Magnetic Pole Shift
May Be Underway

By Ted Twietmeyer

Update on Pole Shift Monitoring Project - GOOD NEWS !
We now have 27 people interested in contributing data to the project. A webpage is underway courtesy of a great fellow reader. As soon as we have completed it, and also have a secure system for the project research assistants to enter their data quickly and easily we will announce it.
The names of those participating will not be publicly disclosed. Each person will have their own user name and password.
Its important for us to gather data from around the world, and do so in a completely neutral way. At this point we are not out to point blame at HAARP, the greys, Nibiru or anything else. The chips will fall wherever they may. I am not in the employ of the government in any way, and will gain zero dollars from doing this. One cannot blindly even begin to draw a conclusion on this until we have hard data about whether or not this is taking place.
Like you, I live on this planet too, and both love it and care about it. That is my only interest. I also feel Jeff knows me well enough to agree that this is why I'm doing this.
In the mean time, participants can email me your data as described in the standard instructions I've sent to those who want to participate. There are no fees involved to be part of the project. We anticipate the website to be a .org type.
Its my sincere goal to answer all email within 24 hrs, and this has been 99% successful. Plots and charts will be made available for everyone to look at. And there will be NO government editing, approval or meddling.
I just wanted to say thankyou to everyone for the great support and concern expressed by so many people, including all our brothers and sisters from around the globe.
Without your help (and you know who you are !) we couldn't do this project.
And a note to those who haven't yet decided to participate - please do ! The more data we can obtain, the more accurate our charts and plots will be.
Ted Twietmeyer

I've lived in this same home since 1982. This is approximately 350 miles north-west of NYC. Whenever I've randomly checked it before, the north pole has always read in the same location on a compass. Today I checked it and It appears to have shifted sometime in the past year or so.
It has moved about 5 degrees eastward. I'm located out in the country as shown in the attached satellite photo. There aren't any towers, buildings, steel or anything new in the home to cause this change. Although the annotated picture doesn't have a calibrated scale, the measured shift is 5 degrees east. This shift appears to be outside the normal magnetic deviation one might expect over a geologically short period of time, such as 6 months.
A friend of mine with a combination GPS and compass receiver did a measurement from his home near Columbia, SC today. He too, observed a shift of 5 degrees east. He is a former airforce officer and pilot, and tells me this is an unusual deviation over a short time period. He said his last check on this was about 6 months ago. Columbia is approximately 600 miles almost exactly due south of here. readers can participate and help confirm observations with their own compass. It doesn't matter where they live. In fact, the more spread out the better. There are existing annotated aviation maps showing that magnetic deviation is not consistent around the US. And its probably not consistent anywhere else in the world, too.
If a polar shift is indeed underway, then the clock is running for a massive, possibly permanent weather shift... the same one discussed in the Pentagon doom and gloom weather report posted on
Even a partial pole shift could have serious weather implications. Radiation levels are actually higher at the poles. Pole rotation will almost certainly cause changes in the ozone layer and weather patterns around the earth. And also the length of winter which this year in NY state, doesn't seem to want to end.
Since the northern lights are mostly in the north polar regions because of the location of the magnetic pole which serves as a high energy particle trap, we will begin to see the northern lights more visible father south as well. When the pole rotates 90 degrees, people could be seeing the "northern lights" down in Cuba. That is...if the weather hasn't become so hostile there that people are not all- consumed trying to survive, and have no time to look into the heavens...
Another interesting implication is that of planetary time jumps. )This is covered on my website at ) We know that in earth's history, the poles have reversed a number of times. What isn't precisely known is the impact on earth's weather when this happens. If the time jumps are happening, then a sudden shift in pole position could also be an indicator of it.
Let's set up a volunteer, completely non-profit group around the country to take readings to monitor these changes. It would be foolish to count on the science community or "Uncle Sam" to give us the truth. If we begin ASAP we can start a baseline reference to track this. We can establish that it is either continuing eastward, or that it will return west-ward again. Or, it moves in a progressive-remissive fashion with more movement in one direction than the other. If enough data is gathered we can establish what is happening and perhaps produce a timeline.
I'll also provide periodic reports to you for posting on this phenomena. If someone is interested in participating, please email me and I'll provide an outline of the plan to gather science on this.
From Jedi Stephen
The North Magnetic Pole is slowly drifting across the Canadian Arctic. The Geological Survey of Canada keeps track of this motion by periodically carrying out magnetic surveys to redetermine the Pole's location. The most recent survey, completed in May, 2001, determined an updated position for the Pole and established that it is moving approximately northwest at 40 km per year. The observed position for 2001and estimated positions for 2002 to 2005 are given in the table.

