Hemp Produces FOUR
Times A Much Paper As Trees

From Mary Sparrowdancer

Excerpt Regarding hemp and Dupont:
Dupont established itself as the world leader in synthetic fibres, with such new inventions as Nylon and Raylon, with the aid of the global outlawing of one of the most useful natural fibres, hemp. This was achieved in the US by the1937 Marijuana Transfer (Tax) Act, which was passed in the same year DuPont patented both nylon and the polluting wood-pulp sulfide (sulfur dioxide) process used to make paper. The Act was the result of political pressure and a sustained propaganda campaign by du Pont and logging and oil companies.
Americans were familiar with hemp, which was widely grown and used as fibre, oil and paper, the propagandists began circulating stories of the dangers of the drug "Marijuana". Marijuana was the Mexican word for cannabis used for it's racist conations and as an excuse to prohibit hemp, despite the fact that hemp cultivated as a fibre crop is a strain that contains less than thirtieth of the amounts of psychoactive compounds than cannabis bred for it's high.
Hemp produces four times as much paper as trees and does not require the sulfur-based acid chemicals used to break down the glue-like lignin that binds the fibers of wood pulp. Hemp would be a much less damaging way of making many of du Pont's products, but without them profiting, as this plant grows easily without chemicals and could not be patented. Back in 1935, more than 58,000 tons of hemp seed alone, were used just to make non-toxic paint paint and varnish.
Source: "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer (There is acres of material on the internet about this topic)



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