Why Killing Is The Biggest
Business Of All
Penalty Of An Ancient Fraud

By John Kaminski
"And Moses said, Thus saith the Lord God of Israel: Pick up your swords, go from camp to camp, every man shall kill his brother, every man shall kill his companion, every man shall kill his neighbor."
- Exodus 32:27
"Their children shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished."
- Isaiah 13:16
"And you shall eat the flesh of your sons and daughters."
- Leviticus 26:29
"Their town is all green graves, and blood under the feet of its men."
- Aneirin, Welsh poet, c. A.D. 660
"Who is the third who walks always beside you?
... Gliding wrapt in a brown mantle, hooded .... "
- T.S. Eliot, "What the thunder said," A.D. 1922
When you become aware of a fleeting thought and try to catch it, it always seems to disappear. But if you try to walk away from it, it pursues you like a shadow, an invisible wraith of foreboding that lurks behind your left shoulder. Uneasily, you turn around to face it, and once again it is not there.
They are numbers on a newspaper page. Silhouettes on a TV screen. Imaginary insects tickling the back of your neck. Objects of hatred targeted by the pastor's pointing finger. Terrorists lurking in your own neighborhood, aiming to blow you up.
Who are these people we feel we must kill in order to assure our own safety, to validate and verify our own lives? Who are these faceless savages who give us nightmares, and accelerate the sales of drugs to calm us down.
Yesterday they were the Palestinians. In our minds we were taught to see beasts with dynamite-encased ribcages ready to shatter our lives on a moment's notice. In reality today we see desperate children throwing stones at Apache helicopters, then lying in the street bleeding after Israeli target practice.
Before that there were the niggers, coming to rape your white daughters. Subsequent exercises in reason reveal to most of us they were really innocent African abductees dangling from a tree limb in a drunken Southern town.
And before that there were those filthy savages called Indians, on whom white Europeans perfected their genocide techniques that became America's principal export, a social technique which - when combined with the latest style in weaponry - provided those in the United States with their much-admired level of prosperity. Subsequent perspective on these forgotten souls - these native Americans - has never evolved, and to this day, they are abused and ravished by the local cops.
Today's terrorists du jour are Iraqis (and Arabs in general), the ungrateful recipients of radioactive gifts from that high-tech plantation called America.
Wrapped in tiny shawls and speaking an odd language (as enemies usually do), they bring us nightmare bombs that manifest the threat we must overcome to stay alive, that give us our reasons for productivity and ingenuity. Funny how it works that way, how civilization evolves responding to threats, whether real or imagined.
Suicide bombers! Splashing the entrails of our own fear all over the front pages of our shrewdly designed existences. Funny how when you see how these creatures of horror evolved, we appear to have invented them ourselves, right in the pages of the Old Testament. You could also call it the Torah, but doing that allows Christians to evade responsibility for this violent horror that grips the world, and it would not be fair to do that, to pin everything on the Jews.
The one good thing about both creeds is that they both stress personal responsibility, and that's what we're trying to define here. That's true, even though they both advocate killing those whose property you covet, as the excerpted quotes at the top of this essay so aptly illustrate.
Few of us ever contemplate that these terrorist threats are works of fiction, crafted by those with an ulterior motive. Usually that motive, if history is any guide, is about stealing someone's land. When you read about so-called villains, the horror is created to achieve the objectives of someone who gains something from creating that threat. As I said, it's usually about land. Or if not, about a very lucrative commodity.
Perhaps it goes back to Cain and Abel, or Abraham and his two sons, one of whom was disinherited and traces directly to the giant wall the erstwhile sons of Isaac are currently building in the West Bank. After all these centuries, still trying to deny the rightful patrimony of their brothers. And murdering their first-cousins at will. And with glee.
There are innumerable instances of righteous killing of those who had something we wanted. Our civilization is built on these lessons. We are still practicing them.
Justice always takes a back seat to avarice because it is conveniently created and administered by those with power over others.
