Condoleezza Rice April 8,
2004 Sworn Testimony
9-11 Commission

Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.

A lot of al-Qaeda Activity Inside the United States Summer of 2001
The evidence is sufficient and clear. During the summer of 2001 there was clear cut evidence of al-Qaeda operatives within the United States. This knowledge further included the anticipated use of airplanes as missiles. The President and Dr. Rice knew that focus was on the terrorists hijacking airplanes but Rice claims that using them as missiles was far afield from her mind and ipso facto the mindset of the President of the United States. In fact she and her agents have advised that she stood ignorant of intelligence community knowledge of using airplanes as missiles into buildings by terrorists until after her historic faux pax in May 2002. Sender, Berl & Sons asks how can someone stand so ignorant and ask you to believe that she was the National Security Advisor. We have forcibly argued that she was not ( and is not the National Security Advisor. Quite frankly and succinctly Sender, Berl & Sons Inc. was cognizant of multiple reports in the intelligence community about the use of airplanes for the purposes of 9-11, so how can anyone believe that the National Security Advisor can sit there and deny such knowledge and to boot declare that it took her eight months after 9-11 to find out what we knew when we heard her make this stupid remark in May 2002.
RICE: Despite the fact that the vast majority of the threat information we received was focused overseas, I was also concerned about possible threats inside the United States. On July 5, Chief of Staff Andy Card and I met with Dick Clarke, and I asked Dick to make sure that domestic agencies were aware of the heightened threat period and were taking appropriate steps to respond, even though we did not have specific threats to the homeland. Later that same day, Clarke convened a special meeting of his CSG, as well as representatives from the FAA, the INS, Customs, and the Coast Guard. At that meeting, these agencies were asked to take additional measures to increase security and surveillance.
SenderBerl: She in large part said that she left domestic issues to Clarke and the CSG but here in her opening statement she says she was concerned about threat inside the US. So it is clear unless she was at the beach that she knew there was a serious threat or else there was no reason for the USA to be on the highest state of alert for domestic terrorism in US history.
RICE: There were no specifics, and, in fact, the country had already taken steps through the FAA to warn of potential hijackings. The country had already taken steps through the FBI to task their 56 field offices to increase their activity. The country had taken the steps that it could given that there was no threat reporting about what might happen inside the United States.
SenderBerl: Four hijackings and so what was the FAA supposed to do and did they do it? Condy Rice's position is that absent knowing the exact date, the place, location, perhaps even the telephone numbers involved in terrorism, what does the country expect from her and this administration from a problem she simply says is systemic. The American people will not take well to this malarkey. Commissioner Lehman gave her a line of questions trying to help her out, that she was without knowledge, but in reviewing the transcript, it is apparent that she stood proudly ignorant of facts that the general public itself was knowledgeable about. Her arrogance in declaring what did you expect from an administration only in office for 233 days said it all.
GORTON: Would the program recommended on September 4th have prevented 9-11 had it been adopted in, say, February or March of 2001?
RICE: Commissioner, it would not have prevented September 11th if it had been approved the day after we came to office.
SenderBerl: We are talking apples and pears. SenderBerl has said there are trillion dollar military defense systems in place for decades to guard against nuclear attack against major cities. When four planes went off transponder we are not talking about Richard Clarke agendas and strategies, we are talking about the basic framework of taxpayer dollars to protect this country from nuclear attack. Would the point be any clearer had there been a nuclear device on board one of the planes?
KERREY: Let me ask you another question. Here's the problem that I have as I -- again, it's hindsight. I appreciate that. But here's the problem that a lot of people are having with this July 5th meeting.
You and Andy Card meet with Dick Clarke in the morning. You say you have a meeting, he meets in the afternoon. It's July 5th.
Kristen Breitweiser, who's a part of the families group, testified at the Joint Committee. She brings very painful testimony, I must say.
But here's what Agent Kenneth Williams said five days later. He said that the FBI should investigate whether al Qaeda operatives are training at U.S. flight schools. He posited that Osama bin Laden followers might be trying to infiltrate the civil aviation system as pilots, security guards and other personnel. He recommended a national program to track suspicious flight schools.
Now, one of the first things that I learned when I came into this town was the FBI and the CIA don't talk. I mean, I don't need a catastrophic event to know that the CIA and the FBI don't do a very good job of communicating.
And the problem we've got with this and the Moussaoui facts, which were revealed on the 15th of August, all it had to do was to be put on Intelink. All it had to do is go out on Intelink, and the game's over. It ends. This conspiracy would have been rolled up.
KERREY: And so I...
RICE: Commissioner, with all due respect, I don't agree that we know that we had somehow a silver bullet here that was going to work.
What we do know is that we did have a systemic problem, a structural problem between the FBI and the CIA. It was a long time in coming into being. It was there because there were legal impediments, as well as bureaucratic impediments. Those needed to be overcome.
