lines"? The body count is growing daily and still the public, those without cable or satellite access, is not being told much of anything. This story is often shoved back behind "the news" of local happenings, a house fire here, a shooting there, but this is an event that will change everything about our economy, our welfare, and our way of life: and ultimately our world. Still the media arm of this US government does not dare allow us to see or hear the news, in the blood-drenched detail that is reality in Iraq these days. Why not? Because this may reflect badly on those that the station's owners have been supporting since long before the failed elections of 2000-that would be the Bushwhackers and their ranks of impossibly inept cabinet members, hell bent on Empire!
A 'commission on 9-11' was established to cover-up the truth. And much is being said about all the melodrama of peripheral events that still manage to avoid the gruesome and the deadly truths that happened on that day. The basic facts are these. The administration knew enough before 911 to warn their friends not to fly during the week in question. No one has yet questioned how this was possible, since they claim that they did not know enough to even pay attention to the possibilities of an attack. And yet, the dirty truth continues to seep out and with every new revelation it becomes ever-clearer, that if this was not an inside job, it is the closet thing to one, that most have ever seen.
Is this why the commission is not a congressional investigation, but a privately appointed group? Because of this fact, the White House can control the length of time the commission can have to finish-up. They can also force the report to go back through the White House for censorship, before the report is published. Congress cannot be so controlled, which is why they passed on the right to investigate this fully, as they were supposed to do, had the constitutional requirements been observed.
Bottom line-the government is lying to us again, this time by omission, if not by outright complicity in whatever happened on 911.
Congress has the right to call the President and anyone else to testify under oath before them, if they had chosen to be the investigating body here. They allowed themselves to be by-passed instead. By avoiding the spotlight now, congress has become complicit in this continuing crime that implicates them as well, in the murder of thousands on that September morning.
Speaking of what we do not know, there is one other glaring absence. What has happened to George W. Bush? Where oh where is our brilliant and courageous leader? Why he's down in Texas somewhere on his ranch, probably digging himself an eight by twelve foot hole in which to hide from prosecution. This is, by the way, the second time that simple George has run away, whenever the blood has begun to flow. The first instance was actually on the morning of 911.
It seems, that Ronnie & Cheney & Rummy succeeded, during the Reagan administration, in creating something called the Armageddon Plan. In this particular piece of off-the-books, unconstitutional insanity, created an entirely different set of priorities for political control of the nation, in the event of an attack upon this country.
What makes it so horrendous is that congress is charged with creating plans like this - not the paranoid crazies in the executive branch of government. When congress does this, it's legal, because there has to be input from the public, however indirectly. When the executive branch does this, then that's a coup, because it is not their job, and it's certainly not their call.
The executive's function is to carry out the wishes of congress. The Tarnished House is not authorized to redesign the country in any way it chooses, and especially not without the direct involvement of congress and the people.
Finally, these criminals went further - they implemented their dirty little plan. The conspiracy theorists, according to ABC News interviews with those who loved it, have dreamed of this for decades. When the bandits took the Tarnished House, they began practicing their little plot, in real time exercises: And on 9-11 they put their plot into actual use for the first time-in total secrecy!
What this does explain is the "hum" that is being heard in many places around the USA. This is the government creating underground bunkers for themselves, most recently the stories have dealt with several Southwestern cities; but they've already done some of their work in Washington State, and beneath the new airport in Denver. These massive projects have never been acknowledged, explained, or referenced openly by this government. But the costs involved have to have been massive - and their real purposes cannot be good for those who have paid for them. Congress needs to look fully into all of this obviously secret construction, and air a full report to the nation about it.
This was the reason that our cowardly leader ran away to Omaha on 911. Insiders say that he "protested" - saying that he wanted to get back to the Tarnished House and act like a man. But Cheney told him that he couldn't. Ask yourself how it is that Cheney can tell the imposter anything, especially during an attack upon the nation. But according to the program, now the defacto law of USA, that's exactly what Bush was supposed to do, and "that" explains why he disappeared that day.
The reasoning beneath the Armageddon Plan is that it is their responsibility is to ensure (by creating three separate governments, in three different secret locations) the uninterrupted flow of services from the federal government, in the event of any attack. This is particularly strange as most of the country thinks that the government's job is to defend the nation from attacks, and not to worry about the continuity of IRS, or the Post Office, until after the attacks are dealt with. Apparently this is no longer the case. Don't you feel safer knowing that three groups of otherwise useless figureheads, with their chosen assistants, have been whisked around the country (at no small expense), to fully functional underground cities, (air-conditioned, and fully stocked bunkers), so that their government can continue. This was the case on 911 - even as the fireballs had not even finished burning. Don't you just love their dedication to all the wrong things!
This does not however explain why Bush is in hiding: Now that our forces are facing an entirely reenergized resistance. This is a resistance that Bush and his administration have created with the brutality and the insensitivity of their policies and their out-of-control actions on the ground in Iraq. We don't even speak the language of the people we are now dictating to, we are not familiar with their culture, their religious beliefs, or with much of anything that forms the basis for their lives or their dreams for a better tomorrow. Yet we have attacked them with mega-force and slaughtered thousands of them, as in the name of liberty and democracy, we are continuing to kill them in order to save them! Is this the America that you grew up in?
So why aren't we able to hear from our invisible leader of the "free world"? Where is the press conference that should have happened already, the one where reporters could ask the really tough questions about the real reasons for what is happening now? Maybe they might ask about the choices that have led directly to the unification of centuries-old-enemies coming together now-to attack us, as their singularly most hated mutual enemy?
The president is supposed to lead the nation, not run away when the nation is attacked. Bush should be charged with cowardice in the face of the enemy because he was running, even before the attacks were completed.
All of those that died after the first plane hit the first tower to be struck were murdered by the inattention of their government. Because the government was charged with protecting everyone from what came next. And if those responsible are not charged with this crime, then justice will not have been served. The world has come to know this, the only ones still in any doubt seem to be the American public. And this is due in large part to the unconscionable failure by the media here to cover this story at all.
It's no wonder that they don't want the particulars of these events investigated, because then each of those involved, including the major media managers, would then have to explain exactly what they did before, during, and after September 11th and that would produce massive violence, which would probably result in a regime change here and now.



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