David Booth's Book Found
Almost Totally Plagiarized

By Jeff Rense
©. 2004 By Jeff Rense, Theresa de Veto and Penelope Periwinkle
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The worldwide controversy swirling around doomsday Code Red 'author' and talk show guest David Booth, is now back on the front burner.
If you are new to this story and would like backgroud, please see 'David Booth - Plagiarist?' at
Two outstanding research journalists volunteered their time and expertise to investigate the text in Mr. Booth's book, 'Code Red: The Coming Destruction of America, 2004' to see if there is further evidence of plagiarism. Both have now completed their research and both have determined that Booth's doom-laden book 'Code Red' is a near cover-to-cover verbatim compilation of plagiarized articles, essays and stories - or portions thereof.
This new and unprecedented investigation began with our receipt of the following email from one of our sharp-eyed readers who had followed the original Feature Story 'David Booth - Plagiarist' which detailed how Booth had been charged with direct plagiarism of the writings of Amitakh Stanford who also writes under the pen name of 'D.M.'
During his recent 'Final' radio interview on this program on April 12, Mr. Booth explained away the D.M. plagiarism allegation by stating that he, David Booth, had actually written the Stanford material in question back in the very early 90s on a message board...and that Stanford/D.M. had used HIS material in her book.
Here is the email I received:
From Melody
Dear Mr. Rense,
I urge you to reinvestigate the material posted on your site at the following link:
This article is printed almost word-for-word in Mr. Booth's book from pages 57 to 61. The book appears to be a copy and paste of several websites. I am so disappointed.
Although many post information on the internet without copyright protection, don't we have a moral obligation to others to acknowledge their ideas? There is no indication in Mr. Booth's book that he copied much of the information word-for-word from different web sites. He implies it is his story, therefore, his words.
As I can remember so long ago in my basic English classes in college when learning to right the 'research paper', my professor indicated to me that it is perfectly acceptable to copy to my paper anything I would like to support my thesis AS LONG AS I INDICATED IN QUOTATIONS THE WORDS OF ANOTHER AND DEFINED A CLEAR SOURCE FOR THE QUOTE. Only then you are not guilty of plagiarism.
Mr. Booth indicates he is a moral man. Doesn't he realize that plagiarism is an immoral act in literary circles?
I immediately checked the article, posted at in 1999 as authored by 'Voitron50', and verified the article does, in fact, appear in Mr. Booth's book with no attribution or mention of the author 'Voitron' whatsoever. Several attempts have been made to contact 'Voitron50' no avail so far.
At this point, the two excellent investigative journalists stepped in and began independent efforts, thoroughly searching Mr. Booth's 'Code Red' for examples of plagiarized material. Each journalist took one half of the book and went through it with care and deliberation, checking and cross-checking key sections, quotes and paragraphs through Google looking for matches. And matches were a veritable avalanche.
The implications of this discovery are profound. Not only do they cast the darkest shadows over the rest of David Booth's claims and 'dreams' but they point up, once again, the incredible power of people in the public eye to impact and, in some cases, harm the peace and tranquility of the lives of millions of listeners and readers. Did David Booth actually have the 10 days of identical dreams of catastrophe for the planet Earth? Is he the same 14 year old boy who attempted, at knifepoint, to hijack a loaded US airliner in Ohio? Who IS David Booth?
In his 'Final' interview, he clearly, and many say shockingly, stated his personal political convictions in heaping enormous praise on former President Clinton and President Bush...and seemed utterly oblivious to the withering assault upon and destruction of the US Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, American Civil Liberties and Freedoms and a host of other issues which are rapidly eroding America into a police state and making it the most hated nation on earth. Who IS David Booth? A Neocon NWO Christian fundamentalist? An MK Ultra style dupe...a tool of a psy-op designed to play with the hearts, minds...and fears....of Americans who seek their news and information outside of the mainstream monopoly media mind control machine which now dominates our wounded and troubled nation? Or, merely another charlatan wanting a stage and an audience?
Mr. David Booth is more than fact, millons will insist...that he respond to this investigation personally and directly. He owes everyone whose life he has touched that much, at least.
The first of the two researchers' reports you will now read is that of Theresa de Veto, the highly-talented editor-journalist of the excellent geopolitical news and preparedness net site 'Surfing The Apocalypse.' Theresa's analysis covers the first half of David Booth's book, 'Code Red.'
Theresa used her own copy of Code Red in her research. The second journalist, Ms. Periwinkle, used the online pdf of the book for her research.
Note - The online pdf can be accessed only if the person is signed up to the Yahoo group 'Captain_nibiru' where it is housed. Here is the location:
Mr. Booth stated in his April 12 interview on my program that his booklet and DVD will permanently cease to be available as of April 20, 2004. However, his site also says: "This offer is limited to either April 20, 2004 or when the limited stock is sold out."
