Dr Dan Burisch, Project Lotus
And Disclosure Of The
Extraterrestrial Presence

Exopolitical Comment #12
By Michael Salla, PhD

On April 8, 2004, an article began to circulate among media organizations and the internet claiming that Daniel [Catselas] Burisch, PhD., a microbiologist who has worked in the 'black projects' that deal with extraterrestrial races and technologies wants to disclose information of his classified activities to the US Congress (< Such testimony would presumably disclose an extraterrestrial presence on Earth that has been suppressed from public knowledge for over five decades. Such testimony if it occurred, would formally begin a post-disclosure world where the general public would have to suddenly deal with a myriad number of issues associated with the extraterrestrial presence.
Dan Burisch is no stranger to those working on disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence due to a co-authored book of his titled, Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City Mars (1998) that released information on ancient artifacts on Mars to the public. This was the first instance of Burisch coming forth into the public arena with information that is not released through the national security system, and of someone with a conscience that wants to help in promoting disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence. More recently, Burisch is associated with Project Lotus which is based at Area 51, Nevada, and deals with the creation of life, and in particular with something called the 'Ganesh Particle' (
This mysterious particle is supposed to be the key to opening up the most powerful force in creation which is the 'seed of life' itself, and has the ability to heal damaged cells. So we have echoes of the Epic of Gilgamesh where the hero Gilgamesh set out on a quest for the secret of immortality, and got tantalizingly close to success before being robbed by a wily serpent. As a modern day version of Gilgamesh, Dr Burisch comes across as a very principled and spiritual man who wants to make sure that this esoteric and scientific knowledge is used in a responsible way since it has nothing less than the original creative force behind it, and can be used either for creation or great destruction. This thus raises religious issues such as the 'Seed of Life', 'Kerubim' (angelic protectors), 'Book of Genesis', etc. ( )
Burisch is opposed by those inside the management system created to deal with extraterrestrials, the Committee of the Majority, who apparently want to manipulate this technology for the typical range of military-industrial uses that national security types are obsessed about in terms of credible 'threat scenarios'. Imagine any threat possible, and if you can justify it as plausible, then you will have resources literally thrown at you as the national security system comes up with the advanced technology to deal with the new threat. In the process, of course, one unwittingly enhances the very threat that one is trying to prevent. This self-fulfilling process has the unfortunate effect of mesmerizing national security strategists into believing the latest spin put to them by their 'strategists' or 'corporate consultants' who constantly dream up new technological responses to the latest threat scenario, and how this can be done without precipitating the very threat being prepared for. Thus grows the military-industrial complex, a powerful hydra that secretly consumes billions of dollars as effortlessly as former Tyco executives ratchet up 'necessary' corporate expenses such as $6,000 shower curtains.
Dan Burisch has also worked with one extraterrestrial biological entity, a 'Gray' he called J-Rod, with whom he had a close working relationship with at Area 51. This J-Rod essentially performed a 'mind-meld' with him where he downloaded much valuable information on the genesis of life ( ).
The interesting thing about Burisch is that a number of independent researchers have been able to work with him and even had face to face interviews, etc, thereby leaking all this highly classified information out to the general community. These include researchers such as BJ Wolf, Bill Hamilton, and more recently individuals from the popular Godlike Production forum, Harry Dschaak & Sterling D. Allan. Clearly all these researchers have detected something of profound importance happening in the Burisch case, while their access to Burisch and the leaking of material suggests that they have insider support. Prominent individuals within the 'Committe of the Majority' are facilitating access, and enabling the distribution of the Burisch material. According to Burisch's supporters, this is because Dan is insisting on the information being distributed to the public, otherwise he wouldn't cooperate in Project Lotus which is essential since he apparently is the only microbiologist with the requisite knowledge to deal with the Ganesh particle. What is one to make of all the material that has been distributed on the Burisch case since it is enigmatic, very complex, quite long with a lot of rambling, and is possibly based on much disinformation?
Some of the major themes coming through the Burisch saga are that there are two factions of J-Rods or Grays. One faction is apparently helping Burisch in his research and is benign, and wants the knowledge disseminated in a way that helps humanity, and also assists the Grays/J-Rods themselves in repairing their own damaged DNA. The other faction of J-Rods/Grays is helping more reactionary national security types in getting more control of the Ganesh Particle so it can be utilised for the usual range of self-serving reasons around the usual formula of power, greed and exploitation.
So we basically have a scenario of deep conflict within the management system set up for extraterrestrials involving 'progressive controllers' and their J-Rod allies, set up against reactionary extraterrestrial controllers and 'their' J-Rods/Grays. In the meantime, many are putting their attention on this saga believing that the very fate of the planet is being decided here, and people are being subtly encouraged to take sides. Of course, that means supporting the progressives and Dan Burisch, in their difficult struggle against the reactionaries and their J-Rod allies.
This has echoes of the present Democratic and Republican contested elections in the US where we have a progressive John Kerry, pitted against a reactionary, George Bush, where the future of the US, and indeed the planet will be decided. Now there are certainly progressive elements in John Kerry's policy platform suggesting a more internationally responsible US administration. However, both Kerry and Bush both are members of 'Skull and Bones', and therefore one might not unreasonably infer that there is a deeper agenda here where two factions of the same secretive organization is battling for domination. I think that the Burisch saga has powerful echoes of this which is why I would assume many of us who have been following extraterrestrial issues for some time would side more with the progressives in this saga since we instinctively desire disclosure and accountability.