Obviously, the structure of the FBI that did not get information from the field offices up to FBI Central, in a way that FBI Central could react to the whole range of information reports, was a problem..
KERREY: But, Dr. Rice, everybody...
RICE: But the structure of the FBI, the restructuring of the FBI, was not going to be done in the 233 days in which we were in office...
KERREY: Dr. Rice, everybody who does national security in this town knows the FBI and the CIA don't talk. So if you have a meeting on the 5th of July, where you're trying to make certain that your domestic agencies are preparing a defense against a possible attack, you knew al Qaeda cells were in the United States, you've got to follow up.
And the question is, what was your follow-up? What's the paper trail that shows that you and Andy Card followed up from this meeting, and...
RICE: I followed...
SenderBerl: This shows that Condy Rice is inept or part of the complicity of 9-11. Once flight school was an issue on the table it was incumbent on Rice to be totally on top of all intelligence on the use of airplanes in acts of terrorism.
KERREY: Actually it won't be a question.
In the spirit of further declassification, this is what the August 6th memo said to the president: that the FBI indicates patterns of suspicious activity in the United States consistent with preparations for hijacking.
That's the language of the memo that was briefed to the president on the 6th of August.
RICE: And that was checked out and steps were taken through FAA circulars to warn of hijackings.
But when you cannot tell people where a hijacking might occur, under what circumstances -- I can tell you that I think the best antidote to what happened in that regard would have been many years before to think about what you could do for instance to harden cockpits.
SenderBerl: You can see that Kerrey achieves something with Rice who is out there with her message that there was a problem and it existed for quite some time so please don't blame me, President Bush or this administration. However, it was HER JOB TO CONNECT THE DOTS. It was her responsibility to link hijackings to flight school to something big is going to happen and her position that without knowing where and when the government can't be expected to stop the hijackings. This is pure poppycock and is evidence of the complicity should the panel have gone into the questions SenderBerl and the victims' families had wanted presented to Condy Rice.
But I think it is really quite unfair to suggest that something that was a threat spike in June or July gave you the kind of opportunity to make the changes in air security that could have been -- that needed to be made.
SenderBerl: She keeps driving the center of focus on the self serving argument that systemic changes need have been made and don't look to little ole me to have done anything when these things were around forever. However, the issues SenderBerl is concerned with is going from high level alert to no alert to the failure of the FAA and military to deal with four planes off transponder when THIS COUNTRY JUST HAD BEEN TAKEN OFF HIGH ALERT.
LEHMAN: As a last question, tell us what you really recommend we should address our attentions to to fix this as the highest priority. Not just moving boxes around, but what can you tell us in public here that we could do, since we are outside the legislature and outside the executive branch and can bring the focus of attention for change? Tell us what you recommend we do.
RICE: My greatest concern is that, as September 11th recedes from memory, that we will begin to unlearn the lessons of what we've learned.
SenderBerl: This reflects the truth that this administration's highest hope is that 9-11 be once and for all buried to the domain of history books. 9-11 is this country's final opportunity to get rid of the enemies within. Allow them to get away with 9-11 and a future of darkness is a given. We have a special public service page that details all that you have allowed this NWO government to get away with also highlighting TWA Flight 800 which proved to the NWO strategists just how stupid the American public was willing to hold themselves.
Doesn't that beg that there should have been more accountability? That there should have been a resignation or two? That there should have been you or the president saying to the rest of the administration, somehow, somewhere, that this was not done well enough?
RICE: Mr. Roemer, by definition, we didn't have enough information, we didn't have enough protection, because the attack happened -- by definition. And I think we've all asked ourselves, what more could have been done?
I will tell you if we had known that an attack was coming against the United States, that an attack was coming against New York and Washington, we would have moved heaven and earth to stop it.
SenderBerl: They did and they did not come close to moving heaven or earth.
But you heard the character of the threat report we were getting: something very, very big is going to happen. How do you act on "something very, very big is going to happen" beyond trying to put people on alert? Most of the threat reporting was abroad.
SenderBerl: But no one pursued the qualitative difference between the six weeks of high alert and the alert condition if any on 9-11. Richard Ben-Veniste said after the proceeding that he would pursue this issue.
Conclusion: When Condy Rice left the proceedings, her attitude and demeanor told us she thought she did very well. She did. Stonewalling. However, the American people are tuned into 9-11 and they carry a growing recognition that this administration may prove itself to be an enemy far greater than Saddam Hussein would have ever been to the interests of this country. This President using Saddam Hussein as the bogeyman has put this country domestically and internationally at risk. He is a President with an inner cabal that should be feared for his damage to date has been of historical significance and magnitude.
Affiliated Analysis:
Preparing for CondyRice...Part II. SenderBerl utilizes Condy Rice's appearance on 60 Minutes to explain why she will prove to be a poor witness and why her appearance may prove to be a watershed event for the Bush administration.



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