The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 51
Plan To Attack Syria & Iran--Saving Bush

By Sherman H. Skolnick

Without a Declaration of War by Congress, the Bush White House and their War Cabinet intend to go forward with a secret plan to spread the Mid-East conflict by an attack on Syria and Iran.
This comes at a time that the U.S. foreign invasion of Iraq appears to be spinning out of control. Insurgents are attacking U.S. troops across the country.
The justification for the plan includes the following but is not limited thereby:
1. That alleged satellite images from the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, purport to show that the spreading shoot-back within Iraq is, in part, from weapons supplied in part from Iran and from weapons trans-shipped through Syria.
2. The weapons supposedly contain toxic substances including bio-chemical agents to be supposedly let loose on U.S. forces, together with the small number of coalition troops, within Iraq.
3. Further purported justification is that the use of such weapons within Iraq by purported insurgents might, inevitably, draw Israel into the conflict. In that, Israel, being nearby, would feel endangered thereby. And further, Israel has already quietly informed the Bush White House and their War Cabinet, that Israel reserves the sovereign right to defend themselves, with sub-nuclear retaliatory weapons if they so deemed it necessary .This, against whosover appears to be, or is actually, threatening the entire safety of Israel, surrounded as they are by religious enemies pledged to the destruction of that tiny sliver of map. [Americans find it convenient to forget that the British, to control the Arab oil fields, in 1948, inserted the Jews to be amongst their mortal enemies, and be surrounded by enemies, to forever irritate the Arabs, with the Jews and Arabs attacking each other, with no clear-cut remedy available.]
4. Dissidents amongst U.S. Admirals and Generals, as "flag officers", contend they have documented, irrefutable proof, as follows:
(a) That Daddy Bush together with certain crazies in the Joint Chiefs Of Staff, on behalf of a faction in the Aristocracy, felt the necessity for a latter day "Pear Harbor". To force the half-asleep U.S. populace to warrant a necessary attack by the West on the Moslem world, in part to control large reserves of in-ground petroleum, such as in Iraq. This at a time that the Saudi oilfields were scheduled in a few years to be tapped out. [Pearl Harbor was to mask the U.S. entering the War to save the ill-equipped British in their War with Germany. About the same number of Americans were "thrown away", sacrificed by the Aristocracy, December 7, 1941, and on September 11, 2001.]
A similar but aborted plan, 39 years prior to 9-11, was documented in a book that was published right before September 11, 2001, "Body of Secrets" by James Bamford.
It details "Northwoods" Plan, a scheme to blow up U.S. airplanes with innocent Americans onboard, and similar orchestrated violence, in 1962, to falsely blame onto Fidel Castro, to start an out-cry for the U.S. invasion and seizure of Cuba.
Under the prior conceived home-grown plan for 9-11, it was designed to be blamed onto Saudi exchange students and such others, resident in the U.S. on U.S. military facilities, to be the "airplane hi-jackers" and patsies. [No such Arabs were onboard the purported airplanes hi-jacked, or actual ground-controlled drones. ] George W. Bush was simply forewarned by Daddy Bush, unconstitutionally the actual controller of the White House, to "stay out of it", delay any action. So although informed of two planes or something similar, hitting the twin towers at the New York World Trade Center, George W. Bush, nevertheless, continued to joke about goats with Grammar School students at a school in Florida. Bush, Jr., did nothing, as Commander-in-Chief , to counter-mand a U.S. Military stand-down for that very morning.
(b) To also jexplain away the seizure by U.S. forces of Afghanistan to enable certain oil interests, including the Bush Crime Family, to profitably run a oil and gas pipeline across Afghanistan. And from there to Pakistan, India, China, and points East. This from a time prior to 9-11, that Condoleeza Rice, a Director of Chevron-Pennzoil-Texaco, with large Bush ownership; she did not succeed in her negotiations with Osama bin Laden, as to the per centage to be paid to the Taliban and others for pipeline approval.
With the eventual U.S. grab of Afghanistan right after 9-11, but conceived by the Bushies prior thereto, two top consultants of the Chevron oil cartel became the top officials of the U.S. puppet government in Kabul.
5. Daddy Bush and George W. Bush have become aware that the current dissident "flag officers", have been planning, at least since March 20, 2003, if not before, to arrest their Commander-in-Chief, as authorized by the Uniform Military Code. If the White House occupant and resident arrests them for mutiny, if they are not assassinated, then they intend to defend themselves at Courts Martial, with the irrefutable, documented proof of treason against the U.S. Constitution and the American people, committed by George W. Bush and his father.
[On our website and others, and on radio talk shows, we ran exclusive details since about 1996 of a smaller but similar group of 24 "flag officers" who vowed to arrest Comander-in-Chief Bill Clinton for treason. Ten of them were assassinated, some of whom we named only after their murder, pledged as we were to complete secrecy. Included were General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District. And Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, highest naval officer in Uniform, head of the patriotic military team. He was falsely described as having "committed suicide" with two different caliber of weapons, shooting himself, supposedly, in the chest and head. [Clinton's assassins falsely justified their killing of Admiral Boorda, with statements that since he was a Jew, that by their twisted view of the world, he was automatically plotting against a sweet nice Christian, named William Rockefeller Clinton. As to Clinton and the Rockefellers, visit our website series, "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police".]
6. The current dissident "flag officers" have documented, irrefutable proof:
(a) that Daddy Bush and George W. Bush had prior knowledge and were part of a home-grown, NOT Moslem, plot to murder several thousands supposedly "expendable" Americans, to make half-awake Americans approve of a supposedly American Christian war against the Moslem World. Seldom mentioned, naturally, is that centuries prior, the Christian Crusades against the Moslem World, were a failure. And that a Kurd, Saledin, rallied that part of the planet against the West.