He also stated, unequivocally, that things 'will never, ever be the same' after the period of April 20 to May 20.
We are about to find out...
Part One
Theresa de Veto
Surfing The Apocalypse
After all of the controversy about plagiarism in David Booth's book "Code Red", I decided to see what I could find to research the allegations. On a hunch I started entering random phrases from the book into Google (internet search engine). After doing this a few times and finding that every phrase that I entered matched a web page, I decided to undertake a more methodical search.
I started at the first part of the book and proceeded through the first half to see how much of the book matched articles published on the internet.
I found that, starting at page 10, the first half of the book is a compilation of articles, located on the internet, attributed to various authors. None of the articles were attributed to David Booth. It appears that whoever "wrote" this book, took the material from a range of different online sites which included everything from encyclopedia entries to material from NASA.
Most of the pages in the book that match are verbatim to what is found on the net. There are sometimes slight variations in the book where a sentence is left out or something is added to the beginning or end of the article found on the internet. I did not find any matches on pages 48-51 which details David's "vision".
The book appears to be a "cut and paste" job. That said, whoever did the "editing" in putting these articles together did so in an informed and deliberate manner, connecting the random pieces together to form a coherent whole. I believe it was done by someone (Booth?) who is very well read in these topics. The book actually flows well from one topic to another, which is quite surprising given that the material was taken from so many different writers.
My Method
I took a piece of a sentence from the book. I fed that in quotations into the Google search engine. I looked for pages that contained the phrase as well as the words around the phrase. Once a match was found, I compared the entire web piece with the book.
Page 10 - 20
(PDF: Page 6 - 12)
Phrase searched: "the alkalines of our dna"
This denotes that information in the book that starts on page 10 and
ends on page 20 are a match with the web article.
Listing of matches:
Page 10 -20
(PDF: Page 6 - 12)
"the alkalines of our dna"
Page 21-22
(PDF: Page 12-13)
"according to the theory of relativity, space and time are not"
Page 22 -23
(PDF: Page 13 -14)
"term multiverse was invented in"
Page 26 -27
(PDF: Page 15)
"The Epic of Creation is the Sumerian version"
Page 28-29
(PDF: Page 15-16)
"would you believe the preponderance of evidence"
Page 30-31
(PDF: Page 16-17)
"the big bang theory is the dominant"
Page 34 -38
(PDF: Page 18 - 21)
"one billion years after its formation"
Page 39-40
(PDF: Page 21 - 22)
"El is the name by which the supreme"
Page 41 - 45
(PDF: Page 22 - 24)
"nephilim is often translated as"
Page 48-51
David's "vision"
No matches found.
Page 53 - 55
(PDF: Page 28 -30)
"its magnetic and gravitational effects"
Page 55 -62
(PDF: Page 30 -33 )
"in the 1980's astronomers were searching"
(website says source unknown)
Page 63-65
(PDF: Page 34 - 35 )
"mighty marduk, the all powerful war god"
Page 65 -68
(PDF: Page 35 -37)
"the sun was the big mass"
Page 70-86
(PDF: Page 37 - 46)
"this race of beings thrives on conquest"
Page 87-91
(PDF: Page 47 - 49)
"supermarket tabloids, that strange breed"
Page 91-92
(PDF: Page 49)
"President Reagan was shot and gravely wounded"
Page 95 - 96
(PDF: Page 51 -52)
"our lady of fatima explained to the children that war"
Page 97-98
(PDF: 52 - 53)
"because of the seriousness of its contents"
Page 98 -100
(PDF: Page 53 -54)
"after almost three years of research, David Yallop"
Part Two
By Penelope Periwinkle
Researched and prepared exclusively for
"I've got my story to tell, not anyone else's."
So declares David Booth in his book 'Code Red: The Coming Destruction of America, 2004'.
But in fact, very little of 'Code Red' appears to be Booth's story at all. Amitakh Stanford's work is but one example of the plagiarised material replete within Booth's book.
(For the original allegations by Stanford, see:
Of the total of 65 pages of 'Code Red' - over half the book - that were researched for this report, 49 pages, or parts therof, were taken from someone else's work... a total of 21,100 words. The sources of the plagiarized materials range from a formal book review to a Russian UFO report to articles and books published both online and in conventional print formats.
Except for a relatively few words or sentences here and there which were omitted or added, Booth's book contains - verbatim - large swaths of text which were originally authored by others.
