The clock continues to tick away the seconds to the end of June in this year of 2004. Decision Day approaches, and still there is no plan in sight. The so-called coalition forces, consisting primarily of 130,000 US troops and 15,000 mercenaries (euphemistically we call them contractors), plus the Brits, and a bunch of lesser forces are all facing serious if not fatal problems.
Mixed in with the troops and mercenaries are thousands of aid workers and private assistance volunteers, along with journalists-not to mention the remnants of the 25 million people that are trying to live in what is left of their country. And still there is no plan to secure the highways, or the services needed for daily life, or the viability of actual political leaders within the country, aside from the puppets appointed by the ruling US council.
What Rummy and his incompetents have failed to understand is the nature of the typography, or the depths of the hostility, that this desert world can bring. Our non-warriors simply assumed; once the cities were subdued, by brute force, then the connecting roads and transportation systems in country would remain unmolested. But as anyone who is familiar with resistance warfare is aware, that is almost never the case. Iraq is not a small country and the roads are vulnerable, as is the water supply and the oil pipelines, all of which cover hundreds and hundreds of miles of unoccupied desert. True pacification lies in the victory over hearts ad minds, and has always been the only way to insure any occupier's safety. The principal is as old as history itself.
But this is an administration that refuses to listen any lessons of history, much less any of the traditional ways of dealing with other people: especially when those people become the unwilling victims of the Bush Doctrine of 2002.
One problem that's only just beginning to surface is our own highly paid outlaws. These "contractors" as the US prefers to call them are not aligned with the US military. Their actions in Iraq mirror the actions of the Israeli's in Palestine. Neither their missions, nor their movements are monitored or controlled by the military because they basically answer only to those who hired them. And it is their outrageous actions in kicking down doors in the middle of the night, and dispatching any resistance with bullets that has us, in this situation now.
The brutal deaths and barbaric treatment of the corpses of four of their personnel, is what began this latest round of slaughter. Then when Bush sent our troops in to find the perpetrators of this act: that is when this rebellion became serious. The sheer disproportionallity of the deaths resulting directly from this murder is almost unbelievable. So far the result has seen the deaths of over 50 GI's, and in Falluja alone over 600 Iraqi's.
There are, 15,000 of these overpaid rent-a-killers. Why didn't the contractors take care of finding these people themselves, instead of having the US military go in with all our tanks and guns and planes and helicopters blazing? Because this is how Rummy wants things to go, he wants to show the world that nobody can mess with the USA. Besides, the contractors have a major stake in the outcome of this mini-war. The contracts these people are charged with protecting continue to pay their employees, and themselves, even when they cannot work because of the war. And since the 15,000 mercenaries are already there, why aren't they under US military control, at least occasionally, say whenever things get really tough. We don't have any more troops to send to Iraq. So why not draft these well armed private citizens that are already in Iraq, to help the overwhelmed US military? And while we're at it, the private no-bid contracts should be revised, so that if they cannot work because of the war, then they don't get paid. That might give them some incentive to stop brutalizing the local population. But don't hold your breath.
Why are we in Iraq at all? We were told that we had to go in there immediately without waiting for the United Nations to locate the Weapons of Mass Destruction, because the lives of American citizens were being threatened, by Saddam and his vast array of weaponry. Bush figured he knew that Saddam had all that stuff, because he's got the receipts for what we sent him before the 1991 war. It never occurred to anyone in the "new" administration that during the twelve years of 24-7 bombing, that hit two-thirds of Iraq, and the nearly criminal sanctions compounded by Saddam's diversion of the aid, that maybe the "WMD's" had either been destroyed or sold?
What that all means in plain English is: that we attacked that country for no legitimate reason, without any proof whatsoever, of any of the things we were alleging, at the time that they supposedly possessed. That is a huge crime against every national convention, and is against all international laws, including the laws of war.
Have our memories really grown to be so short? Can we not even remember what happened with all of Powell's outright lies before the UN? All of the panic calls for WAR, from Contradicta herself, from Snarling Cheney, and from foul Rummy? Have we really forgotten all those months of pounding that the administration's henchmen made into a literal diatribe of war, war, war: as the only solution to this dilemma? We are today illegally inside Iraq. So all of Paul Bremer's arrogant claims about legality are crap. All his calls to indite, and to attack those who want their country back - are nothing but more spin to hide the fact that it is we who are behaving in a criminal manner.