(b) that there was no basis for a supposed pre-emptive strike against, and U.S. foreign invasion of, Iraq. That Saddam Hussein, became one of the richest men on the planet while a private business partner of George Herbert Walker Bush.
[Visit our website series as to the unpublicized pertinent Chicago Federal lawsuit, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh", as to the Saddam/Bush business relationship. Other details, earlier parts of this series.]
(c) that the U.S. Military did themselves NOT capture, in December, 2003, Saddam Hussein. He was seized by the Kurds and held by them for U.S. ransom. The pay-off, they demanded, was for 40 Billion Dollars and that Kurdistan be a separate nation, not under the domination of a supposed "New" Iraq, or Turkey across the border with their Kurd population, or the U.S.
The Bushies took over the custody of Saddam. Thereafter, to double-cross the Kurds, George W. Bush ordered the American CIA to murder, by bombing, hundreds of Kurd leaders and followers at a Kurd meeting where many hundreds of Kurds were also severely wounded.
7. The secret plan to spread the conflict to Iran and to Syria, consists of the following, but is not limited thereby:
(a) The U.S. is to use "smart-bombs", missiles, and other airborne and other weapons, to supposedly surgically destroy supposed targets in Iran, where by weapons to Iraq insurgents are being supplied, and from places in Syria from which they are trans-shipped.
(b) the supposed targets are to be shown to half-awake Americans as alleged satellite images from the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office. BUT, remember, in 1991, Daddy Bush, then President, had lured Saddam Hussein in going forward with his nation's longstanding grievance against Kuwait. That the Kuwait royal family were slant-drilling into Iraq oil fields and that Kuwait was unlawfully keeping Province 19, part of Iraq, as supposed Kuwait territory. U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie falsely assured Saddam that the U.S. would NOT interfere with Iraq pursuing their grievance.
Left unsaid, of course, was that Kuwait, and Saudi, that far into the 20th Century, were still keeping black chattel slaves. And that U.S. Troops, a substantial number being Afro-Americans, were falsely sent into this situation, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, outlawing slavery and making the protecting of slave-masters illegal. [Visit earlier parts of this series.]
So, in 1991, to alarm Americans, and to scare the degenerate Saudi royals to let loose with more Billions for the Bush Crime Family, the Daddy Bush White House used fraudulent supposed "satellite images", showing Saddam's troops already passed through Kuwait and gathering on the Saudi border.
8. Daddy Bush as White House controller and the occupant and resident of the White House (who we refuse to label as "President" because the other candidate won the popular vote, the Electoral Vote was stolen by Bush/and five U.S. Supreme Court Judges, and so the actual elected President was NOT inaugurated)---have secretly arranged with the Five-Judge, Military-style Junta on the U.S. Supreme Court, as follows:
(a) that the high court majority will see to it that no lower federal court is permitted to take jurisdiction of any suit contending the planned attacks, or attacks underway, by the U.S. on Iran and Syria, are unconstitutional and not pursuant to a Congress-voted Declaration of War.This has been secretly arranged with and through Associate high court Justice Antonin Scalia, a latter-day iron-fisted Fascist mindset purported judge. In plain street lingo, a "Go To Hell" Judge. As we have earlier stated, Scalia, on the bench, represents the Billion Dollar stock portfolio of Rockefeller's University of Chicago. In violation of the perjury provisions, and the mandatory federal judge annual financial disclosure, Scalia has not so divulged. Many of the stock interests he thus represents are war-mongering corporations.
(b) Thus, no court or other challenge to the secret plan of Daddy Bush and George W. Bush, will be permitted by the Fascist majority sitting supposedly on the nation's highest tribunal. For the Bushies to so arrange this, is,of course, a violation of the U.S. Constitution's provisions for Separation of Powers, Executive, Legislative, Judicial branches.
9. The current crisis is perfect in view of related events:
(a) because of financial hardships and dislocations, there is in the U.S. an epidemic of anti-Jew sentiment, inclining to blame all the planet's problems on "the Jews", the so-called Jew bankers, the Jew-owned mass media, and so on. Some point, to no avail, to documented studies, such as Martin Mayer's book "The Bankers", that only one bank-bank, that is, a bank housed in a building, in the whole U.S., has as much as one top official, a Jew. Others point, to no avail, to the documented study, "The New Crowd: The Changing of the Jewish Guard on Wall Street", by Judith Ramsey Ehrlich and Barry J. Rehfeld, how the international bond houses with German Jewish names, and head people with Jewish-sounding surnames, have not been actual Jews for more than three generations, having long since converted to being Lutherans, Catholics, and such. It likewise avails nothing to point out that the major media do have managers and supervisors with Jewish surnames, BUT THE ACTUAL OWNERS are not Jews. For example, Citicorp, the actual owners are members of the Saudi Royal Family and the Rockefellers.
(b) The epidemic of anti-Jew sentiment in America has been fed, very conveniently, by the Mel Gibson movie. See my website series "The Ash Wednesday Plot". So that those with Jewish last names are immediately dismissed as worthless when commenting with criticism of the Bushies and their war-mongering. Such as the commentators on the newly created Air America Radio network.
10. Among the motives for the secret planned attack on Syria and Iran, is to save George W. Bush. So that the highly patriotic dissident Admirals and Generals might reconsider arresting him as their Commander-in-Chief, for the treason committed by him and Daddy Bush.
WHAT will stop the war-mongers of America, spreading the Mid-East conflict, into an all-out war against the Moslem and Persian World?
More coming. Stay tuned.
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