Booth's writings appear to consist of connecting sentences or short passages which were used to cobble the plagiarized materials together. The reader will notice an obvious, often glaring shift in writing styles throughout the book whenever Booth (or whomever) drops in the connecting and transitioning material. These passages have a distinctive folksy style (often rife with cliches), such as in this example:
"At this point in my story I'd like to talk about who is in charge, and not just of the United States, but in charge of everything. It's a tall order to be sure but made simple in that I can state to you now that the people we elect have no power at all, and they never have." (page 66*)
Many of the original writings that have been plagiarized are scholarly in style, for example:
"Paul didn't claim to originate new banking principles so much as import European practices. As with Max, Paul's older brother in Hamburg, Paul meshed spectacularly with his historical moment. Once again, a Warburg succeeded because of his contradictory status. As a Jew in a gentile world, a German immigrant confronting a new country, Paul was able to spot flaws in American finance to which native bankers had been blinded by familiarity." (page 61)
In another example of shifting styles, an article translated from Russian by Pravda and used by Booth as his own retains the same awkward phrasing of the original translation:
"Despite being fired at, the object was having a regular speed." (page 79)
In the book 'Who Are The Draconians: Case Files of Branton', the author's description of an alien is preceded by this note "The report stated that the entities were of the following description (emphasis ours - Branton)". Booth deletes the phrase "(emphasis ours - Branton)" yet leaves the emphasized text as it was in the original source material.
In some of the original writings (which Booth copied verbatim) cited as examples of plagiarism in this report, the original authors properly credit others for some of the ideas and concepts presented in their works. This is standard honorable journalistic procedure. However, these references have, in most cases, been expunged by Booth, implying that all of the ideas set forth in 'his' book are his own.
An example are the ideas lifted from an FAQ at The FAQ question 'What is a meme?' is answered by seven experts on memes. Booth copied the exact responses of five of them (deleting their names, of course), including one from 'Heith Michael Rezabek' which began: "My favorite example of a crucial meme would be..." Booth's verbatim copying of this paragraph makes it seem as though he is sharing with the reader his own "favorite example of a crucial meme"!
Of the 16 pages that weren't copied from other authors' online works, three are made up of materials which are widely available online and are either not works of original authorship (such as Kennedy's executive orders of 1962 and 1963), or are press releases or news stories. That leaves only 13 pages out of 65 for which no online source exists.
This does NOT mean, however, that even these 13 pages were authored by Booth. The possibility exists that they were taken from sources not available online. Some anomalies within Booth's book suggest this. For example, at the bottom of page 85, are the words "More Guns, Less Crime (table omitted)". This suggests a piece exists elsewhere with the INTACT "More Guns, Less Crime" table.
Readers are encouraged to submit to any further information regarding the possible original source of these pages, in particular:
Pages 54-58 - The Planning Begins: A Great Man Dies (note that these pages include some non-copyrighted material widely available, such as Kennedy's executive orders, etc.)
Pages 80-86 (Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Reagan et al, and the secret government)
The exact publication date of Booth's book is not known; however, since he cites a press release of January 15, 2004 (page 84), we know the publication date must have been after this. All of the works cited here were written prior to January 15, 2004. Most go back several years.
Where a date was not available on the original source page, the archives at were used to determine the latest possible date that these works had been published online (the actual date likely goes back even further).
*Note: All of the "Code Red" page numbers refer to the online PDF copy of the book. It may be accessed by joining the "Captain Nibiru" yahoo group <>. This gives access to the "Files" section of the newsgroup, in which there is a PDF version of "Code Red".
Code Red: pages 58-59
Starting with: "On October 20, 1942, the US Alien Property Custodian, under the "Trading With the Enemy Act," seized the shares..."
Ending with: "There, Bush assisted Percy Rockefeller (son of William) in his takeover of small arms manufacturers."
Original Source: 'The Bush Nazi Connection' by Richard N. Draheim, Jr.
Date of Original Source Material: 2000
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 440
Code Red: pages 59-60
Starting with: "...his contribution both in time of war and in peace."
Ending with: "In 1992 he lost his bid for reelection to Democrat William Clinton."
Original Source: 'George Bush', The White House
Date of Original Source Material: no later than January 24, 2001 (per
Approximate Number of Words Plagiarized: 538
Code Red: pages 60-61
Starting with: "George W. Bush is the 43rd President of the United States."
Ending with: "He became the first Governor in Texas history to be elected to consecutive four-year terms when he was re-elected on November 3, 1998, with 68.6 percent of the vote."
Original Source: 'President George W. Bush', The White House
Date of Original Source Material: no later than September 2, 2001 (per
Approximate Number of Words Plagiarized: 233
Code Red: pages 61-66
Starting with: "...of Paul Warburg's crucial role in establishing the Federal Reserve..."
Ending with: "The firm's traditional name lingered until 1941, when it was changed to Brinckmann, Wirtz and Co."
Original Source: Book Review of 'The Warburgs: The Twentieth-Century Odyssey of a Remarkable Jewish Family' by Ron Chernow. Review by John Weir.