Those who pretend to be religious are only pretending. The laws of God are contrived to facilitiate theft, not forgiveness.
Yet the thought is fleeting. When you turn around to face it it's not there, like a faint but painful memory of some childhood sexual trauma.
Fleeting. And our lives are wasted with murder and mayhem, scarred on our souls like a planet turned to ash by the poisons of our own desires.
Mnemosyne, goddess of memory, what a duplicitous gift you give us. Sweet reverie, how could we kill without you? But we have our Holy Orders!
Somehow our well-being is tied up with having enemies: Palestinian grasshoppers, black rapists, Indian savages. And tied into religion. Defeating death. Repelling the infidel. Planting the flag of Christ in some foreigner's land.
We know who most of yesterday's enemies are. They're still bleeding, those beleaguered few still left alive.
Conject, if you will, on whom tomorrow's enemies may be. And the lies that will be used to condemn them. Chances are good, if history is any guide, it will involve land. And precious commodities of some sort.
Certainly, Bush/Kerry has the Venezuelans in its gun sights. There is simply too much oil there to be left in the hands of people with such dark skin. And Lula's Brazil would be a natural progression once South Guanatamo is established in Caracas, although the Brazilians are reportedly close to perfecting their own nukes, and we all know the United States doesn't pick on countries which can actually fight back.
Which is why - OK, also because of Wal-Mart - that the U.S. will never go after China. Much too tough. Their day is coming. Hell, the U.S. isn't even tough enough to stop the Aztlantics from grabbing San Francisco, Santa Fe and San Antonio, something that will probably happen in the 21st century.
But the Lord says it's cool to kill people for their possessions. And the human race is apparently not ready to distinguish between the spoken words of God and the satanic scribblings of the pederastic priests who interpose their deluded dogma and insist it is the wish of the Messiah.
I lately have been deluged by letters from "concerned" Christians for blaming their faith in my "Fallujah" piece. (See .) Makes me realize how sick this religion is, in that so many people would be more worried about saving their selfish souls than in the unjust butchery of innocent people. That is not how to save your soul, people, and the principal thing that is absolutely wrong with all religions.
Got another note from a feller in Mississippi who actually bought one of my books but had to send me a little comic book illustrating why it was more important to "keep the Lord's holy word" than it was to do good works. It depicted a couple who had spent their lives feeding the poor meeting a man who had committed murder but who had "accepted" Christ. At the end, when they meet their maker, the wrathful God welcomes the reformed killer but sends the altruistic old couple straight to hell, pontificating that it doesn't matter what good works you do - it only matters if you follow the word of God.
This may explain why I have such contempt for religion.
I have nothing against God, but religions are pure evil. Simply mind control propaganda meant to assure the serene unconsciousness and political ineffectivness of the deceived populace.
Why is that bullets and holy men in black cassocks always seem to go together?
In this world we try to find someone to look down our noses at, someone who makes us feel that we are better than. Who is it that declares these evil infidels? How many pagans were slaughtered by the fledging Constantinian church?
I suggest that the true pariahs are the ones who create these distinctions: the Brahmins, the British, the Americans, the white Europeans who propagandize these falsely discriminatory distinctions and teach our children to kill because of the color of someone's skin.
It's all a ruse to begin with. It's not really about lineage; it's about cold hard cash.
The true villains on this earth are those who enslave and exploit, who manipulate and massacre to prove to themselves they are the superior ones, when all they are proving is that they are the weak and evil ones. This concept of elite respectability is a sham anyway, since most fortunes in this world were built on illegal activity, from British drug smugglers to Israeli arms merchants to American drug profiteers.
So it is with Western history. The people who wrote the Bible were the bad guys, who went around killing everyone and then invented noble-sounding reasons for doing so. And we Americans, with our vaunted Western civilization, are their literal heirs, in every sense of the word. We have perfected killing and destruction as the highest art form of human civilization.
All the while marching on subliminal orders from the Old Testament.