From Brad
I read your article on pole shifting on and will help in any way I can. I did a quick check with my compass and it does appear magnetic north is a few degrees east of where I am use to seeing it, will have to do more research in the daylite hours. Let me know if I can be of any help.
Thanks - Brad
You have a great idea!!! I'd like to participate by furnishing you compass readings from my home near Portland, OR. I need a little help, understanding the best type of compass to use and how to record the data. With simple instructions I'll get started. - RD
Dear Ted: I read you note on Rense and am very interested in earth changes we are now experiencing 80 degree temperatures on the Vancover island when it should be wet and windy. This is huge stuff and many don't realize the cycle of things they are lead to believe this is "Global warming". You are right, my studies have told me this shift was to the west unless I was backwards when I did this. my measures were the "m" pole was somewhere around north and to the east of Inuvik and new reading have it showing up off the coast of Arctic Siberia. Help me out if you see what I have done wrong and please send the set up on your measurung as I am sure it cannot be too much different. My studies tell me the pole has moved hundereds of miles over the past decade and may now be moving back(?). Look forward to hearing from you soon. I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada
From Scott T Davis
Dear Jeff -
On the NASA web site, at article goes into detail about the magnetic pole shift and states that it IS shifting at about 40km a year right now!
Here is the article:
Scott T Davis
From Lorie Kramer
Dear Jeff,
The topic of the moving magnetic north in your feature blocks piqued my interest.
It reminded me of when we looked into the pole shifting thing back in the Fall of 1996 in a CompuServe forum called the "Mysteries" forum. One of your long time guests, Cheryl Magill and I were staff members in that forum at the time. She probably remembers the discussion. As you know, by her heroic work against electronic attack on our oceans, she's very interested in the effects of energy on all life forms.
What we learned back then was that movement of magnetic north is a natural occurance to a degree. The Earth is a living organism, after all. The good question raised is: at what degree does it become un-natural?
Back in "the old days" we were also discussing channeled information on pole shifts. Edgar Cayce's pole shift information was discussed and would be of interest to others, I'm sure.
We were actually brought into the subject by some information given by Kryon/Lee Carroll which was current at the time. The reason I am writing to you is because the point of the re-numbering of airport runways to reflect any changes seemed to be something worth checking out as well. I am sure someone would be able to check the current situation in that area out fairly easily. I don't have the available time at the moment to track that down.
I happen to have saved one of the posts from back then because it was very interesting, and got more interesting the more we looked into it. We also learned a bit about basic earth magnetics.
At the time of the writing, the Fall of 1996, magnetic north was in Etah, Greenland. (The latitude and longitude of the city in Greenland, Etah, north of the town of Thule, is 78n19, 72w38.) According to this webpage, the current magnetic north is "7830' North, 69 West, near Thule, Greenland."
And now for the 1996 CompuServe post.
Kryon and North Changes - The Mysteries Forum
The Mysteries Cheryl asked in Enigma U about compasses and north. It reminded me of this information I recently read which got me to thinking. It appears that magnetic north has changed position. Allbeit not greatly, but enough to have the FAA comply to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency by instructing several airport runways to be renamed. Runways in aviation are compass headings. Many runways in the Northern Hemisphere have had to be renamed due to the moving of North. Casper Wyoming and Billings Montana to name two.
According to an article by Lee Carroll who channels Kryon, in the Sept. issue of Sedona mag, "Compass headings on runways are rounded to the nearest 10 degrees, and are denoted by both compass headings at each end. So runway 7/25 represents 70 degrees from one direction, and 250 degrees from the other (a 180 degree difference on the compass - they drop the last zero in thier designation). Therefore a runway that used to run at 70 degrees that has been repainted to 80 (as in 8/26) is a change of up to 10 degrees on the compass! Magnetic north is moving, just like Kryon said it would, and the aviation industry is responding by changing navigational aids!
I did a little research and this is what I found.
When I use a compass... there's an adjustment to be made which represents the difference between true North and Magnetic North. Is there a way in nature that one can determine what that adjustment should be?
To use a magnetic compass acurately, one must know the amount of variation at his or her location and what variation correction must be made in reading the compass. I couldn't find anything mentioning how to do this 'in nature', but this information appears on all mariner's charts and many maps. Pilots might know how to do that.
What is Magnetic North... and what is really being defined when we line a compass up with it? The earth acts like a huge bar magnet whose poles lie close to the north and south geographic poles. The straight line between the poles of this imaginary magnet is called the 'geomagnetic axis'. The 'magnetic equator' lies on a plane that is at right angles to the geomagnetic axis.
The angle between the direction of magnetic north and the true North Pole at any location is called ariation or deviation. The variation of a compass is different at different places on the earth. The variation also changes slightly at different times of the year and in different years.
The 'instantaneous north pole' lies at the point where the earth's axis meets the surface. The earth wobbles slowly as it turns causing the instantaneous pole to move. This pole takes about 14 months to move clockwise around an irregular path that is called the 'Chandler Circle'. The diameter of this path ranges from less than 1 foot (30 centimeters) to about 70 feet (21 meters).
The 'north magnetic pole' is the farthest point on the earth in the direction of magnetic north. This pole can move many miles in a few years. Today, the north magnetic pole is located near Ellef Ringnes Island in northern Canada.
The 'geomagnetic north pole' lies near Etah, Greenland, north of the town of Thule. In the upper atmosphere, the earth's magnetic field points down toward this point.
Whoa! Could this be a subtle axis shift in progress? Or is it just the natural cycles of the movements in the north magnetic pole? Makes me wonder. Makes me wonder.
Lorie Kramer



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