Video Of Bush At Elementary
School On 911 Tells All

From Walter Burien

The video produced by Booker Elementary School, where President Bush was visiting on the morning of September 11, 2001, can be seen online at:
Bush receives the whispered message from Andrew Card now about the second strike at the WTC. Response: NO surprise, no horror, no anger; certainly no grief. He did not immediately break from an insignificant event to address a national emergency. Why? It is shocking to see due to its implications, but every American should view this. It is available only on the Internet. Why is it not played over and over again on NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX? To clear of a statement I guess.
Walter Burien
PS: Per President Bush and the Booker Elementary School, I would love to see someone show next to the recorded video:
The same setting but this time the person comes in and tells Bush two planes attempted to hit the WTC Towers but were shot down before they did, and now Bush spins away from the podium and yells "What" and he immediately tells the class there is an emergency and leaves the classroom, clearly being upset and startled as he leaves with his aids.
Liars figure, and figures lie, but a picture says a thousand words!



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