In Richard Duncan's very scary piece on the savage world he predicts will develop at the shocking end of the age of oil (, he foresees it is the indigenous people who will fare the best, because they are well prepared for living close to the land without canned food and automatic can openers. Said the pessimistic geologist, "If God made the earth for human habitation, then He made it for the Stone Age mode of habitation."
And I am constantly reminded of Becker's maxim: "The greatest evil in human history is material production."
Something to keep in mind when you realize the elite are now trying to kill us all off with biotech food that curdles your insides, with aluminium and barium poisoning from the sky the clogs your lungs with hard mucous, with designer prescription drugs designed to make you more dependent on even more poisonous medications, with brain-numbing flouride in the water, with gene-shattering aspartame in our soft drinks, with radioactive polonium in our cigarettes ... it's all too clear that the preconscious triggers from all our religions and philosophies are predicated on self-destruction over our obsessive guilt that we die - and that our loved ones must die - and we can do nothing about it.
It's so clear why we are hellbent to destroy ourselves, and it is best reflected in my favorite Bible quote of all - Deuteronomy 28:56-58:
If your mother does not obey all of God's holy laws, she will be forced to eat her own children!
Come back to Earth, people, before it's too late. If you cling to your hope of heaven, and forget to heal the wounds of those you have injured because of that hope of heaven, it will surely produce exactly what it is aimed at - the death of us all.
It takes a little more understanding that that to truly live. It takes understanding that the messages in the holy books are only false justifications for killing our brothers and sisters. And it is in that sense that God has truly become the devil.
People are always asking me to stop complaining and suggesting something positive they can do fix the evil in this world. Well, here's an idea.
Boycott your churches. Snub your synagogues. Ignore your mosques. Until those preachers come out foursquare for peace and justice, refuse to accept their pitiful propaganda.
The minute you start worrying about your immortal soul is exactly the point at which you lose it.
Besides, that's not God who resides in most houses of worship anyway. It's Moloch! It's Baal. It's Marduk. It's definitely Mammon. The evil one, posing as your deity, teaching you how to pretend to be good rather than actually teaching you how to be good.
Tell your pastor you have a higher standard of morality than he is able to reach, as long as he keeps preaching that Old Testament bigotry and stays silent about America's mass murder of innocents for reasons that are provable lies. What kind of morality is silence about that? Ask him. Tell him. Stand up for what's right.
Quit worrying about your soul. It will take care of itself. Besides, if you're an American you've already lost your soul anyway. You have almost no chance of getting it back.
The only thing God really cares about is how you treat others.
And bombing innocent people in order to steal their land and their valuable possessions, as that fake God in the Old Testament incessantly recommends, doesn't really cut it, does it?
John Kaminski is the author of "America's Autopsy Report," a collection of his Internet essays seen on hundreds of websites around the world, and also "The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Version of What Happened on September 11, 2001," a 48-page booklet written for those simple minds who still believe the government's account of what happened on that tragic day. For more information on both, go to
From Tony Castelluci
Yeah, I see a lot of lost souls every day. I see them in their white and gold SUVs. I see them more worried about their stock portfolio than our environment. That said we do need a writer that brings your ideas to the forefront. You do a nice job in making people take a look at themselves.
But it seems like you almost enjoy pissing people off. Your message would be incredibly more effective if you could find a way to be more encouraging, and less condescending. I know we need a kick in the butt. But when you write, "Besides, if you're an American you've already lost your soul anyway.î I gotta write you back. What kind of collective malarkey is that? You sound like the religions you discredit.
For me, the insight that religion is a mass mind control goes back to the early days of New Wave/Punk. DEVO had a whole intro on the album New Traditionalists that stated that World War Three would be waged against the mind. They shielded their political/spiritual message behind a quirky performance art act that has yet to every be duplicated. Of course, once the record companies found out they were anti-drug, pro-self image, they were cast to the wayside.
