SA Whites NOT To Be
Promoted To Mgmt Positions

From Jan Lamprecht

Here is a bit of corporate gossip from my friends and co-workers.
A friend of mine who works for an international oil company (from a European country - I will withhold the actual name), in Johannesburg, told me that the company will not be promoting white men and women into managerial positions. Apparently, the first order of business is to promote blacks. However, my friend says that even though the company is doing this the blacks are not getting such good salaries though (because of their inexperience no doubt).
A co-worker tells me that NEDCOR (owners of Nedbank), will be retrenching 7,000 people. Many big companies in Johannesburg have retrenched hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of people in the last couple of years as the ANC's socialism bites ever deeper into business...
- Jan Lamprecht



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