However, we need to be aware that there is a deeper agenda here. One where there is legitimacy and acknowledgement given to one faction of the elite controllers of the extraterrestrial presence, and the particular spin they are putting on the extraterrestrial presence. That there is a spin happening in all this is pretty apparent to me since the saga appears to hinge on two factions of Grays/J-Rods pitted against each other, and their respective human allies. In all this conflict, there is no mention of other extraterrestrial races who have been watching and interacting with humanity for millennia in some cases. No mention of Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, the Galactic Federation, etc., mentioned by numerous other researchers exploring the extraterrestrial presence (<> ). It's as though we are being conditioned to accept that the only extraterrestrials that are relevant to the human condition are the J-Rods/Grays.
This in my view is a dangerous spin on the extraterrestrial presence that suggests that the ultimate goal is to justify disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence which will enable one side of the extraterrestrial controllers to say that the 'good guys' (progressives and friendly J-Rods) have won in ensuring disclosure, and that they need help in removing whatever residual threat posed by the losing reactionaries and their extraterrestrial allies. In that sense we would have the necessary formula for a repressive national security system that monitors, controls and exercises coercive power in which extraterrestrial groups are allowed to operate here, and interact with civilians.
Essentially, the national security system will have ensured disclosure on 'their terms' where 'witnesses', 'contactees', and different extraterrestrial races would all have to meet the approval of the 'progressive extraterrestrial controllers' and their J-Rod supporters. Essentially, a group of friendly extraterrestrials from the Galactic Federation or other interplanetary associations that never participated in the secret agreements reached between governments and Gray extraterrestrials (<> ), for example, could be claimed to be merely a front for the reactionary J-Rods and thereby proscribed from interacting with civilians. Any civilians caught communicating or contacting with extraterrestrials deemed to be 'unfriendly', would be liable to imprisonment, repression, etc.
As you may have guessed by now, I'm very skeptical about the 'benign' intentions of those within the extraterrestrial management system who are leaking information on Dan Burisch, and basically engaging in a public relations exercise to promote their perspective or 'spin' to the general population. While I see some merit in what the progressives in the extraterrestrial management system are doing to promote disclosure, I also smell a trap and wish to alert others that we are being spun a tale that will legitimize enough of the present national security system so that it survives any disclosure announcement with minimal damage and calls for change. Furthermore, accountability would be limited to some 'scapegoats' who are discredited and punished, and where there will be no real 'transparency' since this would be deemed to be a national security threat. Essentially, we would have something akin to a Marxist-Leninist 'dictatorship of the proletariat' or Platonic 'Council of Guardians', that would be filled by the ranks of the elite controllers to guard us against 'reactionary' or 'unfriendly' extraterrestrials and their 'human assets' wanting to destabilize humanity and enslave us. All of course to promote the continued operation and functionality of a secretive national security system that operates with minimal transparency and accountability. A further result would be to legitimize one faction of J-Rods/Grays as extraterrestrials that are worthy allies, despite the fact that these extraterrestrials participated for decades in secret agreements that involved human abductions, experiments and hybridization programs.
So in conclusion, while the Burisch saga indicates a struggle that appears genuine enough, and has progressive and reactionary components, we need to be alert to the deeper agenda that is playing itself out here and which has two important aspects. The first is to legitimize 'progressive' factions among elite human controllers and Grays/J-Rods for a post-disclosure world. The second agenda is to create a national security system that excludes from interacting with humans and national governments those extraterrestrial races that never agreed to participate in secret agreements for reasons that appear to be highly principled and sound.
If we remain alert of this underlying agenda, then we can still participate in the disclosure process which is very important, but in that way we ensure that the so called 'progressives' don't just put a spin on the extraterrestrial presence that results in them legitimizing themselves and their 'extraterrestrial friends', and creating a superficially more transparent and accountable national security system. What we need to focus on is full disclosure of all the extraterrestrial races that are operating on Earth, and not just two factions of the Grays/J-Rods supposedly battling for the benefit or detriment of all humanity. Disclosure that is made with the Dan Burisch scenario at its core, is something that is so highly contrived, that it would amount to little more than two small steps forward followed quickly by one large step back. At the end, we wouldn't know if we were better off or not. After five decades of secrecy over the extraterrestrial presence, humanity deserves a more honest reckoning of what has been happening behind the scenes with the extraterrestrial presence, and an unambiguous step forward into a post-disclosure world.
Copyright © Michael E. Salla, PhD (April 10, 2004)
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From James Ballester
Read with much amusement the latest article by Mr. Michael Salla, PhD (really!). When he mentioned the Galactic Federation I really got excited! Is this the same Federation where Darth Vader is part of the Executive Board of Directors? Heck, this is really something else! How can I send these guys an e-mail?
I found a really revealing Galactic Code in his article: Burish is to Garish as Bullshit is to Garbage. I know, I know - this merits further scientific research and peer review, but shocking nevertheless! (Bible Code, eat your heart out).
Really Jeff, I know your site if free and wonderfully interesting and entertaining, but can someone (you) research these loony toon articles before posting them?
Hope my last e-mail made you laugh or at least smile and did not offend. ( the one).
Most importantly - Happy Easter!
Jaime Ballester
P.S. May the Garesh Particle be with you.



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