Illusions & Lies
Beneath these two components of the New World Order, are the connections that link our past with what is about to be. To call this "the future" would not be accurate. But to cast these two concepts as signposts on the way to our destruction is closer to the truth than many may want that to be.
There are two Americas now, joined by their yearnings yet segregated by beliefs.
When Americans of a certain age look back upon the country they grew up in, many yearn for the simplicity of a time now dead and buried. But was that time really what it appeared to be? Of course not: because the past is always shrouded in something less than absolutes. The ideals were there on paper: the concepts the theories, and some personal responsibility as well. Yet in reality we were living an illusion then, because it was what we wanted to believe in. To an extent all people need illusions because life is never certain, and the road ahead is often difficult.
To believe in anything, the most necessary component of it all-is trust. Trust must exist between individuals and when it does, that can lead to the trust of other people and other nations. Under Bush & the Bandits, no other nation can now trust our words, our policies or our obviously corrupt leaders. We have lied too often on the world stage. Our deeds seem always to belie our words and a majority of those outside the bubble of the USA, know this to be true.
The Cabal has used illusions to keep the public sound asleep. Just as they have used flags and bumper stickers to shut out the dialogue and the discussions that could free us from this nightmare they've created. But illusions are fragile by nature, and Bush and his playmates have gone way too far to keep the gossamer dreams of dominance alive. It's been a nightmare fantasy, pure and simple all along. The Bush Doctrine was designed from the start to enslave the US population, to terrify and to crush all other opposition, while grabbing anything they want from any other people on the planet.
For the above to work, their plans needed to be flawlessly executed, and lightning quick! That did not happen because the imposters actually know absolutely nothing about how wars are won or lost, nothing about tactical strategies, and even less about the true motivations or the realities of everyday life-for the billions of people on this planet. The poverty of their plan for global domination is now being laid bare on the bloody sands of Iraq. With every new battalion of resistance fighters that arise: the invaders are being forced to see that reality behind the lies, on which we went to war. In nation after nation, the truth is growing stronger. Inevitably this will grow, until truth finally punctures that bubble that has been the USA.
Lies take many forms: Outright, omission, commission, and just plain obvious. Bush and his playmates used them all unsparingly, and still they have failed to hide the truth. They lie because they are incapable of truth. For most of them, their whole lives have been nothing but a lie, in service to arrogance and greed. These people are not "leaders" in any sense of that word. The real "thugs" today, can be found in Washington, in London, and in Tel Aviv: in the power centers that are directing this WAR upon the WORLD. Despite all their efforts, all their posturing and all their empty words-most know that all their promises are false.
A current example of the living lie is the so-called 9-11commission who prefer to blame the deaths of nearly 3,000 people on governmental bureaucracy - which will divert all blame away from any of the real answers. People ordered the murders, other people knew about it and did nothing to stop them, and still others know the truth and will never talk about it. This is but one of a continuing series of lies by which this country is trying to create the kind of fear that will immobilize this nation and the world. The proof that this is true lies in the fact that no one on this commission has asked any of the hard questions that might bring the commission's focus to the deaths of all those people. The responsibility of those in this government who have played more than just a bureaucratic part in this criminal act need to be exposed and prosecuted - now.
Lying is part of how the world has always "gotten by." Everyone knows the truth of that. But when lies become the only thing on the political stage, it's over for us all. Take the lie about the war in Iraq. Remember the "mission accomplished" from the deck of the aircraft carrier now over a year ago? We lost more troops in just the last two weeks of intense fighting, than we did in our glory days of the Shock & Awe Campaign, when we smashed an unarmed nation, under that banner of "The War on Terror." Is what we're seeing now the face of victory, or the bullet-riddled corpse of all the lies we've told to get this far?
What the cabal has done is steal the very definitions of our words, the very soul within the language, while we were 'busy with our lives.' A perfect example of this is "The WAR on TERROR." There can be no such thing as a physical war upon an abstract concept-which is a part of the definition of "terror." The Bushwhacker's compounded this lie, to include everyone opposed to their designed takeover of the world's resources. In Bush-Speak, anyone who resists their juggernaught is a terrorist. Anyone who resists their military might, whether to defend their families or their homes, or the sovereignty of their own nation is a "terrorist." That is the most egregious lie of all!
The purpose for all these illusions and the lies is nothing more than the pursuit of raw and total power. This concept has shadowed human history since we left the caves. What makes this bid to steal the world so dangerous, are the technologies that have now made the unthinkable seem possible. Just look at 911 and know that this is an event of unimagined scope, before that day when fear became our national way-of-life.
Here's their plan, in brief. The USA is home to those who have amassed a great deal of what they call wealth: mainly power and money. To keep it all, they have decided that certain global changes need to happen.
They began this effort with global trade treaties. The "agreements" basically stripped peoples, universally, of the right to a livable wage for the work they do in order to survive. This was followed by using institutions like the World Bank and the World Trade Organization that were to do unto nations, what their agreements already do to individuals-mainly strip them all of any chance to function. With the developing nations now safely smashed into abject poverty with no possibility for monetary renewal, the stage was set to shape the rest of this foul plan of theirs.
These special people, the ones with all the power now want to make the places where they choose to live more compliant with how they see 'reality.' To do this, the Cabal decided to reduce the global population by 4 billion people. This will eliminate most of the dead weight, in their view, and allow these 'special people' to manage the lives of those that are still breathing.
In this effort the Cabal has used compartmentalization to segregate us all, to keep us from seeing what is right before us in plain sight. In the US for instance, we are rapidly becoming a nation of non-skilled labor. Our manufacturing jobs, our heavy industries, and our resources, have mostly been outsourced. Our people, what used to be our most valuable resource, have been tossed aside as wasted effort, no longer worth the bother! The reason is so that those remaining in America will conform or die: of poverty, of hopelessness, of disease, or from exposure due to homelessness.
This is real and it's possible because of all our "new" consumers in China and the rest of the world outside the USA. This all began when we went from being a nation of citizens, to a nation of "consumers." Politics here is not viewed as a contact activity, instead it's considered a spectator sport: something that is 'performed' for us, something that does not require much of our attention. Witness the fact that the political conventions, where presidential candidates are supposed to be chosen, have yet to happen-yet both parties already "have" their candidates. What does that say about public participation in the electoral process? Not to mention that the new voting machines are wide open to fraud and abuse of the entire voting process.
Economics without politics is pure Fascism, especially when the economics is wrapped in the transnational corporate mantels that it enjoys today. So when Americans stopped paying close attention to what we considered to be just politics, we began to lose our rights, our laws, and our way of life. That's been going on now for at least three decades. What the Bush Bandits have tried to do to both the constitution and the Bill of Rights is minor, when compared to what we have already done by inattention.
The ultimate goal of these pretenders to leadership is to take the whole world back to the days of the Robber Barons. Back to the days of child labor, to zero access to the courts, to no protections for those who actually do the work: to no medical coverage, no privileges, no education no real future and basically no life: except to serve the Multinational Corporate Criminal State for as long as we might be able to live. The only alternative they want to leave for us-is death.
But that slumbering tiger that is the wider world is finally beginning to awaken. Perhaps Americans should shatter our rosy bubble of illusions and the farce of all those lies still being fed to us around-the-clock by politicians and the media.
Once upon a time one of our own national mottos was for a while, "Don't Tread on Me" and the symbol on that flag was a coiled and ready rattlesnake. Couple that with a state motto that still exists, "Live Free or Die." If we're really serious about having a country that belongs to us and not to a bunch of self-appointed bandits - then maybe it's time to begin to act!



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