Thoughts On Chemtrials
After Seven Years Of Watching

From James E. Reany, Jr

After having observed chemtrails for at least 7 years, and maybe more, I have one true test for people to ask themselves. I also wonder why this isn't mentioned more often. Any casual observer of chemtrails need only tally the results to draw conclusions as to what is happening.
Here in Arizona, we are having a drought and have been experiencing the same for many years. Chemtrails almost always appear when a weather front is on the horizon. I have personally observed how chemtrails are attracted to cloud formations and dissolve clouds that might have gathered and produced rain. This takes the patience of observing for long periods of time while the trails interact with clouds.
But the most important observation for the novice is to watch how the trails are formed after they first begin. After the first trails are laid down, the aircraft(s) begin patterns that are somewhat creative as they paint the sky. What is probably the best giveaway is when the aircraft begin their 'creative' phase.
I ask anyone that I can to just ask themselves this question: Suppose you are in the plane overhead and you are traveling along and the pilot comes on and tells everyone that for the sake of fuel conservation he is going to switch off the engines for a short period of time to conserve fuel. To someone on the ground observing the trail, it is regularly noticed that the trails are often broken... that is, they are 'on' for a few minuets then off again...and then on again. One on the ground must only conclude that the aircraft has had to shut down the engines for this to occur. There is no other explanation to this, unless the plane is emitting something other than jet exhaust.
Every once in a while this is so obvious that when I tell someone to observe they become believers that something is happening. Does this observation propel them on to investigate? Probably not. Most of the time I am sure that I am considered quite an eccentric. Is amazes me that people are so unable to see the obvious even when it is happening all of the time. Lack of fundamental science knowledge has made so many people unable to recognize the obvious.
I am sure that anyone who regularly sees this happening must have the same feelings of frustration. So many times I have been on my way to work and watched what is happening and shaken my fist at the perpetrators and muttered obscenities. The one clear thing for me is that as long as this is taking place it matters little who is elected as president.
From time to time, I think that I must be just another crank who sees the sky falling but when I see what is happening - and even more importantly how many people who are oblivious to it - I assure myself that what is happening is not going to continue for much longer. You can draw your own conclusion as to why this won't continue, but as for myself, the "signs in the sky", are enough to convince me that time is short,
James E Reany Jr



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