Border Wars - 'Terrorism
In Its Purest Form'

By Will Hart

"This is terrorism in its purest form."
--U.S. Border Patrol spokesman Shawn Palmer
NOGALES, AZ -- There is a wall along the US-Mexican border that separates the city of Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora. According to a report released this week and published in the local newspaper, "Individuals on the wall, or behind it, will hurl rocks at the agent. The rocks generally weigh several pounds and can cause severe injury to an agent." (Nogales, International 4/6/04)
The Border Patrol calls these hostile actions "rockings." When similar incidents occur in Israel they are referred to as acts of terrorism. The mainstream American media reports on such incidents, except when they occur on our own border. Two weeks ago an agent was shot in the groin by an "illegal" he was trying to arrest. At about the same time a convoy of six trucks carrying 165 'illegals' blasted across the border through the desert and onto the Tahono O'odham Indian Reservation. When US agents tried to block their path, the drivers tried to run them over.
These are typical incidents that go on every week, month in and month out. According the Border Patrol 114 assaults on agents assigned to the Nogales station occurred during 2002. This is only one station along a 2,000 mile border that stretches from California to east Texas. Nogales agents informed the newspaper that "agents are lured to certain areas along the border wall for the express purpose of harming them."
Drug and people smugglers - they often use illegal aliens to smuggle drugs - have grown increasingly bold and violent in recent years. In January, 2003 a gun battle occurred between drug smugglers and agents along the Rio Grande River in Texas. On March 19, 2004 an Arizona man reported that he had fired warning shots in the direction of a truck because he was tired of smugglers crossing through his property. "The same vehicle apparently returned 40 minutes later and occupants opened fire on the man's home with an AK-47 rifle and 9 mm gun", the Arizona Star reported.
The problem here is obvious to everyone except the American congress, the president and the mavens that run our mass media. While we our pouring billions into 'The War on Terrorism', our southern border has not been secured against another 9-11 attack or an invasion by a cadre of paramilitary operatives.
The situation is so dire on the Tohono O'odham reservation that private citizens began to arm themselves against the mounting terrorist threat last month. This reporter toured the area and spoke with residents in January and February and they said that there were increasing numbers of thefts and vandalism cases reported by homeowners. How dangerous is the situation? Last week the Border Patrol donated bullet proof vests to the reservation police.
Why is it that if similar events occur in Israel they are covered by our mass media? Furthermore, why has the mainstream press made an issue out of Janet Jackson's breast exposure and yet failed to make one out of the apparent penetration of our border by Moslems? As I write this, our congress, administration, intelligence analysts and press are flapping their jaws about who was responsible for 9-11. Are they all on Prozac?
What if the next act of terrorism committed on American soil is perpetrated by terrorists who crossed via the Mexican border?
They can all pass the buck for the last failure, but we should not let them off the hook the next time. It does seem ironic that President Bush has a cozy BBQ with El Presidente Fox when the latter voted with OPEC to raise oil prices, has criticized the war in Iraq and demanded that 'illegals' be given free passes? It is time to hold the president accountable for his failure to secure the Mexican border. His recent performances regarding border politics are nothing short of embarrassing and shameful.
Last year an Arizona couple discovered a diary written in Arabic in a backpack apparently dropped on their property by an illegal alien entering the U.S. (The Sierra Vista Herald Review, 2/03). We already learned that it takes less than 20 terrorists to pull off a major attack yet hundreds of such individuals could have easily crossed the border with undocumented Mexican nationals since 9-11.
Nevertheless, we read "by all reports, the wave of illegal immigration across our nation's southern border has accelerated threefold since President Bush announced his confusing guest worker proposal in January, 2004." (Human Tidal Wave Spills Over Border, (4/8/02)
Right now an estimated 1 million 'illegals' are entering the U.S. every month, which is a shocking and unacceptable fact. Not only is Mr. Bush asleep at the wheel so is Congress, the New York Times, CBS, NBC, ABC and the Washington Post. Need we remind the vacationing president that we are at war and not just in Iraq or Afghanistan? A war is going on along our southern border and the government's first duty is to protect our sovereignty from foreign invasion.



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