Chemtrails Over Albany,
NY - Watching Planes
Turn Spray On

From Nicholas Schmidt, PhD

Dear Jeff,
Just north of Albany, NY, extensive chemtrails are being created over the Lake George region of New York, approximately 2-3 times per week. Typically several planes are involved, which usually follow north-south and east-west flight paths. The patterns created are generally the "tic-tac-toe" (criss-cross) variety that slowly spread out into flat, wispy, unnatural looking clouds.
On one occasion, I happened to see two planes approaching the perimeter of a large chemtrail pattern that was partially completed. The two aircraft were flying reasonably close and parallel to one another. One plane was slightly behind the other. No chemtrails were visible behind either craft as they approached the perimeter of the "cloud" formation being created. As soon as the first plane intersected the leading edge of the criss-cross pattern it began to spew a chemtrail. Shortly thereafter, the second plane reached the same perimeter and started discharging its chemtrail.
What made this observation so compelling was that individuals in the first plane knew where the edge of the chemtrail pattern began. In order to continue building the criss-cross formation, someone had to make a deliberate decision to "flip a switch" to activate the flow of chemtrail material when a certain location was reached, which is exactly what happened. Less than a minute later the scene repeated itself when the second plane intersected the same edge and another switch was flipped... both planes working in perfect tandem, both planes apparently guided by the same predetermined plan.
Below are several pictures of typical chemtrail patterns seen over the past few months...
Note mixture of normal clouds and chemtrail clouds
Typical "tic-tac-toe" design



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