Or, how about the song from Dead Kennedys - 'Religious Vomit.' (Nuff said).
You seem to measure your effectiveness in the amount of email you get from fundamentalist Christians. Well, having lived in the south my entire life, it's no secret that it's easy to get a reaction out of these people. As misguided as they are in their roadside rants, (try Pensacola FL on the corner of Brent & Davis for your fair share of evangelism.), it is no wonder they email you with ìfaithî messages. How are you changing anything in the world by arguing with them? You have a good line of thought and reasoning, but I think your strategy is a bit rough. Frankly, I think we have both seen what this dogma can tell people to do. Yikes! Be careful John. I know you have balls, but be careful.
My site, White Light Ops, is an attempt to use the new theoretical physicist idea/old metaphysical idea that thought effects reality. This isn't some gooie, soft ass metaphysical site that states love all and it will be OK. This is an exercise to bring about a reality. If you believe what I'm doing matters or not, is not the point. How can you measure what you are doing? Do you count the hate mail? Do you count money for your book? (Granted I think its great if you making a living off your writing).
Since I have been doing this experiment, I have seen a few things happen. My favorite was Rush Limbaugh being busted for drugs. Now all that listen to him hve to wonder if he is on some drug rant.
I have also seen what appears to be the beginning of the end of the Bush Cabal. Granted Skull member Kerry is set to replace our fallen king. But when I started this experiment, the Bush fiasco was in full swing, and they seemed unmovable. Now at least there is a discussion that he is a bastard.
Shortly after I began working on energy to expose the truth about 911, the essay came out, Stranger than Fiction. The fact that this essay is constantly being moved around the Internet, as it is getting knocked off, proves its validity.
I am now working on honing that energy into mass knowledge of those events, and the sham that is war in general. One step at a time is the way to do it. I think is the most powerful way to effect change. Visualization and energy work.
So here is a site for you to look at and probably scoff. It is White Light Ops. (I'm not always great at nesting HTML directories, or the site would have a cleaner address). I have heard you tell Jeff Rense, (I'm paraphrasing) that all this Metaphysical Crap is keeping people passive and not acting. So based on your idea of what is and is not effective, I don't think you will appreciate what I'm doing.
One thing that bothers me is this. Jeff Rense has written me and told me he thought it was important that I was doing this work. Yet, there is not link to my work on his sight.
Alex Merklinger had a link on his site, and then dropped it. Alex said he had some problems with his site going down, and I actually think somebody got to him trough my earthlink site.
I am working on a more generic White Light Ops, that doesn't mention Alex, so maybe that will get a link for me on a few sites. And I'll clean up the address.
But I have a feeling that no matter how I present my site, nobody will promote it except me. I think when you get down to brass tacks, that bottom line is money. Nobody wants to work hard for a big Internet audience, to have some goomba like me try to share his thunder, (or money).
We are both concerned with the state of the planet. We are both concerned about the state of the human race. We are both concerned about the continuation of lies to promote elitist agendas.
After your crack about having lost my soul because I'm an American, I had to write you. Maybe for the vast majority that is true. But I had to call you on that idea. It seems extremely elitist and hateful to say that. From my line of thinking, you are only feeding that energy. Hate eats hate.
I like the Chinese strategist who wrote - Do not spend a long time rubbing only one part of an elephant. And do not be surprised by a real dragon.
Thanks for your time.
Tony Castelluci
From Donnie Marlo Otto/OttoBoys
Hi Jeff, I'd like to comment on the article...
Penalty Of An Ancient Fraud
By John Kaminski
I applaud your article on "" Why Killing Is The Biggest Business Of All, and thank you for saying what no damn preacher has the nerve to say!
It is my opinion, they're amongst the most corrupt and evil of all profiteers! I wish to take this opportunity to rant a bit myself......
I agree whole heartedly with what you wrote about the evil that lurks in the old testament. (I have a pretty good Idea how the old testament scriptures made it into, what "Christians" now call "The Holy Bible"!) But that's another story.
