7 US Contractors Dead
Or Missing, Co-Worker Reports

From RJ
Jeff -
There has been alot of disinfo regarding this convoy attack on 4-10-4 where at least seven of my former co-workers and friends either perished or were kidnapped in Baghdad.
The mainstream media reported that the convoy was near Al Fallujah which is not true. As I have come to understand it, there were two fuel convoys that left Anaconda that morning on the way to BIAP (Baghdad International Airport) to refuel the USAF there. The first convoy was the one hardest hit where my former CC (convoy cmdr) was allegedly kidnapped and my good friend Steve Fisher was killed. Another friend, call sign, 'Mustang' did not return to ANACONDA from that convoy.
What is not being told is that KBR put all of the TTM/Tanker drivers at far greater risk of attack when, during the first week of March they obtained twenty-eight fuel systems from the 705th TC at Anaconda to haul fuel with. These US Army systems are 1991 Freightliner Daycabs and 8000 gallon fuel tankers, all of them have the same paint scheme, JUNGLE CAMOFLAGE. KBR placed unarmed civilian drivers into clearly marked us military vehicles, a far cry from the civilian-looking fuel systems we were driving before. Our drivers went from soft targets to hard targets. KBR had a stash of brand new Volvo tractors sitting in Kuwait (a sizable number of them are still sitting in a lot across from the Khalifa Resort in Al Jahrah, Kuwait. KBR, as I understand it didn't want to spend the $2500 dollars per tractor to plate and register them in Kuwait in order to move them up to Anaconda.
My friends lost their lives. Their chances of being attacked went up exponentially when KBR obatined these systems from the US Army. This could have been avoided. My friends didn't have to be kidnapped or die. It is my opinion that KBR's actions were a contributing factor to the attack.
Ray L Johnson
TTM/Tanker Driver
Call sign: 'Rebel'
(I am currently back in the states due to an OTJ injury coming back from a convoy mission to Anaconda on 3.17.4 where I busted three discs in my back)



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