Zimbabwe - MDC Shocker:
'We Will Not Return
Farmer's Land'

From Jan Lamprecht

I'm disgusted with Tsvangirai and the MDC. Deep down, most blacks in Africa are Socialists of one form or another. -Jan
The Sunday Tribune
(IOL) - Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) says should it win power, it would not return land to evicted white farmers.
"We cannot go back to the pre-2000 situation in which Mr Joe Bloke who has now run away, is in Australia, we say come and get back your land. We cannot go back to that," said MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai, in an interview.
Invaders headed by war veterans took over farms in 1999, chasing white farmers away in an action sanctioned by the ruling Zanu-PF.
Invaders headed by war veterans took over farms in 1999 "Neither can we endorse what Zanu-PF has done," Tsvangirai said. "Land reform without the issue of food security is not land reform. Today six million Zimbabweans need food assistance.
"The land grabbing exercise that Mugabe has embarked on has led this country to a serious food deficit...
"We cannot reverse what has been done, but we cannot endorse what has been done," said Tsvangirai.
He said the ruling party's method of grabbing the land was wrong, even though it was backed by sound ideals.
"Zanu-PF has embarked on this disastrous land grabbing exercise. We, as the MDC, think the method was wrong, the objectives might be right... what we want as MDC is a rationalisation process, to rationalise the land distribution process, to rationalise the reform programme so that it becomes equitable, transparent and deals with this historical grievance," Tsvangirai said.
'We cannot reverse what has been done' He said once his party came to power it would conduct land audits to find out who owned farms and how many.
This stems from allegations that some of the Zanu-PF and government officials have more than one farm.
"(The audit) is going to reveal who has got what, and clearly set up a mechanism of a land commission to deal with redistribution, land reform itself, assistance to farmers and the progressive support that should be given for food service sufficiency.
"We are not going to embark on witchhunting, we are going to say one farm, one person. Need is an important issue, not greed," he said.
Responding to Tsvangirai's comments, Zanu-PF spokesman Jonathan Shamuyarira admitted that "there might have been problems with land allocation".
"But we are dealing with it, we are investigating the problem as government," Shamuyarira said.
He was referring to a probe into the land issue conducted by government, but whose report has been kept under wraps.
This article was originally published on page 12 of The Sunday Tribune on April 04, 2004
Jan's comments:
If the MDC cannot return farm land to white farmers who were chased off the land, then I see no point in whites ever even supporting them. If the MDC can't stand for that, then what do they stand for?
There is a principle at stake here. The principle is the PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF LAND - a fact that is recognised across the Western world. This was written into the constitution of ever African country that came into being. It is at the core of freedom, and of capitalism and wealth. If you do not allow people to own land, and you cannot or will not protect that ownership, then you are laying a precedent for communism.
Forget the white farmers for a moment. What if someone in the USA for example, wants to buy 10 farms in Zim and has the money and wants to invest? This is a big disincentive because it means, that something you buy legally, can now be taken from you. NOBODY WILL INVEST IN A COUNTRY LIKE THAT!!
But the MDC are really soft socialists. Many hoped they were better than Mugabe. As I said before, the MDC hasn't given one farm back to a white farmer, and now their leader says it will never happen. Then what is the point of the MDC? He even dares to say: Mugabe was driven by the correct IDEALS... Well, if you believe that the "fair resdistribution of land" is a great ideal then clearly you are a socialist. In capitalism - the only system that actually WORKS - you let people have the FREEDOM to invest and develop as they see fit. If one man is talented and can run 20 farms, you leave him to it. All this "fairness" crap will never make a country great. Countries become great by unleashing TALENT.
I've said all along the MDC is mediocre, and this proves it. They are not all that much better than ZANU(PF).
That's why Africa will NEVER be GREAT. It is a continent, of below-average people with a mentality of punishing those who are above-average because they can't contain their jealousy. That's also why whites and asians can't live with these people because these people will cause their own poverty and drag all of us down to their rotten level of stupidity and insanity. -- Jan



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