First I'd like to mention, I was raised in the strictest of Christian families from North Dakota. It took many years to de-program myself to the point I have now reached. Amen!
I no longer consider myself a Christian, I do not want to be associated with their killing and pre-emptive ways. I don't really know of many persons that I would consider Christians in the true sense of the term. Now don't hate me for that folks, turn the other cheek!
Christ came as a reformer of the church and of the old testament. Jesus had disdain for the corrupt religious leaders, the tax collectors, and the money changers. (bankers & their economic system) His words and actions described in the bible are a testament too that!
If one is going to call him/herself a "Christian" then he/she must follow it's leader, Christ! There is plenty of biblical evidence that not even his disciples got it right. His disciple Peter, in the garden of Gethsemane, cut off an ear of a soldier who'd come to arrest Jesus. (the catholic church trace their pope lineage to Peter as the founder of the church) Jesus never condoned "pre-emtive strikes"!
What Peter did was wrong, I ask, are you going to follow him, or Christ? And so on......
I have coined a new term for these new wave of Christians that are currently running our country, I call them "Hypochristians". (Jesus warned us, "Many would come in his name and deceive millions") like Bush!
Here's another term coined,
"Hypochristianal" ( Example: Bush is a very hypochristianal man, he prays there will be less deaths of our soldiers in Iraq, even though Iraq's death tolls are ten fold. Many have been innocent women and children. Today he contemplates sending more soldiers into the holy war to fight the evil infidels.....
Here's another term I've heard, that I like...... "Counterfeit Christians" These folks are the exact opposite of the term of Christian. (Anti Christians, .. we were warned about them by Christ too!) They like to fancy themselves Christians, yet find excuses in the old testament and new, to execute their wars of empire building, to smite pre-emtively their perceived and exaggerated enemies!
Jesus didn't instruct us to turn the other cheek simply because he wanted us to be beaten down, and be denied justice, not at all.
It's this simple........Jesus knew that "Turning the other cheek", breaks/reverses the cycle of "reaping what you sow". When you break the cycle, the other is now on the receiving end of Gods automatic system of justice, which will balance all things. The old biblical saying "An eye for an eye!" was never meant, we should take an eye for an eye, that's Mammon's job. It's our job to love and forgive.
I remember an old saying, do you? .... "God is love", ..... if god is love then .... "love is also God!"
and versa vicea, anything else is not!
Not God = Angry God, God of vengeance, Material God, God of War, Mammon, Baal, Moloch, Satan, Devil, Kalnaranjan, the Kal, etc.
Christians very own holy scriptures reference, that everything you say or do is recorded/registered in the "Book of life".
We've all heard these old sayings, ... "Reap what you sow", "What comes around, goes around", "Karma", and "Recorded in the Book of Life". Folks, it's all the same thing, and is a clue to us that pre-emtive strikes perpetuate violence, and violence begets violence in a never ending cycle. The reason you must turn the other cheek is stop the otherwise never ending cycle of violence, which keeps you from ever knowing truth, or the true God! That angry vengeful god of the old testament, really was Baal, Moloch, Mammon, or otherwise known as Satan, not the true god of love. We must not forget, the evil force is the God of the material world. Biblical references mention Satan as the prince of the air, and how he was given Raine of the material world. When we pray we must beware of who really answers it, especially when we pray for material things or for victory in some war with our brothers. Do people think the god of love really wants us to kill our brothers, .. his creation. I think the material god is well able to carry out his plans of vengeance without our help. "Vengeance is mine alone sayeth the lord!" If you pray for victory over an enemy, you get Mammon on the line, if you pray for peace and love, you get God! The god of love, "Who ya gonna call?"
If you pray for war, or revenge/vengeance over an enemy, you are a Hypochristain! If you are to be a true Christian, you must love your enemy as yourself, and turn the other cheek to break the cycle, get it!
Donnie Marlo Otto/OttoBoys



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