Our Eagle Is Headless

There it is on the Great Seal of the United States of America, the eagle as it is shown on the back of every one-dollar bill. But today, just twelve short weeks from handing over power in Iraq, this eagle that has become such a symbol of American might and power, is Headless.
The American Empire's eagle has both claws filled with arrows, the olive branch having died from lack of nourishment. Its wings are now made of titanium for the wings of the attack aircraft that enforce our will, worldwide. This is just a symbol of course, and the occupants of the Empire's Tarnished House, formerly The White House, are too immersed in arrogance to bother with symbols anymore.
In Afghanistan, Heroin, the leading export is once again soaring and of course the Taliban are still a problem, but so are a number of other factions: Billions were spent on the destruction of rocks and desert, and several thousand people died, but nothing has really changed. The reasons are simple. The cabal has refused to come up with any clear idea of what should happen in Afghanistan. Our soldiers continue to die, and so do Afghans, along with some outsiders. But as with everything else this administration has undertaken, there was never a plan for what would be done after major fighting ceased. Nation building is not something that Bush believes in. The destruction and ravaging of places and peoples is what our headless eagle stands for, that and perpetual war upon the world.
In Iraq we are twelve weeks away from the official handover of power to "the Iraqi people." Again there is absolutely no plan at all. The training of an adequate police force, and the training of a new army will each take at least three years. The USA has twelve weeks. Without security in place the handover of power, will be nothing but an exercise in futility that will lead directly to chaos.
No decisions have been reached by the US Department of State as to who exactly will be our new Ambassador there. It is rumored to be John Negroponte, one of the criminal insiders still without portfolio. The embassy will be one of our largest; 3,000 people will be working and living there: yet we have no candidate, nor have we decided how our people will be able to live in the middle of the coming civil war. But the only thing that matters to Dictator Bush is that we not miss the handover deadline of June 30, 2004.
Bush has no experience in managing anything much, so it's hardly surprising that the animals in the Tarnished House are beginning to chew on each other; instead of coming out with any coherent plans. Neither State, nor Defense nor the administration can seem to agree on anything except the cover-up going on in the phony 911 commission.
The Tarnished House has spent many months in the basements of the Pentagon and Congress, and in the Tarnished capitol, studying the mistakes that Nixon made when he allowed the congress to investigate. No such errors will be made by these intrepid bandits: no House or Senate Hearings, no bi-partisan Congressional Hearings with teeth: Absolutely not. It's taken these cowards three years to come up with their third version of this 'commission,' and all they are charged with, is investigating policies, not the deadly outrage that slaughtered so many on 911.
Now we're told that the resident in the presidency will be allowed to testify with his Vice-President. So we'll have them both. Cheney will appear as his snarling self. On his knee will be Bush-the-dummy that we all know and love as our Commander-in-Thief. This neat trick along with not forcing the president to be sworn-in, was made possible by the back-room deal that the Bandits cut with the committee, in exchange for the sworn testimony form the Contessa of Lies, in open session This is in such bad-taste that it sounds like it came directly from late-night television. But it's necessary so that Bush won't screw up again and give away the plan to steal the world. As if that weren't enough: the final report will be cleared (edited) by the Tarnished House, just to be certain that the public will remain deaf, dumb and blind to what actually happened on 911. In days gone by this would never have been possible.
If the public tolerates this charade ­ then we deserve whatever comes after this puppet show that will never compel the truth.
Bush & the Pirates have never understood much of anything about procedures, laws, decorum, or the right of the public to now what they do. So to them, this is really no big deal. But in the impending issue of separation from Iraq, there's a whole other set of things that the Backroom-Bandits still haven't grasped. The first of these is that what's at issue in Iraq is a war of ideas, not a war about token symbols and more American double-speak. The cabal has actually managed to miss every single thing that needed to have been done to win the peace. And now they want to compound this by royally screwing up the supposed 'handover of power.'
Our revised eagle really is headless, and we still haven't spoken out about our colossal failure of command. The military made every wrong move they could in the run-up to the war, thanks to Rummy who seems to think that playing at war is like a hostile business takeover.
Speaking of war, it's very interesting that when four American mercenaries were murdered and torched, their bodies mutilated and displayed: the public here became disturbed. We are now demanding action against these outlaws! But whose country is that anyway? We say we're going to give it back to Iraq on June 30th. Why did we take it away from them in the first place?
And if the Iraqi's are truly free, why can't they decide who should be allowed to stay in their country, and who should go? If they have democracy, then why can't they hold elections for themselves? They are not children, that country is centuries older than our own: how dare we tell them how to live, what to believe, and who should rule over them?
We chose war to deal with a political problem. Then we promptly sterilized what we did, and hid the truth of all our actions. Where are the more than 10,000 POW's in Iraq, and why can't they be interviewed? How many Iraqi's died to be free, and why didn't we count them? It's Nam all over again, "we have to destroy the village in order to save it." Why were Americans not shown the blood and gore that we created when we tore that country apart? Look what just the deaths of four people have done to public perceptions. Imagine what would have happened if the protected American viewing public had seen the truth every day and every night of the "war?"
Rummy thought it was all about Shock & Awe, bullets, bombs and bullshit. But to this day he fails to comprehend that this was a war about ideas, being waged in what was the cradle of civilization. Still he fails to see the obvious flaws in our forked-tongue approach to all that we've destroyed there. The natives know what happened. The troops know what happened. The only people who have no idea what happened are the people that paid for every little piece of both the war and the reconstruction: that would be the American taxpayers. The sloganeers back in the belly of the beast, they know and they reside in Washington and Tel Aviv and London. What will happen when the entire world comes to know what happened in Iraq?
Tel Aviv? Yes, of course, because we've pattered our treatment of the Iraqis after the treatment of the Palestinians as doled our by the Israeli IDF in Palestine. Right down to the black-bags over the heads, the torture and imprisonment without charges, the midnight raids, the shootings of civilians without cause, and of course the bulldozers. And we wonder why the Iraqi people do not love us.
For months now an over-starched American General has come to the podium each day and spoken fiercely and with a complete lack of all emotion about how we're winning the hearts and minds, and that any problems are simply isolated "up-tics," in the fog of aftermath.
After this last weekend and outbreaks of disobedience from Basra to Tikrit, and in several cities in-between: it appears that all is not quite as we were told it was.
The truth is that we have no idea how to improve the situation, because we've stripped the Department of State of any role in this, and we've kept them out-of-the-loop and away from the action in the basements central, where policies are obviously made. And almost none of this is getting through to ordinary people, via the media.
America can survive a lot of changes; people come and go at will. But one thing that the Bush doctrine cannot do without is a head. Maybe the cabal will just create a Frankenstein; but shouldn't we just admit the truth, pack our bags and leave?
Many Americans still believe that we "must stay the course" as our imposter of a president has oft repeated. Yet no one dares to ask him "Why." Maybe he should have to listen to the voices of the dead and mangled, have to attend the funerals of those brought back for burial. And why not spend an hour with the patients for every $10,000 that he used Air force One to raise? Then he can tell us about the cost of keeping his word, with our bodies.



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