Date of Original Source Material: no later than December 5, 1998 (per
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 2035
Code Red: pages 66-74
Starting with: "In a September 22nd, 2002 speech to visiting Christian Zionists..."
Ending with: "...which is leading our entire species to destruction."
Original Source: 'Shock Secret Identity of Israel's Yahweh Revealed!', Rumor Mill News
Date of Original Source Material: Posted to the forum January 13, 2004; original date of authorship unknown at this time.
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 3575
Code Red: pages 75-76
Starting with: "What is a meme?"
Ending with: "The most obvious example of this is the "Smoking if Cool" meme, which does very well for itself while killing off its hosts at a great rate."
Original Source: 'What is a MEME?' FAQ
Date of Original Source Material: no later than March 11, 2003 (per
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 407
Code Red: pages 77-78
Starting with: "The object entered South African air space at 13.52 GMT."
Ending with: "One way passage has been requested for both humanoids to Wright Patterson Air Force Base USA for more advanced investigation and research..."
Original Source: 'Who Are The Draconians? Case Files of Branton' posted at Reptilian Research Archives, hosted by David Icke E-Magazine. Case File #22 From Quest International.
Date of Original Source Material: October 7, 1999
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 590
Code Red: pages 78-80
Starting with: "1947. Antiaircraft guns of Transcaucasian Military District fired on a flying cigar-shaped object..."
Ending with: "In the end of September the object disappeared from the hangar without leaving a trace."
Original Source: Article 'Soviet Army fought UFOs' by Alexander Dremin, published in English by Pravda: And in Russian here:
Date of Original Source Material: Pravda article dated January 23, 2004; Russian source dated December 27, 2003
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 735
Code Red: pages 86-92
Starting with: "It is not an elected body, it does not involve itself in public disclosures, and it even has a quasi-secret budget in the billions of dollars."
Ending with: "...under the FEMA plan, there is no contingency by which Constitutional power is restored."
Original Source: 'FEMA: The Secret Government' by Harry V. Martin
Date of Original Source Material: 1995
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 2430
Code Red: pages 93-97
Starting with: "...few Americans... are even aware of the existence of Mount Weather, a mysterious underground military base carved deep inside a mountain..."
Ending with: "The Constitution states that those reins lie in the hands of the people, but the very existence of Mount Weather indicates an entirely different reality."
Original Source: 'Mount Weather: Primed for Martial Law' by Patricia Neill, ParaScope Correspondent
Date of Original Source Material: site above © Copyright 2000 ParaScope, Inc.; however also found posted with a date of 1999-05-10 here:
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 1894
Code Red: pages 97-100
Starting with: "An African woman in colorful native garb; a Native American woman who's [sic] heritage the airport's art supposedly celebrates..."
Ending with: "Or did their billion dollar underground base not work out as good as they had hoped?"
Original Source: 'Denver Airport'
Date of Original Source Material: no later than April 7, 2003 (per
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 1415
Code Red: pages 100-102
Starting with: "One of the earliest American underground facilities was built at Raven Rock in Pennsylvania."
Ending with: "Planetron would require a tunnel over 2,500 miles in length, perhaps assembled from 100 25-mile long segments."
Original Source: 'Alien Magic' by William F. Hamilton III
Date of Original Source Material: 1996
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 925
Code Red: pages 102-105
Starting with: "Starting in the Brezhnev period, Russia has been pursuing construction of a massive underground facility at Yamantau Mountain..."
Ending with: "...but the military and political elite will survive and live until our planet will try to restore itself."
Original Source: 'YAMANTAU: What's Going on in the YAMANTAU Mountain Complex?'
Date of Original Source Material: no later than October 10, 2002 (per
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 1527
Code Red: page 105
Starting with: "According to military sources, the Pentagon picked northern Iraq as its first ground target for good reason."
Ending with: "...protected from the east - the border with Iran - by the Dukan Dam and Iraq's largest artifical lake."
Original Source: 'Iraq deploying 'super-cannons'' (from DEBKA Intelligence Files)
Date of Original Source Material: 2002
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 104
Code Red: page 106
Starting with: "The underground cities of Cappadocia are worthy of a visit."
Ending with: "Kaymakli, 10 kilometers to the north of Derinkuyu, is smaller and less excavated but 5 levels are accessible and the experience is pretty much the same."
Original Source: 'Underground Cities' HiTiT Turkey - An Alternative Guide
Date of Original Source Material: no later than October 3, 1999 (per
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 201
Code Red: pages 108-119
Starting with: "We are the most conditioned, programmed beings the world has ever known."
Ending with: "Real knowledge takes a little effort, a little excavation down at least one level below what 'everybody knows'."
Original Source: 'The Doors Of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything' by Dr. Tim O'Shea.
Date of Original Source Material: August 15, 2001
Approximate Number Of Words Plagiarized: 4051




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