Revenge Of The CFR
By Barry Chamish

Here is a short list of CFR members who have shoved the Oslo/Roadmap processes down Israel's throat, resulting in thousands of dead Israelis and Arabs in barely ten years, not to mention the total demoralization of Israel and the mass insanity of its Islamic neighbors:
Clinton, Christopher, Baker, Albright, Zinni, Powell, Rice, Kurtzer, Seigman, Bronfman, Tenet, Haass, Friedman, Stephen Cohen, Carter, Armitage, Burns, Wolfowitz, Berger, etc. etc.
Oh yes, and Pipes, but he's pretending otherwise for the time being. That is why he spends much of his waking hours plotting to eliminate my voice. Imagine the nerve of me pointing out that he is a proud member of the little think tank that could wreck Israel and is leaving a trail of blood throughout the Middle East.
Now let us look at just how tied up he is to the CFR establishment:
The Middle East Forum has existed since 1990, but in 1994 it became a nonprofit organization with Daniel Pipes as its director.
MEF is closely linked to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, where Pipes is an adjunct scholar. Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy is senior editor of MEF's Middle East Quarterly, and the institute's Robert Satloff and Samuel Lewis sit on the Quarterly's editorial board, along with Fouad Ajami of Johns Hopkins, Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, James Phillips of the Heritage Foundation, and Steven Plaut of the University of Haifa.
** I have thoughtfully provided a list of CFR members. Visit the site and confirm the facts. Now we all know that the Washington Institute For Near East Policy is the Martin Indyk - run monstrosity that became the locomotive for Oslo, so considering his public stance on Israel, Pipes' chair there is suspicious enough, but let's look at his own board:
From the 2001, Membership Roster Of The Council On Foreign Relations **
Robert B. Satloff - CFR
Samuel W. Lewis - CFR
Anthony H. Cordesman - CFR
** Continuing... **
"Virtually all 31 signatories of the MEF report, which was used to persuade Congress to introduce and pass the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act in 2003, were USCFL members, and several became high officials or advisers in the Bush foreign policy team, including Elliott Abrams, Paula Dobriansky, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser."
Elliot Abrams - CFR
Paula J. Dobriansky - CFR
Richard Perle - CFR
Douglas J. Feith - CFR
** Now look at the final name on Pipe's MEF board: why it's that pesky economics teacher from Haifa! Could that mean that the big fish and little minnow are coordinating their attacks against me? And what does the little minnow get for his effort?
You can be sure, there is a reward but it's not membership in the CFR. Searching his name
I came across one other namesake:
Peter Plaut, Managing Director and Head of European Credit Research, BANK OF AMERICA SECURITIES LTD.
He is not merely on the CFR members' list, he is also one of its biggest donors.
I tried but couldn't prove a family tie to the minnow, But I'll bet you there is and it's close. But even if not, the story of Peter Plaut bears telling. Here's who he is: **
In addition, he was responsible for helping the Korean and Malaysian governments re-establish capital markets access through their highly successful global debt offerings during this difficult time. He was also credited with anticipating the debt and currency crisis in Brazil and other Latin American sovereigns in late 1998.
Mr. Plaut worked at UBS Securities Inc. from 1992 to 1994, as a U.S. and international corporate and bank credit analyst and prior to that was an associate at JP Morgan Securities, Inc.
Mr. Plaut has been in Institutional Investor ranked analyst. In June 1998, he was elected as a term member to The Council on Foreign Relations and currently serves as an active participant in issues concerning U.S. and international economic and foreign policy.
** Lucky old Pete, he gets to bail out countries after the IMF has bankrupted them. And since JP Morgan was a founder of the CFR, naturally he gets to manipulate currencies for his bank while he's at it. But that's not all, look who was in Singapore, Malaysia's financial headquarters, when Pete was sorting out their World Bank debts. Why it was old Tom Plaut. And need we say that he also works for a JP Morgan affiliate?**
Thomas F. Plaut
Mr. Plaut brings sixteen years of foreign exchange trading experience to F.X. Solutions. He is a former Member of Senior Management at Credit Suisse A.G. and Global Head of Proprietary Trading at Dresdner Bank A.G. While at Credit Suisse and stationed in Singapore, Mr. Plaut was in charge of all foreign exchange trading activities in the Asian region.
FX Solutions currently holds client funds at JP Morgan Chase bank.
** How the Plauts diddle with the tills of nations while their peoples starve. Yes, Peter must be a very important component of the CFR's global economics plan. But then, so is Pipes, diplomatically. Look how the CFR funnels him the money he needs to carry on. **
Between 1996 and 1998, the Middle East Forum received $130,000 from the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, one of the top right wing foundations. (9)
Mark O'Keefe
Newhouse News Service
September 18, 2003
Foundation Excels at Fueling Conservative Agenda
Name a conservative idea -- whether it's school vouchers, faith-based initiatives or the premise that there's a worldwide clash of civilizations -- and the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation is apt to have its fingerprints on it.
Milwukee Journal Sentinel
April 3, 2003
Bradley Fighting Vehicle
A comprehensive new report makes clear the foundation's import in the feeding and nurturing of the Neoconservative Movement that has led the US to war in the Middle East.
It directly ascribes the war on Iraq to the "playbook" of the neocons, a group of "mostly Republicans," "many of whom have gotten funding from Milwaukee's Bradley Foundation."
A Newly Enriched Foundation Hires Chairman
Things changed dramatically in 1985, when the Allen-Bradley Company was sold to Rockwell International, a leading defense and aerospace conglomerate, for a whopping $1.651 billion. The Foundation benefited heavily from the sale, seeing its assets shoot up overnight from less than $14 million to more than $290 million, catapulting it into the ranks of the country's largest foundations. At that point its name was changed to the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, to publicly separate it from the company. Flush with new money and an understanding that they were now poised to play a more national role, foundation trustees decided it was time to hire a professional to run the organization. They found their man in New York at the John M. Olin Foundation.
** Now I flip to page 106 of my 2000 CFR Annual Report which lists foundations that offered generous grants to the CFR and right after The Norwegian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs comes, surprise, surprise The John M. Olin Foundation. I said previously that I'd prove Pipes gets his money directly or indirectly from the CFR and I just did.
Now would you trust him with YOUR country? **
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