But it gets worse. The White House involvement in 911 is more than most people would have ever even thought about.
Then there is the vaunted Al Qaeda that is and was a CIA creation created during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, by us. They have been a useful tool of that agency ever since. Their possible part in all of what happened on 911 needs to be scrutinized thoroughly, if anyone is ever to believe that what happened that day was not part of a grand and homegrown scheme.
As a direct result of these and other contradictions, there are continuing questions and a boatload of lies that the United States is facing for this major dilemma. We have made so many mistakes in Iraq that it is impossible to salvage any credible position. We must leave, but diplomatically and politically we cannot. Militarily we must win - but politically we dare not, because that will make it far worse.
Had we made any true plans, the US would have insured that our forces included translators, and that our commanders had been at least briefed on the customs and the expectations of the people that they were about to attack. But this appears not to have happened. This is ugly beyond ugly: and all because on top of telling the whole world that this was unilaterally our choice, we went in with absolutely no plan at all for the aftermath. Blame for this falls squarely on the shoulders of both the Secretary of the Department of Offense, and the what's left of the Department of State: in addition to the primary culprits, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Sharon comes in for some credit as well but he's safely confined to his own little pretend state, so he can't be called to account, at least not by us.
The roads out of Iraq are going to resemble the roads from Moscow back to Germany during the Nazi's World War II failed attempt to crush the Russians. That was a singularly colossal military failure, and we are about to repeat the Nazi's errors. Like the snows of Europe then, the deserts of Iraq are no friend of any mechanized army, but they are of immense assistance to small and knowledgeable bands of resistance fighters, with determination in their hearts. And given that we have senselessly slaughtered so many Iraqi's: we do not even know how many. We will now have only ourselves to blame for the toughness of the fighters that will no doubt do their best to upset any plans that we might formulate to leave the scene of this, our most recent outrage.
The price of war is always mutilation, serious damage and lingering death. Body bags mark each one of these adventures in every attempt at global domination, and so far we have had comparatively few of those. But in that process we have slaughtered men, and women, and children indiscriminately, on many, many occasions. That will be paid for, technology or no. The "allies" will have to pay the price in blood and guts and wasted lives - not to mention that the region and the entire Arab world will never forget the carnage and the death, or the wanton destruction of all that made that land a viable nation.
And most of all we shall have to try and understand the plight of the people we have desecrated for the last full year:
Even nature will never forgive this crime, given all the depleted uranium that we've infected that entire country with, just to show the world the power of our weapons.
The people of this country need to get serious about this war, because first of all this is a war. The media needs to begin their "seriously determined interest" once again, just like they provided back when we were about to pounce. Only this time they need to demand answers to all the myriad of questions that abound-unanswered. Also, we must begin to remember what we've done, by doing what we've done to three countries. Afghanistan has also suffered similarly, but so have we-for America is the third victim of these pretenders to government.
This war is too important to be left up to this lame commission. Congress needs to take a hand, and hold the hearings that cannot be controlled by the Tarnished House, cannot be edited or scripted by the real targets of the investigation that has yet to be held into the actual events of 9-11.
Until those open and public investigations are held and seen by all who want to watch them, then all of this governments crude attempts to steal our constitutional guarantees, and the guarantees within the Bill of Rights, will only represent more evidence of their plot to steal the heart and soul of this nation and use our resources for themselves.
Moreover, the public and the families need to know for certain who is responsible for the deaths of those nearly three thousand people on 9-11. The people most directly responsible were on duty that day, and we need to hear in depth from all the heads of every branch of government involved-on the record and under oath. And no one should be omitted from the witness list, as no man or woman is above the law. That is of course, if we still have any laws that can compel George W and his playmates to testify about this matter, fully, and in open and thorough hearings before the coming elections will
Congress will say, "This is unprecedented." Indeed! There has never been a political or military act on American soil that comes even close, which is why we need those hearings-now! Perhaps this is also what we need, to be able to finally remember these actions that were all done in the names of each and every one of us!



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